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45 goals of the communist takeover of america (1963)

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45 goals of the communist takeover of america (1963)

Post by w.p.o. » May 21st, 2016, 2:28 pm ... 7csvMk.dpu

No WONDER they fear Trump! A vote for hillary is a vote for the communist takeover (hint: she's a card carrier herself). We already have one in the White house now. Don't need another one. She would just further the agenda. The courts will be stuffed with far leftists, illegal aliens would run amok, 2/3 of the nation would be out of work, hospitals would be a nightmare, grocery stores would be empty, no 1st amendment, no 2nd amendment (she despises the constitution. actually conspired to try to abolish it!!). she would be an absolute disaster. She would make jimmy carter look like calvin coolidge.

Besides wanting to get rid of freedom of speech (commies hate the truth), the right to bear arms (commies are bullies and bullies can't fight their way out of a wet paperbag with razor-bladed brassknuckles) and conducting illegal seizures (which is rampant in communist countries), here's the irony of abolishing the constitution:

- No 13th amendment, which means slavery will once again become the law of the land!
- No 14th amendment, which would mean african americans would no longer be american citizens!
- No 15th amendment, which means african americans would not be permitted to vote (if there is voting to begin with)!
- No 19th amendment, which would mean women will no longer be permitted to vote (the feminists would love that for sure)!
- No 21st amendment. Say goodbye to your favorite booze! Bootlegging and rum running may return.
- No 25th amendment, which means there would be no designated heir to the "thrown" (google Tommy Lucchese. when tommy died, there was no one to take his place. As a result, the lucchese crime family was without leadership for long time). This would create a vacuum.

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