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6'3" man gets ridiculed by 24y female on Spanish TV

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6'3" man gets ridiculed by 24y female on Spanish TV

Post by zboy1 » March 19th, 2013, 9:10 pm

Taken from PuaHate forum titled "Rugged masculine 6'3'' man gets ridiculed by hot 24y brunete in spanish national TV": ... f3&t=63640

The snooty Spanish girl


The handsome Spanish man


MyFemaleEquivalentDoesntHaveToWork probably can translate this for you guys. It's a blind date, then she comes in and she basically says he has a "troll face" and "he looks old". LOL. This is brutal FACE theory at work, and proves you are f***ed if you look old. Guess who her 2 favorite guys on this dating program look like?

See the video here: ... 75402.html

Boy...are most other Spanish women like this bitch?.... No wonder we keep getting posts on HA complaining about Spanish women in and out of Spain:

Man from Spain Ready to Give Feminists a lot of Pain

I feel unhappy in my own country of Spain...

Spain, The World Capital Of P4P?

Just met Spanish women from Spain

Asian Male PUAs failure with Spanish women in Spain (EuropePUA deleted his posts, but you can still see our responses to him)
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Post by All_That_Is_Man » March 19th, 2013, 10:06 pm

The secret is out. Latina/Hispanic females are worse than American females. The only way to win is to date younger (no older than 24, ever) or to opt out of chasing modern-day wimminz altogether.
"Manginas grovel. Men travel." - me (04/17/2012)

"I used to be one of those men who believed that men are better than women at everything. Then I stood corrected!
Women are better than men at... getting fat." - me (02/24/2013)

Black women suck at life.

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Post by Bane » March 19th, 2013, 11:45 pm

Wow! And this guy is not bad looking at all! If the holier than thou harpies in Spain are ridiculing guys like this, you know the $%^& has hit the fan.
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Post by E_Irizarry » March 20th, 2013, 2:41 am

I'm going to translate the show for guys after I viewed it:

They have a blind date.
Raul is the handsome dude.
She was looking for a guy with a nice whole package.
and the author claimed that what Raul was expecting a nice thick body, but she has the body of a woman whom is almost 90-years old.
Raul is not accepting her disposition of him too well.

Rewind to the beginning of this b.s.:

They said that she had to pick three guys without knowing who they are. The guys claim the clearly knew the chicks intentions. She is afraid of meeting a man whom looks like a troll out of the tree she's blindly going to meet.

Ferran wasn't liked physically but she stuck it out and dissed him throughout.

The b*tch claims she didn't want kids. He looked after little kids in his career among a couple of other tasks in is job position.

She said that Raul has the face of an old man. And that Raul explained he's mature at the age of 32.

She claims she's been tricked that he has a sucky body and the face of a troll.

They claimed that she had said things that she shouldn't have said on the show.

Raul wanted to leave badly because her intentions were clear that he was so not the one for her.

Then after the male show host corrected her, she regretted being a b*tch but he was already done with her.

Lastly, it had gotten so bad that Raul couldn't get over her accusations EVEN AFTER SHE ASKED HIM TO GO WITH HER TO HER HOUSE and EVEN AFTER SHE FELT BAD FOR S.HITTING ON HIM.

He still couldn't get over her b.s. and the author of the article claims that she had the nerve to say that Raul had the face of an old man while she has the face of a man!

I know I'm the best...gracias x adelentado. LOL
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Re: 6'3" man gets ridiculed by 24y female on Spanish TV

Post by deasil875 » July 15th, 2013, 10:01 pm

zboy1 wrote:Taken from PuaHate forum titled "Rugged masculine 6'3'' man gets ridiculed by hot 24y brunete in spanish national TV": ... f3&t=63640

The snooty Spanish girl


Her facial expression rivals that of the most hardened, AW feminist. She has to have the most coldest, unforgiving eyes ever.

I have numerous Mexican male friends who all say that the Spanish are some of the most "racist f***ing people ever" as they put it, so her snobby aura doesn't surprise me in the LEAST.

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