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"No Single Riders" rule for the Zipper (carnival ride) is cruel!

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"No Single Riders" rule for the Zipper (carnival ride) is cruel!

Post by Mercury » May 26th, 2018, 3:18 am

If there is ever a place where it is made clear that single guys especially have no right and no business being part of the community, it's at American carnivals and county fairs. And if there is any company or corporate business that labels all single persons, especially single guys, as total losers worthy of immediate death, and wants them locked away out of sight and out of mind and would even point a loaded M-16 or RPG at a single guy who is all by himself and doesn't have friends and threaten to blast him flat or blow him up if he didn't flee immediately, it is Chance Rides, Inc in Wichita, Kansas. Of the many carnival rides I always enjoyed since I was a kid, none was more thrilling than the Zipper. Anyone who has gone on the Zipper would know that it can be a real thriller. But today, the Zipper, with "No Single Riders" written all over it, has become a symbol of total cruelty towards single people and people without friends.

The Zipper was not always "No Single Riders" either. There was a time when anyone, single or with someone, could go on the Zipper and have lots of fun getting flipped and spun around, especially when rounding the end of the boom. But in 1995, some crackheads at Chance Rides, Inc in Wichita, Kansas decided to make a huge hairy lying bulletin that even full grown single riders on the Zipper would "turn sideways inside the capsules and slip their legs out from under the lap bar." As a person who has ridden as a single rider on the Zipper myself many times over, I can tell you easily that someone even taller than 5 feet 0 inches riding solo on the Zipper can never turn sideways inside the gondolas and slip out from under the lap bar. In fact, I even tried something similar to that several times before. But that lap bar is so tight and the inside shape of the gondola is so restrictive to movement of the lower body that I could never twist my thighs more than maybe 25 degrees from vertical.

Between 1995 and 2005, the decision to enforce "No Single Riders" was left to the individual ride operator. But around 2006 or so, T.H.E. Insurance company and Allied Specialty Insurance began cracking down hard and ordering all carnival midways to enforce "No Single Riders" as default protocol, and no Zipper in the United States has allowed single riders on since 2008.

"No Single Riders" IS NOT about safety at all! It is about alienation of all who are single, and it's American carnivals saying to single guys; "You're single! You have no right and no business being here! Go home, or go to prison!" Same thing as, at the airport, the draconian restrictions and searches are designed to condition people to accept the New World Order. To make matters far worse, you leave a negative review on Chance Rides, Inc's Facebook page, and they report you to Facebook and have your account permanently disabled. They are so proud of ridding the world of single persons and calling them worthless losers that they'll order an immediate nationwide military lockdown and Martial law for a protest against "No Single Riders" rules and even arm all ride operators and order them to shoot to kill any single rider who even gets in line.

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Re: "No Single Riders" rule for the Zipper (carnival ride) is cruel!

Post by growup » July 10th, 2018, 8:38 pm

I think that maybe, just maybe you are over-reacting.

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