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Why can't we date middle class girls in poor countries?

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Re: Interesting topic

Post by Rock » November 17th, 2011, 6:41 am

davewe wrote:
begone wrote:I was browsing for some possible social experiment about filipinas when I came across this topic. And i cant resist to make an account and to comment on this. Haha

Okay about the topic. Uhm I think its because middle class filipinas are not the greedy type unlike those poor, little prostitutes(sorry for the term). And middle class filipinas can support themselves or doesnt need money since their families have enough.

Uhm I think also that you should ask yourself why you cant find any middle class filipinas or why they wont date you. Maybe try to look at the mirror first and try to dress impressive enough or passable for a middle class filipina's taste. Middle class filipinas like guys who knows how to dress properly. :)

I am a middle class filipina and yeah tbh i dont like to date foreigners cause people(especially those who do not know me personally) might think i am one of those whores who are only after money. But im still open for a possibility to date one. Well it depends on the situation and the person.

Middle class filipinas also has a large circle of friends(same class) especially those who are college students and the fresh graduates or the young adults. Young adults M.C. filipinas are kinda choosy and would like to date only within our age. :)

And I really hate those poor bitches cause they are the reason why people from other countries generalize us(filipinas). I hate their attitudes, some of them talk loud, very cheap, has no manners, etc. Well what can you expect from people who didnt go to school.

Is this the attitude of an average middle class Filipina? If so, they'd fit right in the U.S.

Middle Class is often a state of mind. It's not just an income level, job or educational level. Sometimes it's who you believe you are equal to or better than.

My ex-wife's family was from Trinidad, so we went to Trinidad for our honeymoon. We were scheduled to spend a few days staying with some of her cousins. I was expecting denizens of the 3rd world. Instead, they were middle class suburbanites, financially successful, sent their kids to college in the UK, traveled all over the world - and were as arrogant as a wealthy American. Our first night we were taken to a restaurant with about 20 members of the family. The owner of the restaurant came over and personally served us and the family's patriarch ordered dinner for each of us, saying "Dave, you'll like this; Rita, you'll like that." He acted like a Mafia Don or Donald Trump and had nearly that much power and influence in his town. I realized that even in the 3rd world the successful man can be as big an ass as in the U.S. And of course, I also recognized my American arrogance for expecting them to be poor and modest.

So, while I am interested in Begone's perspective, personally I would be cautious with a girl who expressed such views.
Dave, if and when you travel more, open your eyes and take it all in, especially when you visit such third world countries as Kenya or PI. As you get past the typical newbie illusions (assuming you are in-country for an extended time), expect to grow a lot more jaded as the realities slowly sink-in. There is a strong stigma associated with young locals who date older westerners in such areas because it's generally perceived as a type of prostitution.

Sometimes, it can be bad enough that it even taints the younger foreigners too, affecting their in-country dating prospects. This is why I strongly recommend young guys seeking a serious LT relationship with a quality girl to by-pass the poor countries and focus on medium income regions. Sure, there are some who beat the odds. Its just so much easier to do in many of the more affluent areas. Average looking or worse younger western guys can get huge handicaps relative to the west in these places.

On the other hand, older guys are probably best suited to the poor world if they still desire mates near their prime years. Just understand, there's an implied contract in these types of LT relationships which is basically understood by all locals. The girls who are willing to enter such arrangements will be those who are passed over by the more desirable guys - locals and foreigners alike. This group tends to be those who fit one or probably more of the following - very poor, rudimentary education, single mom, history in P4P, shorter, darker, rougher looking, plain faced or worse. Fortunately, a lot of white expats are attracted to these sorts and as old guys, are cynical and realistic enough to be OK with slow-burn P4P relationships. So it ends-up being the cliched win-win for all.

As for Trinidad, its hardly 3rd world. Amazing how Americans often assume by default that any part of the world they are not familiar with is poor and backwards.

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Re: Interesting topic

Post by davewe » November 17th, 2011, 8:27 pm

Rock wrote:
davewe wrote:
begone wrote: As for Trinidad, its hardly 3rd world. Amazing how Americans often assume by default that any part of the world they are not familiar with is poor and backwards.
Gee, I thought that was the point of the story, that my American ignorance made assumptions about what I would be encountering.

As my former father in law often would point out to me, the country is actually called Trinidad and Tobago. Tobago is spectacular but decidedly 3rd world, Trinidad is a developing island, at least in some cities. But even in the suburban neighborhood the cousins lived in there was extrordinary poverty just down the street.

To make the mix of the country even more complicated, the cousins were of Indian heritage (though my ex was of African heritage) and by definition the Indian Trinidadians were considered socially of a higher class than the African Trinidadians. (The country is 40% Indian, 40% African, and 20% others) So, as in many other countries, class is not only defined by their jobs and income, but also by racial heritage. As ladislav often says, nationally they all consider themselves Trinidadians, but class is a different story.

We Americans define middle class based on our experiences in a country where a broad middle class is in the majority. If we accept the stated statistic that in the PI the middle class is only 20%, then that 20% might justifiably feel pretty damn superior to most people in the country. And that feeling of superiority is what an outsider might pick up on when he visits or moves there.

I can only state my own personal preference - your mileage may vary. If I met a woman who believed herself to be superior to the vast majority, whom she defined as "poor bitches" and of "cheap manners" - well, I'd run the other way.

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