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The PC brigade; they throw baby out with bathwater

Vent your rants and raves here about whatever makes you mad, angry or frustrated.

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The PC brigade; they throw baby out with bathwater

Post by mattyman » September 14th, 2017, 2:41 am

If you cite a valid point made by a person, or an article by someone that people are likely to a agree with, they might be open to hearing about ti. If that same person has said things in other articles that transgress political correctness, they're likely to write off ANY AND ALL good advice and valid points that they formerly agreed with just because they found something that was offensive to them.

For example, if I was to cite a video that covers in my opinion, genuine reasons why long term relationships fail and mistakes made, people might agree with it initially. On most forums, on discovering that this channel contains content criticizing modern women and feminism, people would STUPIDLY write off this and all the truths and valid points talked about, and other good advice given by the channel.

This is what makes me so cross and pissed off. Why are modern people so f***ing STUPID! Why would people throw out good advice just because the person giving it expresses views you dont agree with? Why do they throw out baby with bathwater? It's that which PISSES ME THE f**k OFF about modern young people. They're so stupid. I hate the PC brigade. The advice in the video I cited is the advice I heard from my grandma. To write it all off as 'old fashioned prudish rubbish' rather than to give it a listen is idiotic. There's a lot of common sense talked in this video.

If the points brought-up in the video were brought-up by someone who doesn't vocally criticize modern feminism and slutty behaviour, they might get listened to. That's not my point, people are so stupid, they'd WRITE OFF EVERY POINT just because of one soundbyte they found offensive. Are our young people such a bunch of fragile pansies? Stupid ones at that?

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