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Being "real" vs being good. (A problem of Western media.)

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Being "real" vs being good. (A problem of Western media.)

Post by onethousandknives » December 16th, 2014, 10:48 pm

I feel like this is the biggest problem of Western media. As far as TV shows, music and movies go. There's been a gradual trend of escalating sexuality, violence, and nihilism in media. What's their justification for this? The justification is that these things are "real." People hate old fashioned type of love songs for example, and it's very hard to get one to have radio play nowadays. Why? Because it's "not realistic." But apparently, songs about hooking up at the club are realistic? What I mean is, it'd be much harder for a song like, say, "Blue Moon" or another sort of standard love song like that to get radio play nowadays. There's always exceptions, even now, for example, Edward Maya's "Stereo Love" was surprisingly popular of a song even here in USA, and that song there had no vulgarity and was basically more of something in the classic love song type formula. But somehow despite a few managing to slip by, it's mostly Nicki Minaj's and Miley Cyrus songs about sex and drugs that rule the airwaves? With the music, too, it's almost comical. Why in USA are songs not about sex and drugs considered "for kids" only, and adults for some reason need "real" music about sex and drugs? Congrats, you're an adult, you can hear songs about sex and drugs now? Why is Taylor Swift considered basically "for kids" just because she has relatively clean lyrics?

Television, it's the same thing. People fault shows like Leave it to Beaver from the 1950s, for being unrealistic, or not "real." Yes, real families do tend to have some amount of dysfunctionality and stuff going on. A real family no matter how good won't have as well mannered of a father and mother as the people in Leave it to Beaver. But then you have as a modern comparison sitcom, "Modern Family" which is all kinds of craziness going on. Even with television in general, reality TV is the most popular? WHY?! You have reality all around you! Why do you want MORE reality? Why not watch something that tells a story? Why not have that story be something that motivates you to do better or influences you in some way positively, to be more brave, courageous, kind, caring, whatever?

I feel the big problem with modern entertainment media is everything is about being "real" now, instead of trying to set an ideal to reach up to or hope towards? There's not a moral to a story anymore, stories just are and that's it. Because "real life" is all shades of gray and blah blah. It's to the point I can't turn on a TV and really find anything that makes me happy to watch, or turn on the radio and hear anything that makes me happier. Nothing is uplifting.

I'm sorry this is a bit all over the place, but this is something really stressing me out. That modern media seems to value what's "real" over anything else. And the realness seems to be basically a code word for depravity and general negativity, as if something is positive, it can't possibly be real?

I just want to move somewhere, anywhere, where there's just less.... pollution, in this manner. Oh well. Maybe next year.

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Re: Being "real" vs being good. (A problem of Western media.

Post by Ghost » December 17th, 2014, 4:11 am

Getting away from Western influences is all but impossible. Living in a jungle somewhere might be one of the only options left. That said, you can live abroad and not have a TV, and if you have a girlfriend/wife, keep her away from the teevee...
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Re: Being "real" vs being good. (A problem of Western media.

Post by Jester » December 17th, 2014, 6:55 am

Some thoughts on why:

-- good normal people dont go into media

--good normal people are kept out of media

--Luciferian zeitgeist (writers definitely sense the zeitgeist of dystopia and jump on the bandwagon

-- Pentagon conspiracy (I've posted on this elsewhere) -- troubled people are easier to rule, manage, prescribe to...

-- Illuminati ownership and control (common recurring images in music videos are red-and-black color schemes, weird-eye or eye-in-pyramid, Black-guy-White-girl, slutty-Blonde, dancing boy-toys, puppets....)

-- general addiction to the negative (wallowing in the sordid side of life is comforting for screwed up people)

Some thoughts on solutions:

What Ghost said.
No TV or FM radio in the house. You choose the movies, the shows, the music. No private PC use for wife or children. No video games.

Trust me your children will still learn all they need to know about the culture as they (and you) visit friends' houses. But they will also know a peaceful home.
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