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Genuine Situations Look Fake Because of Narcissists

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Genuine Situations Look Fake Because of Narcissists

Post by Wolfeye » September 14th, 2016, 5:46 am

A thing that occurred to me recently was that genuine situations (including someone that actually IS whatever "trope" gets faked by others) get looked at as fake most of the time in America. A "genuine person," the "bad boy with a good heart," the "free-thinker," the "wrongly accused," the one that's "down on their luck"- all of these & more can be real situations, but are usually seen as a front being put up. It's not like that doesn't happen, but how often does the situation get seen as BEING what bullshit looks like?

There seems to largely be narcissism to blame- someone faking whatever it is to get attention or being pissed off at the attention these other people get or even that events/conditions/objects get (ex: they're pissy that the hurricane is getting noticed- there's a MAJOR risk of police, medical, government personnel to flip out on the people they're supposed to help during a crisis because of this). They'll either give real things a bad name or will act like anything genuine is bullshit so they get attention again.

Another thing is simply being too arrogant to like anything. These things are seen as bad things to be against them- then again, someone can't aim against what they don't know about. They're acting in a way that matches what they prefer, which they obviously know not to be the case. So more like "elaborate malice" or "a taste for tragedy." They CAN, of course, be arrogant at the same time.

A "negative identity" or "negating personality" can have it's roots in either of these things. This can all be a cultural commonality, even without the individual people actually being that way- kind of like following bad advice without being an idiot or a malicious person. Works for PASSING ALONG bad advice without being an idiot or malicious, too.

A lot of people don't do so well in America because of this trait. If they come to this country, expecting it to be more free or genuine, they seem to be almost universally disappointed & to a massive degree. Things get portrayed as rugged, independent, just, honorable/quixotic, insightful/accurate, and simply more functional than they actually tend to be in this country. In my experience, it's a nation that's almost completely antagonistic to all those things- even if their survival is at stake.

This is all unofficially, but functionally, the way things are- kind of like the tone of someone's voice (they might say a particular thing, but it's not actually that way- like when they say something hospitable with a threatening tone).

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