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A Woman Explains Why She Hates Feminism

Discuss Anti-Feminism, Men's Rights and Misandry.

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A Woman Explains Why She Hates Feminism

Post by jamesbond » February 13th, 2017, 11:56 am

Good video where a woman explains why she hates feminism.

"When I think about the idea of getting involved with an American woman, I don't know if I should laugh .............. or vomit!"

"Trying to meet women in America is like trying to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics."

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Re: A Woman Explains Why She Hates Feminism

Post by BORG CONTROL » February 15th, 2017, 4:29 am

I do agree that being so open about their personal hygiene affairs is very crude and vulgar and it must be very embarrassing for a lot of the Men. It is part of the Immorality and obscenity and rudeness and bad language that started because of feminism, but feminism is also women who threaten the Dominance and Leadership of the Men.
God PUT Men in charge, he gave Men Dominion over all and said to Men that Men must RULE OVER women.
And Religion teaches that Men have a connection to God, and women connect to the Men and that women have no connection to God. Religion also teaches that women are not allowed to occupy any positions in Religion and they must never be dominant over Men.

If that is what God said, then that is the way it should be.
There is also a passage that says "Any women who wear any item of Male clothing are an abomination unto The Lord"
This means any women who wear trousers, shorts, jeans, male uniforms such as in police or army, men's hats, caps, jackets, ties etc.
If people had made a big thing of this passage, then this passage alone could have prevented feminism.

That does seem to be what God intended.

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