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The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Post by gibraltar » May 19th, 2014, 10:56 am

Feminism revealed the ugly truth about women: they don't know what they want and need a man to lead them.

Here's why POF and dating sites don't work in the Anglosphere:

Women want to suck your blood. You think women's brain is just like yours. But it's not. They use the dating sites to suck your energy and lifeblood.

They steal your attention and your wallet. If you look evil enough, then she will steal your "blood" then move on to the next.

Most of you guys getting ignored are being blessed! Why don't you realize many of these guys that "score" are losing energy, time, money and self esteem dealing with toxic STD whores?

The best solution is to use foreign dating sites because they aren't looking for blood or attention, just relationships.
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Post by jamesbond » May 23rd, 2014, 1:53 am

Here is a good video by Sandman describing Plenty of Fish and online dating.

"When I think about the idea of getting involved with an American woman, I don't know if I should laugh .............. or vomit!"

"Trying to meet women in America is like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics."

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Re: The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Post by tom » November 23rd, 2014, 6:25 pm

That Sandman youtube is great, the casino analogy is great. Women think they can make a small investment and make a million. Of coarse this never happen in the real world just like the casino, the very game itself is actually rigged and they will never win.

I rememberer how high women expectations were on there pre 2008 economic crash, you would have fat homely chicks expecting guy making at least a half million a year, this was a pre facebook era. The reality is these women would be doing really good if they could land a guy making 40K. Women do plenty of lying on plenty of fish, this is one thing guys really underestimate, that is how much of the presentation women make is grossly overstated or just made up, its all not real.

Women claim to be winning all the time on the POF casino but they are not. Sandman's whale analogy is good, women are wishing for the whale but the whale is actually very rare, in reality there odds of winning are like the lottery, you know the 20 million to one odds. Truth be told the rich whale would never be on POF.

A lot of this social media is like poorn for women, it strokes there egos, they can masturbate all day every day on it, they can lie about how great they are doing, but in the end they still have nothing. The truth is women are always looking for someone else to make things happen and if the guys in there region are mostly unemployed and poor so will they.

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Re: The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Post by tom » November 28th, 2014, 9:15 pm

On POF forums, in the pre Facebook era, there would be many threads with great participation (highest post count by far) covering subjects that are concisely covered in the Red Pill Constitution. These threads would consistently get deleted by the forum mods.

Red Pill Constitution ... stitution/

The red pill is quite different from the indoctrination of Disney values presented in mass media. The repetition of Disney values is aimed at children. Young boys are given a set of values that will consistently work against them.

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Post by PandaMan » November 30th, 2014, 9:25 am

Flashkatchu wrote:Hello guys,

First of all I am so fed up with this stupid POF that I googled: "f**k POF it doesnt work" which led me to this site lol.
I only read the original and first post and had to reply immediately as I felt the same.
I have been using POF for years and most of the time nothing good ever came out of it. After a time I thought I should try contacting the SECOND choice people and not even that worked. Well, I won't go down the path of contacting non-attractive individuals. I haven often thought of deleting the profile which would probably saved me soooooo much time and anger, too.
The women that really annoy me are the ones who write that they are looking for a REAL man! :?: I mean what the hell?
I even tried to find a book about online dating at the book store and I read it for about an hour and I came to a part of the book that said the following:

A man can hardly fulfill the expectations of a "modern" woman. Women want men who are caring, loving, empathic BUT at the same time men have to be strong, dominant and a leader type. I most likely forgot some characteristics. We all know that this doesn't work and that this is a contradiction itself.

I am German and since my mom has been using skype she receives messages from random guys from the USA who tell her that they seek for real and modest women. They say they can't stand the acting fake and gold digging women in the States anymore. Despite that the divorce rate in the States is ridiculously high and 60% of them are done by women.

Now we all know that you cannot generalize. I don't think it is right to say that all American women are bitches as it would be like saying all Germans are Nazis even though I think some of you Americans still believe that. :wink:

On the other site there seems to be something not quite right and I wonder what it is. It may involve the media. If you check out shows you see many crap shows that are dulling.
The audience sees how rich people live on TV and all that. I mean why would you want to see that? Unfortunately our world is all about money and I guess people in western countries are consume oriented but also many Asians are.
But one thing you should know is this. There are TV shows on German television that show how German guys date East European women because they are fed up with the German women. They say German women are conceited and arrogant and just want money. One of my older coworkers confirmed this once by saying:"All my female friends take their husbands money out of their wallets like there was no tomorrow."

