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Stop saying African Americans have no culture!

Discuss racial, ethnic and multicultural issues. Warning: The topics here are likely to be taboo, so if you are easily offended, you are better off not participating here.

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Post by Rock » March 25th, 2014, 1:14 pm

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Post by Moretorque » March 25th, 2014, 4:40 pm

People need to understand we are being conned by the greatest con men to ever walk the face of the earth, forget about the Jews it is their phony check book that gives the ruling body it's power. Who set the state of Israel up ? how can Israel and the Jewish Zionist of Israel be in charge of America when America gives Israel it's funding?

They have the whole system set up to protect the stump so you will just be messing with the limbs and leaves of the tree.

The guy's who did this have made a interesting point, as a whole the human race really does need to be governed by a dictatorship. Good bad or whatever but the founding system to govern America cannot work as a whole when people have had 20 years with the net to figure the con out but could care less to educate themselves about the world they live in so how can a democratic republic possibly work for the future masses of people of this world?

I think this thing is to far gone and the best thing is for a reset of some sort of humanity to stop the mass extinction we have created over the last century or two.
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Post by ladislav » March 25th, 2014, 9:06 pm

Couple of things. First, most African Americans are an amalgamation of what are now different African ethnicities and nationalities so visiting "Ghana, Nigeria, etc" would be futile to discover the lost cultural legacies. Which tribe in Ghana would be visited since there are scores of them? It would be like you going to Moldova or Armenia to rediscover your lost past. Just because you know the general region of your ancestors does not mean you have roots in all of the region's peoples.
Not in all, but an effort to reconnect with some general area would still be OK. Say, a school trip to Nigeria. A student internship. Something to at least put them in touch with the area. Better than nothing.

Also, I work in West Africa. There are many reasons to look down on locals apart from those schooled in western ways. I do not respect genital mutilation, stewing albinos in curative potions, and leaving newborn twins to die in the forest since it is believed to be a curse. These are common, everyday practices in Africa and I am only touching on a few. Finally, not all whites take to Africans in America as you suggest. Many find them clannish, overly religious, and culturally obtuse. I don't see legions of Africans (who can be quite educated and skilled in the US) in corporate America nor in other important institutions.
But there sure must be some good things such as music, literature, something positive, something better than in the US. Maybe the tradition of hospitality. Arts? And those bad things could be worked on, as well through exchange.
I speak my language.
Many Latinos in the USA are also out of touch with reality. They are not that way in Latin America for the most part and do not see Spanish as " my language". They know that it came from Spaniards.
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Post by mguy » March 26th, 2014, 3:49 am

*looks around starbucks.. nope still not short.
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Post by reallyredlips » March 28th, 2014, 10:50 am

Moretorque wrote:I like some black people but do not care for the culture here in the US they create, as Bill Orielly stated it is degenerate and that is coming from a degenerate.

Some of the greatest works and most talented people are black but as a whole when I read the statistics on the American blacks I was shocked and realized at that moment as stated by Henry Kissinger you will be grateful when the UN comes in and restores order.

With the type of behavior I read as a culture in the stats there is no way to have a first world order living environment with a high percentage of blacks who chose to act like that in a culture.
I seen your other posts. You're still a typical white American emasculated race obsessed fakkit.

But but.. im not racist my third cousin twice removed's adopted grandchild is BLACK! :roll: :roll:

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Post by fatestar » August 12th, 2014, 8:12 am

We as blacks dont have any culture because we descend from slaves. The only "culture" we seem to have in the united states consist of us acting like bufoons, and robbing,and killing each other. Some great culture we have. :cry:

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