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Aren't blacks insulted by this Kangz nonsense?

Discuss racial, ethnic and multicultural issues. Warning: The topics here are likely to be taboo, so if you are easily offended, you are better off not participating here.

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Aren't blacks insulted by this Kangz nonsense?

Post by Cornfed » February 16th, 2018, 8:24 am

If I was black I would be insulted by Hymiewood movies like Black Panther and this whole We Wuz Kangz narrative - the idea that blacks were capable of an advanced technological society but this ability was somehow stolen from them by evil white people.

It would be as if someone came along and assumed it was horrifically bad and I was a total loser for not being in the NBA, but consoled me by saying it wasn’t my fault because blacks were somehow keeping me down by microagressions and such. Of course the real reason I am not in the NBA is that I do not have nor ever could have had the physical ability to be and that is fine; I have other abilities. People should accept me for what I am. Saying I am bad for not being in the NBA, whoever gets the blame for that, would be an expression of hatred and contempt.

Is it not the same with claiming that blacks have human cognitive abilities? The reality is that they evolved to lead simple lives with bucks largely doing nothing except killing the odd zebra or other buck and sheboons doing simple daily work. That is what they are suited for, and if you actually liked blacks then surely you would have no problem with that. This idea that they should all be mathematical geniuses and this not manifesting is the result of some horrific damage is surely an expression of hatred for blacks.

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