Bottom line is that it doesn't seem to be an American problem only. Maybe it has to do with feminism.

By the way I subscribed on an American online dating site for about a month and nothing came out of it but I didn't bother to send 60 messages. It was only 11 and only 1 replied once so far.
POF seems to be a crap show. Even IF a woman gets back to you the possibility the conversation stops after the second message is great. At least in my case. But I may have the great disadvantage of my location. It seems only FEW women may be willing to have an oversea relationship while men don't hesitate to go anywhere for a woman. Why is that?

I hope I have given you some interesting information which will lead to further discussions.

Everything you said is the truth.

After a while, you start talking to women you would NEVER consider talking to (I'm 33, and now I'll talk to late 30s women and women with kids, and ones that are barely attractive. That's insane. I want to talk to 18-33 year old women).

And as you said, even if they DO respond to you, the conversation goes nowhere. It's like talking to a tree stump. They have no personality, show no interest in you, can't carry a conversation. Total flakes.

My view is this: by simply BEING online it's telling women "you are not good enough" for them! Think about that! They view men who are online as WEAK and unable to get a female! (Yes, as adults, this sounds idiotic, but think of the mentality of the average American: it's infantile).

My theory is that online dating is an ego boost for women, but not a place they seriously take for finding a man. They just don't. If they DO go on dates, it's because they are exceeedingly bored, or looking for a free dinner, OR happen to find the top 10% of hot guys.

It's a joke and untenable.

Truthfully? I've had three relationships from meeting a girl online. And all three were AWFUL. Could just be that they were American, but all were awful to men eventually and messed my life up.

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Re: The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Post by tom » November 30th, 2014, 9:58 pm

Feminism is overwhelmingly unpopular, yet mainstream media continues to push it. ... the-family
Women need rules to curb their Machiavellian destructive natures.
Just remember there is no free lunch out there, POF is really plenty of stinky fish, there dead and wishful thinking wont make any difference. POF is like dumpster diving for something good and healthy to eat. True its free but your mostly gong to find something rotten which will most likely make you sick.

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Re: The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Post by green1976 » December 2nd, 2014, 3:06 am

Well Plenty of fish is running and is running with the same velocity i presume.
The huge numbers of men thirsty of p***y and the few women there,entitled who just want to land a provider or asking silly conditions as we can see.
So what is happening there?

They are already on internet many guys who have talked badly of Plenty of fish.
How it's still running well and how we see the same stuff going on?

The male stupidity thinkg with his small head have almost no boundary.

Western women doesn't really care if they stay single actually.
They won't date a loser in their opinion and they won't bring down any kind of conditions they put.

Even if Plenty of fish would have far fewer men hanging around,that wouldn't change the matter i presume.

This is where i disagree with guys who believe because men stop making the first move, women will do it and lower their conditions.
That's not true..i'm totally certain of that.
Don't underestimate the powerful endoctrinement females have received in our countries.
The most fundamental part is to have low esteem for males in general and to have low sex drive with guys.

In my younger years i hanged to some discos and i would see many women inside packing in group.
As the establishment has a policy to let enter more women than men i could witness how ladies there only enjoyed to dance around between them and provoke guys.
Everyting is done to promote lesbian sexuality.

Males have no value to them unless is for material purpose and if they want to have children for sure he should be in a better financial position than her.

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Re: The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Post by lasttry » December 2nd, 2014, 5:06 am

I used to do personal ads in the back of free weekly newspapers back in the 1980's and early 1990's, because that was all we had then, other than a small number of people with home computers. These ads were like those on craigslist, except limited to about 50 words unless you wanted to pay. You made a voice recording which the women who responded could listen to, after which they left a message of their own, presumably including their phone number.

