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Why MGTOW can be potentially dangerous to young men

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Re: Why MGTOW can be potentially dangerous to young men

Post by flowerthief00 » June 30th, 2018, 7:31 am

The way Contrarian Expatriate has defined it, MGTOW IS the Red Pill. By that definition you probably already are MGTOW, as am I, as are most of the members of this board I would guess. Many types of PUA and other subsectors of the manosphere also have to be considered MGTOW by that definition.

Pretty much ditto with Yohan's definition, as arguably every member of this board is against the mainstream and feminism, making us all MGTOW.

Everyone with Red Pill leanings defines MGTOW in such a way as to include themselves in the definition, the definition then becoming so broad as to make me wonder what we gain by having the word that we don't already have with "Red Pill".

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Re: Why MGTOW can be potentially dangerous to young men

Post by mattyman » August 17th, 2018, 3:36 am

(1) as feminist lobbied for more outrageous, unfair laws MGTOW has moved further to the extreme from the early days. The majority opinion has moved from you can be either a married MGTOW, a MGTOW that just dates women but never commits, and a MGTOW monk (have not relationship whatsoever with women) to just either sometimes just occasionally dating (though its getting more and more that even this stance is getting shouted down as stupid or your just a mangina) to mostly just being Monk is the only way with maybe a sex doll.
MGTOW is reactoinary to feminism falling into the same traps, using the same shaming tactics that femists; feminism=all men are sex-crazed only thinking with their dicks bad, MGTOW=All women evil bitches whp'll make you into a white knight.
I do believe that men SHOULD not marry, MGTOW or not. Marriage is a purposeful restraint on men's freedom and it is an unnecessary intrusion of state power into the personal life of a man. Men get married because they are manipulated by religious faith and/or romanticism designed to entrap men into a life of servitude. Whether a married man is MGTOW or not is a separate question, but I am opposed to it on a philosophical level.
Feminist laws are the inverse of sharia law, just as sexist, if not more so. Regarding restricting freedom, at least people are can have more partners under sharia law. The main disadvantages with the feminist system is that too many women learn they're not accountable & can get away with murder. That;s a theme red-pillers across the board will agree with.

Don't write off relationships though, we can have them without marriage. What's not fair is to be stigmatized for raising a family out of wedlock.

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