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Another catch 22? Has anyone ever had any problems w/this?

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Another catch 22? Has anyone ever had any problems w/this?

Post by TruthOrConsequences » November 10th, 2013, 3:30 am

As we all know by now, social interactions can be quite difficult and uncomfortable in the English-speaking world. People tend to be overly suspicious and judgmental of each other.. And there is very many taboo subjects that you are not supposed to even talk about.. Like all these little rules and nuances that differ from person to person or one social caste to another, but here's what I've been running into.

When you're in a social setting, surrounded by your work colleagues or any other kind of people it always comes down to this:

1) If you sit there all quiet, minding your own business and not saying anything to anybody - then they'll think you're a psycho or some kind of a serial killer in disguise. I've been harassed, verbally attacked and patted down one time because I chose to just sit there and not talk to anyone in a class. So if you're quiet and you don't say anything - then you're a psycho waiting to go off in a killing spree one day or a serial killer in disguise. :roll:

2) If you bring up a topic or express your opinion on something, then you're wideass open for all kinds of judgments and rebuttals. People will straight up go out of their way to prove you wrong or they'll jump to all kinds of assumptions and conclusions about you, just based on what you said. Isn't it f*cked? :roll:

So if you sit there and mind your own business without saying anything - then you're a psycho and a serial killer in disguise.
If you do happen to say something - then you're leaving yourself all open to all kinds of judgment and negative political repercussions, because someone may not have liked what you just said. Could it be anymore dysfunctional than that?

Winston, I've largely based this rant on your 4 catch 22's article. I'm hoping that you'll have something interesting to say on this subject. And anyone who has ever experienced any problems with this - feel free to voice your opinion.
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Post by Winston » November 10th, 2013, 5:23 am

True. But the only way to resolve that Catch-22 is to talk to people but only say politically correct things right? lol

Yeah I know it sucks having to pretend. But in Western countries, political correctness is higher than truth and honesty. Very weird.
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Post by TruthOrConsequences » November 12th, 2013, 12:39 pm

Not just that. I mean you say anything at all - and you're open for judgement and all kinds of crap. It's pretty much 'anything you say may be and will be used against you later on'. But if you sit there all quiet, like I said earlier, then you're a maniac in disguise, waiting to go off in a killing spree.
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Post by buddy77 » November 13th, 2013, 6:56 pm

Who gave you a pat down? Nobody has a right to pat you down. Even the police have to have
"probable cause" if not they can have a law suit.

As for sitting down not saying's a way noone will think you're a psycho: stare into your smartphone. youll blend in with the rest of the zombies which is 95% of the population.

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