I keep a free ad running year-round. I got maybe 2 responses per month, of which 1 in 4 agreed to meet after a phone conversation, of those 1 in 3 I had sex with, and of those 1 in 2 turned into a long-term relationship. So it took an average of about a year to get a new girlfriend after breaking up with the previous one. This gave me an incentive to stick with GF's unless they were truly horrible. The ad was no cost and very little work and was the only way I had of meeting women, since I was too busy with work to stay up late and go out to bars and there were essentially no single women in my workplace. Many of the women who responded to my ad were surprisingly high-quality, others were horrible and I didn't find out until we met in person. For example, they would say they were 25yo former beauty queens and then in person they looked maybe 45yo, wrinkled, falling apart, 100 pounds overweight, immediately going off on a long rants about how their previous boyfriends was an alcoholic druggie who beat them up constantly, etc. I found these loser women to be quite amusing, a distraction from my boring work life then. Obviously, I didn't ask for a second date with these women.

I answered a few women's ads early on, but never got responses and so gave up on that. As an experiment, I placed an ad in which I pretended to be a woman (I made my GF at the time do the voice recording) to check out the male competition. That ad got like 300 responses per week. All the women who answered my ad confirmed that they got huge numbers of responses to their ads, and that it was so overwhelming that they stop running their own ads and started answering the men's ads, but on a very selective basis. Remember, all I had was 50 words to work with, a voice recording, and no photo, so I am not sure how they did their selecting. This experiment of mine plus the feedback from women about their experiences running ads confirmed my decision to never answer women's ads.

Among the quality women was one who was a a spitting image of Paris Hilton, but slightly older and with low self-esteem. After we became lovers, she told me a wild tale of being sexually abused as a child, running away and working as an escort, a stay in a drug rehab center, working part-time as a dominitrix in Japan while holding down a day job with the US state department as some sort of financial analyst, etc. According to her, Japanese men go wild for being beaten with a whip by tall busty blond women dressed in stiletto heels with a mean temper, according to her, but she didn't find them attractive nor could she find anyone else attractive in Japan and eventually she couldn't stand the sexual frustration and so returned to the US. She gave the true porn-star experience with me, open to anything, multi-orgasmic, screaming at the top of her lungs every time she came so that the whole apartment building could hear, etc. But I had to break with her eventually due to her violent temper. I think she became an alcoholic again after breaking up with me. I still miss the sex with her.

I also met a sort of soulmate through the personals, but she was a flawed soulmate because she didn't like vaginal sex, not with me, not with anyone. She had all sorts of kinky bondage and domination interests, which mostly bored me. Eventually I had to break with her because I got tired of only doing blowjobs. She offered anal, but that also bored me. I wanted the p***y but that was off-limits.

After I moved to San Francisco in 1995, I gave up the personals, because I had taken up salsa and tango dancing, which is a much better way to meet women.

I recently met a good-looking woman age 50 on after about two weeks on that site myself. She was okay in bed, but immature, so that I had to dump her after a month. She then went crazy on me, threatening suicide and whatnot, but eventually I managed to get her out of my life. Two months ago, I met a good-looking woman age 45 on seekingarrangements, but of course I have to pay her. I don't mind these women's ages, since I'm 53 myself.

I wouldn't dismiss internet dating entirely, but I would suggest the following rules. Don't answer the women's ads. It costs you nothing on POF and OKC to put up your own ad and let it run forever. Like leaving a fishing line out permanently. Sure mostly you snag crap, but occasionally a real fish bites, with very little effort on your part. The internet is dominated by the visual sense, so get your best possible photo. Logon as a woman to check out the male competition's ads. Don't even bother looking at the women's profiles. What's the point since you're not going to respond to them? It will just make you depressed if you do read them. Set up your account notification so you only get notified when a woman messages you (and put that in your ad that you only respond to messages, not winks). Visit the site only to keep your account active. Otherwise, don't waste much time on it.

