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6 Reasons Why You should Not Date American Women

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Re: 6 Reasons Why You should Not Date American Women

Post by Forerunner » May 29th, 2016, 11:17 am

mattyman wrote:A lot of what you said could easily apply to UK council-estate girls, the ‘white trash’.

Reaons 1; regarding how western girls dress

Yes, foreign girls may dress nicer, they may dress for everyday things the same way western girls dress for going clubbing BUT, you mustn’t fall into the trap of writing people people off on this superficial point and assuming that hey fall into a stereotype. Yeah, it might be low brow, might be aesthetically un-ideal, but it doesn’t always follow that all the other negative trains will be true to the word.

Reason 2; regarding cussing and acting aggressive

Common as muck, that’s all I can say. Bloody working class plebeian behaviour. Bloody riff-raff.
Worse still, there are those ones that talk in that ruff coarse voice. It’s revolting. Femininity is classy, somehow in the US and UK femininity is seen perversely as a sign of ‘male oppression’, that the il-guided philistine seeks to rebel against (which ironically, if they were being feminine, they’d be rebelling).
The thing is, we’re not allowed to make complaints because some asshole will try to use that as grounds to label it as sexist, or else accusing you of trying to advocate that women ‘act submissive’. Such utter rubbish the feminists preach. The big question is, how do we get around that?

Reason 3; regarding chivalry and favours

Yeah, seen it, a guy at a taxi rank opening the door for a girl he just me (drunk) only to receive a mouthful regarding being an insult to her ‘independence. Disgraceful behaviour, totally inexcusable.

Reason 4; regarding social ineptitude

You have to be careful becausr due to the victim-blaming mentality present, people will try to accuse you of ‘not displaying the right body language’ or some other shit. In my opinion, that’s not an excuse for rudeness and is not open to debate.
Knowing more about celebrities than they do about themselves, very valid point.
On conversation topics; bringing up things about friends, social situations and psychology, I find that incredibly fulfilling to talk about.
May I add, that they are also terrible at introducing you to teir social circle as well. This especially applies to the English.

Reason 5; education

They’re philistines, end of story. You can at least have an in depth conversation about slavic languages, romance languages and the similarities between them with girls from eastern Europe.

What’s disturbing about how you describe American girls, and also UK council estate girls is the lack of intellectual curiosity.

Reason 6; flirting=sexual harassment

The whole default assumption that all guys are creepy unless vetted otherwise that so many girls seem to harbour (combined with that hideous scowling face, yuck). We get that in the UK among certain circles. Like you, I’ve found this far less so in girls I’ve met from elsewhere in Europe as well as from Russia, Turkey and Japan. There’s all sorts of bullshit justification narrative for behaving this way towards guys.

This final point is so valid, but one that few people are willing to bring-up. Even casually saying 'hi' on passing, it's common for angloskanks to react as if you've mad an improper suggestion. What could have made young women see something so innocent form men in such a negative light? It gets worse, if you were to bring-p such a complaint, people would go out of their way to try and justify anti-social behviour. Even in Spain, the behaviour from young women is markedly different from the UK despite it being considered a westernised country. It's probably not as badly infected with feminist anti-male sentiment.

1. Dress Style
Yes like I mentioned in the video, most don't dress that well simply because they confirm to the standards of trash that surrounds them. The fact is most women in America don't take pride in the way they dress because they have been brain washed to believe that they can dress anyway they want and get attention from any male. Which is true to a certain extent because most males in America will take sloppily dressed females and this lowers the bar for descent males that are trying to get a female that doesn't wear flip flops and oversized t shirts.

4. Socially inept

Well people can accuse me of anything I have done social experiments of approaching women in america and most that I have approached always give me the feeling like I am bothering them. Most women won't even respond even you even try to make eye contact and talk with them. The body language is true, however how can positive body language be given when they make it awkward to approach them in the first place. The biggest difference with foreign women specifically, while I have traveled was that they are more relaxed and comfortable with me approaching them. I never had foreign women blow me off, or give me one word responses when meeting them in public places like parks, coffee shops, or outside during the day, where in America it happens to me a lot.

6. flirting=sexual harassment

The problem that I find is that when you go out with them and they are interested in you, they expect that during the courting phase you do not touch them or flirt with them. To me this is crazy, since I mentioned in the video that when I would meet foreign women abroad most if not all loved the aspect of flirting and playing around. I honestly suspect sometimes this is a result of a lot of Americans men in my generation, whom do not flirt anymore because they fear of getting a sexual harassment charge against them, if they try. Who knows ? The one thing that is for sure, is that most that I have been on dates with, see it negatively.

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Freshman Poster
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Joined: January 10th, 2014, 5:53 am
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Re: 6 Reasons Why You should Not Date American Women

Post by Forerunner » May 29th, 2016, 11:23 am

IraqVet2003 wrote:
Forerunner wrote:Hello my fellow HA's check out my new video and let me know if you agree with my assessment on american women and the reasons stated.

Great video!! It sounds like many foreign women would be marriage material for me!!! But, I would like to add #7 in which most foreign are not as overweight or obese as American women either.
Thanks for the support bro, I need more content, its just the beginning my second video. You can add that #7 on my next video. Let me know if you are interested in joining my next one, I want to do some collaborations on youtube.

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