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Why do people believe narrow stereotypes about foreign women?

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Why do people believe narrow stereotypes about foreign women?

Post by mattyman » December 5th, 2017, 8:07 pm

Hi there, just stumbled across something on youtube today that ruffled my feathers

Whenever you point out observations about foreign women; e.g. that Spanish women are on average more warm than British women, Russian women are on average more cultured and less overweight, people get very cross, aggressive even, sometimes resorting threats. It's crazy.

They say that dating a foreign woman is for losers. They like to say that all foreign women are weak. If they're so righteous on their high horse and so against stereotyping, aren't they being a bit hypocritical? By doing something like that aren't they implicitly claiming that foreign women are all mail-order brides?

They try to claim that dating foreign women is a desperate measure. The reality is, traits that are are attractive to men are much more common amongst foreign women than they are amongst anglo girls, it's like the sky is blue.

Are the PC polic just sadist who hate seeing people finding love and happiness? Are they jealous?

Unattractive characteristics common amongst English-speaking women
Note I said 'characteristics common amongst' not 'all English speaking women are this'.
  • Excess weigh
  • Being stuck-up
  • Acting hard, tough and aggressive
  • Having a resting bitch face
I don't need to make a list since this site already has a page addressing the key advantages of foreign women.

Look, here's that British dating coach who moved to Russia and married a Russian woman. Watch this vid, see how they resort to the usual PC brigade tactics of shaming and personal attacks.

Why then, do people get so offended and upset when positive traits common among foreign women and negative traits among local women get pointed out? Unless someone feels personally insulted I don't see there's any reason. They're behaving like triggered social justice warriors. It's a pity he doesn't have the outrageously outspoken persona of Milo Yiannopoulous or Katie Hopkins.

Oh, and the stereotyping of Russian women being male order brides (which these ignorant cretins are indirectly doing). Did you notice in the video how the woman was trying to insinuate that he's married a Russian woman because Russian women are somehow inferior or somehow oppressed? She accuses him of stereotyping of English women yet she does exactly the same regarding Russian women. That woman is a completely ignorant ignoramus. So typical of the social justice warrior brigade. The reason why people look for wives and girlfriends abroad if because the attractive personality traits are a lot more common amongst them, they have a higher chance of finding a nice girl. If anything, British women should aspire to be more like Russian and other foreign women (less loud, more warm, less overweight, less bitchy, more feminine and less drunk).

The question I want to ask is why do people get so cross and aggressive whenever anyone points out observations? What is the psychology behind it? Do they feel threatened by it? Why do men get equally pissed-off? Is it synthetic outrage (an attempt to gain approval)? I'd be curious to know.

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Re: Why do people believe narrow stereotypes about foreign women?

Post by Adama » December 5th, 2017, 8:19 pm

Because feminism is the belief that women are gods, just as Buddhism is the way and teachings of Buddha. Women are superior in every way conceivable, and if you criticize the evil of the evil women, you have committed the blasphemy of misogyny and you have sentenced yourself to death by shaming.

It's a religion. There are many religions and people can believe in more than one. That's why, if you criticize a god, you're going to be destroyed for it by the believers in that god. You're an infidel against the cult that women are super awesome just for being biologically female.

They honestly believe that women are morally superior, as if they are the Creator, because children come out from uteri. Therefore women are just and righteous because they give birth to life itself. You'll even hear feminists say that their moral compass is in their female private parts, and that mothers can do no wrong against their children.

Every thing women do and say is just and perfect, because they are women. All blame must be shifted onto the man to preserve the dignity and the spotless, perfect infallibility of women. No charge can be laid to a woman.

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Re: Why do people believe narrow stereotypes about foreign women?

Post by Adama » December 5th, 2017, 8:26 pm

A few years ago I was taking a course with an older man sitting next to me, and our teacher was a woman in her late 50s or so. This man spoke up in the class and said that his wife left him. The female teacher immediately opens her mouth to say, "You must have done something wrong." That is automatic blame. Could it be that she simply had other desires and she followed after them? If a woman does something to a man, they never stop to think that the woman could be at fault. Every attempt will be made to shift blame onto the man, and this happens on a subconscious, yet instantaneous level, and it comes out because they are determined that women are not going to be held accountable for any transgression.

Feminism is a cult in defense of allowing women to commit all kinds of evil and not come under any judgment. This is the liberation they have. If you speak against any woman, you've basically offended every member of the cult. Because the honor of womanhood must be preserved. It is spotless, blameless, infallible, perfect, righteous, just, and able to commit any evil against any one and still have it be called justice and remain blameless.

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