I think the big problem is not that there are more single men than single women (that has been true since at least 1980, when I got started dating) or that women no longer need men (women could find low-paying jobs as waitresses, sales clerks, etc, even back in the 1950's, if they really wanted to be independent of men, and that exactly what lesbians did) but that the whole world, both men and women, is becoming increasingly dehumanized by computers. No one really wants real sex anymore, other than so they can boast about it on facebook. Also, I think there is probably more sexual prudery today than in the past, despite the p0rn0graphy everywhere. For example, back in the 1950's, it was common for young heterosexual men in NYC to do old homosexuals in the butt for money, or be sucked off by the old homo or simply jerk off in the old homo's face. Young black men, in particular, were in very high demand by debauched old homos because of their reputation for having big dicks. Nowadays, when this is suggested as a way for young men to earn some extra bucks, they go hysterical about how they would never do that. It's like people are more homophobic and more puritanical today than in the uptight 1950's. I think the final result is going to be a world in which all partner sex is regarded as disgusting and the only sex people engage in anymore is masturbating to internet porn, using fleshlights for the men and rabbit vibrators for the woman. It's a sad prospect and I'm glad I'm not to be part of the younger generation.

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Re: The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Post by tom » December 10th, 2014, 4:13 pm

These links reads like so many of the super popular pre Facebook posting on the POF forums that would be super popular and always get deleted.

The Sexodus, Part 1:
The Sexodus, Part 2:

A couple of secretes revealed, Facebook is all about facilitating Envy, this is the hidden secret to Facebooks super success. It also facilitates lying in the service of envy. These are vices women love to do. The ten commandments called this Covetousness and Bearing False Witness Against Thy Neighbor.
Remember Eharmony, super successful with women. It was a mystery to me why it was so successful but I think I figured it out, Its secret is it facilitates Flightiness and Passive Aggressiveness. Women enjoy these vices which are demeaning and insulting to guys typically.

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Re: The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Post by Zambales » August 10th, 2015, 7:22 pm

Back it's infancy, I used dating sites quite a bit, with Plenty of Fish being one of them. I probably had a bout 30 dates spanning a number of years with a couple of meaningful relationships in between. My last few dates were on POF and that was enough to put me off meeting western women over the internet for good. Cue Filipina Cupid.

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Re: The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Post by Sirocco » October 13th, 2015, 4:44 am

As a crazy nerd with zero game, I never got any negative responses from anyone.
Usually just no responses. Sometimes people seemed curious about the bizarre photos I'd put up.
A total waste of my time though.

(I mean a few girls like the no game nerd thing I got going on, God only knows why they found me attractive- to have sex with, not date though, I am good looking just really strange)...
Obviously I'd never turn sex or racy photos down, I'd be an idiot then.

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Re: The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Post by sentinel89 » December 4th, 2015, 4:25 pm

Here's common things you'll see in an AW's POF profile:

"Don't just send me a 'hello, how are you?'" (better write them a poem!)
"For the first date, surprise me." (because they are too good for a simple meet & greet for coffee, they deserve better! You better pick them up in a hot air balloon!)

American women expect interested men to bend over backwards to impress them. All they need to do is show up and have a p***y..

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Re: The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Post by innovatorsclub » December 5th, 2015, 11:23 pm

Yep women have had insane power in online dating for many years..they can be a dingbat and even get a record deal since all guys here are so desperate ( and very few will admit it) for variety ... al-2015-12

America is a great country...if you are a female

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Re: The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Post by Adama » December 6th, 2015, 7:04 am

When women are online they are really stuck up. If they are stuck up in real life, they are even more stuck up online.

And if society is anti male in real life, it is about 100 times more anti male online. The sad part about that is, the fools online who will do this the most are not women but other men.

Actually I think the more a person grounds himself in real life and stays away from interacting with people on the internet, the better a person's life will be. This is another reason why online dating sucks. It is a different subset of people from who you'd be interacting with irl. There are still millions of people who don't lurk chat forums and dating websites.
A good man is above pettiness. He is better than that.

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Re: The Crap that is Plenty Of Fish

Post by Adama » December 6th, 2015, 7:09 am

innovatorsclub wrote:Yep women have had insane power in online dating for many years..they can be a dingbat and even get a record deal since all guys here are so desperate ( and very few will admit it) for variety ... al-2015-12

America is a great country...if you are a female

Don't envy her. It is written that whosoever will save his life shall lose it. For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but to lose his soul? Regardless of what any article says, no one becomes a celebrity by talent alone. They must submit themselves to Satan. He is the god of this world.
A good man is above pettiness. He is better than that.

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