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Uma Thurman whining about sexual harassment

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Uma Thurman whining about sexual harassment

Post by Cornfed » November 26th, 2017, 3:14 am

This just shows that you really can’t win with Western sluts. They get you on the way in and then they get you on the way out. This bitch whored her way into stardom. Now, when she is a worn out old hag, she is attempting to once again profit by claiming to be a victim. Of course if there were some miracle cure for ageing she would go back to whoring herself out. It just goes to show the truth of the Humphrey Appleby quote that gratitude is merely the lively anticipation of future benefits.

This current nonsense is great. On the one hand, we should facilitate these vile manginas being taken down, but on the other we should then reveal the female “victims” for the filthy whores that they are. Whoever set this thing up is a genius. ... stein.html

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Re: Uma Thurman whining about sexual harassment

Post by Master » November 26th, 2017, 6:39 am

I was actually going to agree but she didnt really say much. Theres obviously something there but shes keeping it private for the time being.

I didnt see any whinning. And although Im not an Uma Thurman Fan. I hardly think she whore herself to anything. She was a very beautiful model and a decent actress. A very good looking one, albeit not of my favorite taste. She married heart throb Ethan Hawke and had a kids with him only to be betrayed by him. Most of her movies involved hard work and she acts good in them mostly memoriable movies. I hardly think any of that is whoring herself to the top. Other than her being attractive in a very attraction based industry.

Harvey Weinstein obviously set all of this off and there are more "whoring" stories than this in that timeline.

I find your criticism misguided.
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