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What's wrong with American women?

Discuss dating, relationships and foreign women.

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Post by gsjackson » December 22nd, 2010, 10:43 pm

Yes, FYM, while his response was quite disproportionate, I think that in "pander" you found exactly the right word to trigger a nuclear incident, though if read dispassionately one could see you were trying to use it in a light-hearted way. Some words just don't work for light-hearted, and I think right now pander is one of them. I have a knack for finding people's hot button words, and need to be real careful about pushing them.

On the subject of hot button words -- I've put together a collection of them that have gone largely out of circulation in an ebook titled Words that Draw Blood: Recovering the Lost Vocabulary of Vicious Invective, Withering Contempt and Sardonic Dismissal. It's available as a free donload at, for anyone interested in expanding his nuclear provocation vocabulary. There's a couple of other less inflammatory word collections, also available for free.

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Post by FreeYourMind » December 23rd, 2010, 12:13 am

ThankTheStarsIHaveBrasil wrote:You're right in a way... I could've come at you a little more mellow and still made the same points I did, without the whole incendiary "I'm better than you, you dumb redneck" tone, and that was my bad, I admit. Words carry power, I *usually* know how to use that power quite well, but as with all power it gets carried away sometimes. I didn't mean to scold you so harshly just for voicing yourself.

On your end, though, cmon... when someone is writing their honest serious opinion on a topic and you say they're 'pandering', that might as well be another synonym for calling them weak or something, any man is likely to have his hairs raised a bit when hearing that... no?

I'm just saying... No worries though, all in good fun.
Like I said originally, great post. :wink:

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Post by Winston » December 23rd, 2010, 5:54 pm

Freeyourmind, is it possible you could have misinterpreted him? I don't see much disagreement between you and him. Perhaps when he said that "women could be superior to men" he was speaking figuratively or cryptically in that they have some potential to become true goddesses or angels? Maybe ThankthestarsIhaveBrasil can clarify what he meant?
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Post by ThankTheStarsIHaveBrasil » December 23rd, 2010, 10:07 pm

Goddesses and angels... haha... it's been yeaaarrrsss since I've held anything close to that notion, although I suppose in youth some men with a poetic bend do at first exalt women in that light, to their eventual dismay. Women have tremendous potential, and I've met and seen some women with such a loving, saintly spirit, they almost match that description, but those are anomalies I now believe, and when speaking of 'womankind' we have to shoot for just a little short of the divine, I'm afraid. My mother is such an example, actually. I may be biased, but I swear, the woman does not have a single malicious, shallow or inconsiderate bone in her little body, with her it's always been love, intellect and spirit, without any shades of gray in those categories. Even if I am biased, the point is there are singular women out there who may attain a little of that potential.

I think Jackal had it right in his interpretation, it's really not much more complicated than that.

To probe a little further though, think of men as being more physical, less spiritual by design, and women as being less physical, more spiritual, for a very rough template, and we'll expand on that.

Sure, we have minds, we can attain great depths of spiritual self-knowledge and awareness, but biologically we were designed for work, to hunt, to fight, to win contests for mating rights, etc.

Down the road of evolution, though, women became extremely feminine by design. Nature forced women to embrace the softer, lighter, more whimsical and sensual side of life, that which might be generally considered the more spiritual domain, but they acquired these leanings literally in a genetic sense. Look at the female member of any other species in the animal kingdom, mammal or otherwise- nowhere do you see the same sexual opulence of form, the same underhanded muscular weakness of build, the nearly ridiculous emotional sensitivity, or the almost exaggerated aesthetics geared toward what is universally recognized as being beautiful, symmetrical, proportionate, etc.

Why is this the case, when the females of all other species do not need these qualities anywhere near to the same extent as human females seem to possess them, and all this at the cost of their physical strength that in the wild makes males and females more or less equals, such as lionesses who do most of the hunting for a pride of lions. Why would nature make human females so dependent on men for the muscle and strength of their species and sub-categorize them so steeply into the reproductive/nurturing department for which they are so well tailored?

The only answer I can think of is that a great part of intelligence, as this self-evident design in our species seems to hint at, is emotional intelligence, a sort of purified and magnified 'feeling' for existence which allows for a deeper and maybe more fulfilling sense of being alive. You will notice that is women much more than men who, even as they age, still hanker to 'go out and do interesting things, and have fun and learn new things, etc' yada yada, whereas men even like myself seem to become comfortable, even lazy, within a certain low-energy, very familiar routine and environment which we are just fine inhabiting without much change or addition even for prolonged periods. It is this natural inclination of women to always want to 'experience sensation' as though they were still children hungering for it which inevitably earns them the distinction of feeling more alive than men, in a general sense.

We men on the other hand become creatures of habit, we work, we divert ourselves, we like to eat well and laugh sure, but that curious imperative is much more dimmed with us. I don't mind, I love it, because I'm a man and I can still have fun and get things done without wanting to 'have lunch with Susan, then go down the pottery shop to browse some new pots for the garden I'm starting, then call my old friend Betsy just to catch up, then before starting dinner go over to my neighbor's house to help old Jill paint her grandson's playroom, then....' oooff. I don't know where the hell they get the energy or enthusiasm to do all that crap. But bless them, they do.

If an emotionally healthy woman who is raised in the proper environment and cultivated for her better half happens to be more connected to the people and world around her than a man might, simply because biologically that's her social and existential driving force, then after a time she will develop a level of subtle understanding regarding all those connections and activities that we simply never bothered to invest in. Doesn't make us dumber, because we might've been building a spaceship in our garage while she was busy chatting up the neighborhood to get a pulse of the street, but it certainly might make her 'wiser' in many regards, which is a mental acuity distinctly separate than 'intellect', although both compliment each other.

In this sense, we might regard a healthy woman in her optimal state as being a spiritually superior being more refined and attuned to what can arguably be viewed as humanity's finer side, that of emotions, interpersonal relationships, psychologies, motives, ambitions and desires, artistic and aesthetic values, etc, simply because naturally she will have spent a far greater time investing and pursuing knowledge and skill in these areas.

Maybe nature made her that way so that, you know, she could help decorate the interior of the spaceship we built and make it a more pleasant journey to Alpha Centauri, to prevent us all from going insane on the 100-year journey over there. Perhaps it's all just some high-level sentient survival mechanism...

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Post by ThankTheStarsIHaveBrasil » December 23rd, 2010, 10:16 pm

Oh, I just thought I should add...

To any American women who happened to just read that, don't even try to use those otherwise noble, fluffy words, *ever*, to mount some sort of enlivened defense of modern women in America, because practically none among you are actually an...

"emotionally healthy woman who is raised in the proper environment and cultivated for her better half"

which might lead you to become a...

"healthy woman in her optimal state as being a spiritually superior being".

Although it does make for an interesting hypothetical exercise delving in the purely theoretical realm of unfulfilled potential! :wink:

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Post by onezero4u » January 29th, 2011, 3:28 pm

girl alert.
or a mangina for sure.

foreign woman blow away american goblin looking whores. no contest.

there is no such thing as an equal partner in america. the chicks there want a boy slave or more than likely several Ex husbands and most of their houses and bank accounts.

bottom line...stay away from american woman like the plague
marriage is a 3 ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring and then suffering.

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