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A White Argentine tried to assimilate to Miami and wants out

Discuss racial, ethnic and multicultural issues. Warning: The topics here are likely to be taboo, so if you are easily offended, you are better off not participating here.

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E Irizarry R&B Singer
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A White Argentine tried to assimilate to Miami and wants out

Post by E Irizarry R&B Singer » August 8th, 2017, 5:39 pm


The video is in Spanish but since I know Spanish, I know that she hated the administration jobs that don't pay shit
One has to sell their soul there just to make it. She said the people and culture suck in Miami.
All from a White Argentine woman.

Personally, I get along with most White Argentines; I partied with them on vacation in Brazil. The only Argentines
I don't get along with are the non-White ones whom have a Stockholm-"Uncle Tom" complex....they are the ones
whom are wordsmiths and act like they are the Grammarly app if you say one thing out of context in Spanish,
even if it makes sense although not commonly-spoken in that context.

Any thoughts guys? Contrarian? Andy? Rock? Ladislav? re85smith? Adama (Ty Diggs)? Winston? Etc.?
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Contrarian Expatriate
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Re: A White Argentine tried to assimilate to Miami and wants

Post by Contrarian Expatriate » August 8th, 2017, 11:18 pm

The lady clearly did not fit in in Miami, but most people do not fit in. Couple of things that I gleaned from my rusty Spanish.

She complains about the money-obsession, the ostentatious people, and the souless/inhuman culture in Miami. If she had any clue, she would know that 30 minutes north is Fort Lauderdale which is vastly different and more anglicized than Miami. Also, Key West just 3 hours south is one of the most friendly places in the USA and foreigners generally LOVE it there.

So in addition to her lack of resourcefulness to avail herself of life outside of Miami, she appears to be hitting the wall and male attention is not as plentiful in Miami as it was for her in the past.

Finally, Argentines are legendary for being averse to the fact that they are assigned to the "Latin tribe" in America, and not the white tribe to which they are accustomed. This makes them feel somewhat "less than" in the USA when they were closer to the top of the food chain in Argentina.

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