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What To Do If A Girl Looks Bad Naked?

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Will N. Dowd
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What To Do If A Girl Looks Bad Naked?

Post by Will N. Dowd » May 15th, 2016, 2:42 am

This is a major issue for me and I'll assume for many others too. Everyone knows that until you meet someone in person you don't know what they really look like, even if you've seen them in pictures and on webcam. But you also don't know how attractive they are until you've seen them in their birthday suit. It's important to get to this step asap for me, because I've realized by now most girls only look average naked. Girls are experts at making themselves look hot in clothes, but when the layers come off, it can sometimes be a let down, and this raises the question...what do you do if you get them in the flesh and you don't like it?

Once they are naked I go through with it if they let me, but if it is not pleasing to my eyes, I will not have a 2nd episode with them. Once you have seen girls that look awesome naked, seeing ones that don't is a boner killer, and I have never used viagra or cialis and hope I never have to. As Tom Leykis says, the all natural cure of ED is a hot 18 year old naked. If you need pills, you need a younger and hotter girl. As usual the brutally honest, politically incorrect truth from Tom.

My main issue with girls that look bad naked are:

Droopy, ugly or weird breasts. Yes every guy knows even breasts can be ugly, and they do exist just like any other body part. I hate it when girls trick you with push up bras, and then when you unhook them, what you though were coconuts end up being mosquito bites.

Girls that totally shave their pink birds nest of everlasting joy pisses me off. It is only smooth if they just shaved it, but it usually it feels like a cats tongue after a day and takes 3 weeks to grow back to normal. The hair is their for a reason, to prevent skin on skin rubbing during copulation, and it just looks better with it anyways. Trimming is fine but bald makes them look like a 10 year old. Girls with big breasts and a shaved secret garden makes it look like they are a grown woman above the waist and a little girl below it. If they have small breasts and shave it can make them look like a 10 year old all over, but that is a turn off for me. I like young girls with grown women's bodies. That's why I think the ultimate female is a petite asian gal with big breasts and hair between the legs. She has the youthful size of a young girl, but the features of a grown woman. The worst for me are tall white girls with small breasts and they are shaved. They look too adult with their size, but look like a little girl naked.

The other issue I have with shaving is it is usually never perfect and they get a shaving rash of nicks, cuts and those little whitehead zits from ingrown hairs. Seeing a disaster like that between their legs is a major turn off, and I've seen my share. I wish they would just leave it alone or trim it neatly so the hair can serve its purpose.

Ugly shaped legs, asses, and guts or whatever else they might have also suck, but you can usually tell a girls body shape with her clothes on. Unattractive erogenous zones are the biggest killers for me, and of course you don't know about them until the heat of the moment.

Once you've seen goddesses naked, like my 3rd Japanese Girlfriend, most others pale in comparison. Most girls naked are decent, but pretty forgettable, because once you see ones that make your eyes pop out and your jaw drop, you forget the others fast.

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