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Women think they are intelligent.

Discuss Anti-Feminism, Men's Rights and Misandry.

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Women think they are intelligent.

Post by BORG CONTROL » February 6th, 2018, 11:12 am

Women think they are intelligent, but they are actually NOT.
Intelligence is not schools and tests and college and IQ and memory recall - that is not what intelligence is.
Intelligence is knowing Right from Wrong, knowing how to behave, knowing how to judge, and in general doing what is Good and what is Right and KNOWING what is Good and what is Right.

Feminism PROVES that women are ABSOLUTELY STUPID.
They are TOTALLY Wrong, have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER how to behave.
Feminist women do not even know what SEX they are, and they seem to think they are Men.

The STUPIDITY of feminist women is almost Sad.
Do you not just pity those inferior creatures that they have lost their way so Badly?
They are heading AWAY from God not toward him.
Their behaviour is DEGENERATING not getting better.

They used to be polite, feminine "ladies", always virgins when they married, always had children AFTER marriage, always kept their clothes on and their legs together, never had abortion or divorce and never interfered in any of the Men's jobs or professions.
Then suddenly they changed.
They took a MAJOR turn DOWNWARD.
Took their clothes off, opened their legs, bosoms on display and turned into a load of Whores and became a load of feminist PIGS.

People are supposed to evolve and get Better.
But those women took a MAJOR turn Downward and got considerably WORSE.

And all they have to look forward to are the Punishments for their absolutely APPALLING behaviour.
And for MAJOR Sins that they do.

What completely Ridiculous creatures women are.
Do you not just pity them in their absolute Stupidity?
Women are not intelligent, but have you ever seen anything THAT Stupid?
Is not the point of Life to Escape from Earth and go to Heaven?
Why do women seem to want to go to Hell?

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Re: Women think they are intelligent.

Post by Adama » February 6th, 2018, 5:11 pm

Evil is too alluring for many people, who don't mind crushing others to get glory. In essence, it is self-worship. They want the glory of control, of being gods, of being desired, of being wanted, of being able to destroy. On an unconscious level, feminists believe they are gods. They want it all. That's why they are willing to destroy if anyone gets in the way of them getting glory. They are gods unto themselves and nobody is going to come in between them and their unrighteous glory without getting destroyed.

So warring with their husbands, warring with God, warring against nature, destroying other people: all these are not crimes in their eyes. They justify themselves, and nothing else is important except receiving glory and worship. They feel they are gods unto themselves.

That's why if you even criticize a feminist's behavior, another feminist will come along to destroy you. By criticizing a female god (in their sight), you've committed blasphemy and are therefore worthy of swift condemnation, by their account.

Really this type of person has lost their humanity, because they believe they are gods. Really they've descended down and abased themselves to hurt others just so they can feel good (self worship).
A good man is above pettiness. He is better than that.

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