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Just imagine if women had to ask men out!

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Re: Just imagine if women had to ask men out!

Post by DCX_10 » May 31st, 2012, 9:18 pm

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Post by OutsideoftheBox » May 31st, 2012, 10:31 pm

Grunt wrote:I dont have to imagine it, its already happening.

I remember going to the supermarket to pick some stuff up. Behind me was an American female about my age. It had some seriously hard miles though. I asked that she hold my place in line as I walked 5 feet away to get a cold Coke. I was polite of course, and politely thanked her for holding my spot. I visibly saw her scan my hand for a wedding ring, and I made damn sure she saw it.

I could see the gears turning behind its shark-like eyes. "Why should I go to work every day when I can manipulate this stooge into carrying me and paying off my credit card debts?". My only regret is that she didn't see, or better, hear my Ukrainian wife.

Thats just one instance, but I can remember countless times where I have seen the hungry, desperate looks on the faces of American females around me. All of them single of course :)
Same here. I never approach a female and ask her for her number. In fact, I find myself actively trying to avoid them. I guess some men just don't give females power; and some do.

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Re: Just imagine if women had to ask men out!

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » May 31st, 2012, 10:35 pm

djfourmoney wrote: Seemingly German men are not as aggressive with their women as Anglo societies tend to be. Whatever the case, that means quite a few more women are available for those that an effort instead of endlessly complaining...
There is apparently a new reality show in Germany that looks into the dating scene for women. I was told that the first show included this hot 10 model looking woman who simply could not get a date in germany and she had to go to bosnia or serbia or somewhere like that to get a date...and even he was not impressed.

This is just anecdotal. I have not seen the show. But I can certainly confirm that women in german in the 35+ crowd who have no children and want them? They are having no luck finding a victim-husband. My fav#1 has been trying the whole 4 years I have known her and she tells me she is having no luck and neither are most of her friends. And I am talking women that would cause car crashes in the west.

My own anecdotal experience? I have had three "favs" that lasted longer than a year in the last 4 years. The last one went a bit strange on me at the end. But having had such lovely times with these three women? I am satisfied. If it never happened again I would not feel bad. Most men have never had what I have had so I must be satisfied.

Just for those who did not read it before as one mans example.

I met my fav#1 for May day to mark the 4th anniversary of her helping me save my life. We laughed over the "bread roll incident". We had a lovely dinner and lovely evening.

At one point I said to her "I really want you to understand that you gave me the best days of my life."

Even though I have told her that before she still seemed surprised. We talked over it for a while. She is still searching for a husband and she was talking about some of her losers....

I told her that if she found a husband and had more children and did not want me around because of our history I would bless her and her family and make myself scarce. She seemed very pleased that I would say that. I then told her that if that is not to be she just has to pick up the phone and call me as she is welcome in my life. I told her there will not be another one like her as I am not prepared to put in the time and effort to create another such relationship. I have had it much better than many men. I think she sees me as a "backup plan" at the moment. She seems to be wavering on children a bit since she has had such little luck...and her friends as well.

Not many men are in the same position as me, being able to say "I have sampled the best the world has to offer and I am satisfied now."

And that means in many areas of life.
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Re: Just imagine if women had to ask men out!

Post by Blue Murder » June 1st, 2012, 1:51 am

[quote="DCX_10"]I have been asked out by Chinese girls (in China) a couple of times. (Chinese girls are aggressive, or more so than their western counter parts.) You are almost guaranteed to get laid when that happens. Also, the rich girl in Shenzhen paid for my dinner once (and always offers to pay though I always decline). She also mails me gifts and stuff. By the way, she is only 27 and is good looking ("D" cup, orgasms non-stop, and worth a couple of US$million at the least). I am not making this up.[/qoute]

You're white, aren't ya? Don't reckon that would happen for a coloured bloke.

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