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Racial pride: Ideology for losers?

Discuss racial, ethnic and multicultural issues. Warning: The topics here are likely to be taboo, so if you are easily offended, you are better off not participating here.

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Contrarian Expatriate
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Re: Racial pride: Ideology for losers?

Post by Contrarian Expatriate » August 31st, 2017, 3:21 am

Cornfed wrote:
Contrarian Expatriate wrote:Why would I need any racial pride when I have so personal, professional and financial accomplishments from which I draw pride.
Being proud that the system hands you money for being a monkoid is almost as silly as being proud of being a monkoid in the first place. I suggest you cultivate a sense of personal and racial shame.
I suggest you cultivate a sense of shame for both "sexual deprivation" and "involuntary celibacy" Cornfed.


Might make your luck change a wee bit, but given the way you present, probably not. You go ahead and keep being proud of your "whiteness" while the rest of us screw women that you can't.
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Man With a Plan
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Re: Racial pride: Ideology for losers?

Post by Man With a Plan » August 31st, 2017, 3:37 am

Keep getting triggered white men. I'll keep double dipping these white girls and enjoying them and other types of women. You're missing out with all this racial triggery nonsense. But whatever. Keep letting the Jews get you all shook.
The Grey Menace.

Ralph in Miami
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Re: Racial pride: Ideology for losers?

Post by Ralph in Miami » September 3rd, 2017, 5:44 am

Most of these Racialist movements are led by either Jews, Freemasons or the Vatican. They want to incite Race War while taking the eyes off of those three elements. In Charlottesville neither Antifa or the closet homosexual Richard Spencer called out the Bank for International Settlements screwing humanity. Every race has its deficences and most people would not want to be in a low income black neighborhood, especially other blacks. There is more hatred and fear mongering spewed in the media/ internet about Race than reality. When I go outside, I rarely see bigotry. If I do its scoffed at, because its a joke whether coming from Jewish, Black or White.

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Re: Racial pride: Ideology for losers?

Post by zboy1 » September 5th, 2017, 4:28 am

Interesting discussion guys.

My thinking is this: racial consciousness is mostly an American/Anglo thing. As Marcos, Yohan and others' on the forum living in Asia know, most Asians are quite xenophobic and racist, but they don't dwell on race like American's and other Europeans tend to do. It's quite annoying, really.

I don't want to wake up everyday, turning on the news to see another race riot, or walk down the street to deal with Black nationalists, La Raza or KKK types, such is the case in the States. Also, it drives me crazy to hear race talk from the Rush Limbaugh's to the race baiting lefties in the media, when I turn on the radio.

Don't get me wrong, racism is quite strong in Asia: Japanese don't look outsiders, Chinese people are sometimes hostile to foreigners, Thais are judgemental, etc...

Also, as a caveat, I'm Asian with an Asian face, so White and Black foreigners will deal with more racism than I do here.

But I can live my life in different parts of Asia, and be at relative peace with myself for being an Asian man. In the States, I'm a gook, chink, or whatever; in Asia, I'm just another Asian face. ...

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Re: Racial pride: Ideology for losers?

Post by zboy1 » September 5th, 2017, 4:32 am

Btw, racial pride may be for losers, but multiculturalism is a disaster. Just doesn't work, imo. Look at the rising tide of nationalism all over the world, unfortunately.

I think is a backlash to Western style (((multiculturalism))), if you know what I mean.

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