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Why America & Britain didn't need to be involved in WW2

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Why America & Britain didn't need to be involved in WW2

Post by Winston » August 10th, 2016, 7:55 am

If Churchill and FDR had decided to stay out of the war, Germany and Japan eventually would probably have folded anyway, because they were overstretching their empire and fighting countries that were too large to occupy and control. Germany was unrealistically trying to control and occupy Russia, which was impossible as Russia's land was most vast than both the US and Europe put together. And Japan was trying to rule and control China, which was too large and populous to manage. No matter how many battles Germany and Japan had won, those countries would always stage a comeback, eventually to the point of victory.

So Britain and America were not needed in WW2 anyway. And the American people were right not to want to get involved. Germany and Japan would eventually have lost anyway. And even if Japan and Germany had won and established their empires -- one in Europe/Russia and one in Asia -- empires never last for long anyway. Most empires collapse after their founder, conqueror or emperor passes away, because people prefer local government, not centralized foreign government. So the conquered nations of WW2 would probably have rebelled and broken free eventually.

But even if Germany and Japan had won WW2 and controlled both Europe and Asia long term, so what? Both those nations are very civilized and efficient and developed the highest technology, so most likely they would have brought prosperity to their empire and run them very well. Hitler brought prosperity to Germany and ended poverty and unemployment, by having the German government print its own government rather than borrowing from the central bankers with usury and high interest. If he had applied that to all of Europe, and gotten rid of the central banks there, then all Europeans could have become prosperous and well off financially. He also would have brought strong moral values too, and not allowed degeneracy, liberalism and socialism to develop. He also would have saved Eastern Europe from falling to Communism, which brought ruin to Eastern Europe and which its people regret today. Instead, under Hitler, Eastern Europe could have been prosperous.

And even if Japan had captured China and controlled it, then all the massive tyranny and deaths that Mao ZeDong brought to China could have been prevented. Instead, China would probably have been more efficiently run and managed under Japanese rule, just as Taiwan had been for 50 years under Japanese rule, which vastly improved its infrastructure. As such, China's infrastructure may have been greatly improved as well, under Japanese rule. Moreover, since Japan has a knack for developing new technologies, they probably could have improved China in various ways as well, especially if they were able to utilize the huge labor force of China under their control.

Therefore, a German and Japanese victory during WW2 would not have been so bad as you were led to believe. As they say, "History is the propaganda of the victorious."
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