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Has Anybody Been To Netherlands?

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the European Countries.

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Has Anybody Been To Netherlands?

Post by tnt147 » November 14th, 2017, 12:28 am

I would like to spend 2-3 years in Netherlands, and I would like to ask a few questions.

First, how do the women in the Netherlands compare to Midwestern women in the USA?
The average Midwestern women are among the most beautiful in USA if you compare the beauty level of the average girls. There is some obesity in smaller towns and suburbs, but it is very rare in urban Midwestern women aged 18-28. How does the average young woman in the Netherlands compare to the average Midwestern woman? Is she better or worse looking? Is there more or less female obesity compared to the Midwest?
Also, the average Midwestern women have the best attitude in USA and are some the most approachable. How do the Dutch young women compare in the aspects of attitude and personality?
For example, Midwestern women are usually not full of themselves, rarely subscribe to the "reality show" culture, and are rarely obsessed with the "selfie" culture. It of course happens with some women aged 18-22, but not as often as elsewhere in USA. How do the women in Netherlands compare? Are they infected with the "reality show" and "selfie taking" cultures? To a greater or lesser extent than in USA?
Had anyone had any experiences with Dutch women?
And since Amsterdam is an international city, there are women from all over the world (eg USA, UK, Eastern Europe, South Korea, China, Japan, etc..) Is there a lot of competition for Eastern European and Asian women in the Netherlands?

Second, how popular are tattoos in Netherlands? More or less than in USA?
If an average young man in a certain country has a neck tattoo or a tattoo on the pecks or a full sleeve tattoo or a combination of all of the above, then the women of this country will expect and require their man to have tattoos. The women then will not tolerate a man without tattoos. This is getting bad everywhere, but in some places, it's slightly better, while in other places, it's worse. How is it in Amsterdam?
I know that Dutch men are extremely tall, so this already add another hurdle to the male competition. But tattoo popularity will be yet another strong factor in the male competition. I tried to look for tattoo statistics, but could never find anything. Maybe you will be able to help me find recent tattoo statistics by country.

Third, how are the quality of air, water, and food in the Netherlands?
I have consistently come across various sources of data that show that Europe is generally much more polluted than USA. Sources like OECD and Figures show higher level of air pollution Apparently, Europeans have a thing or tow learns from Americans in how to look after their environment. However, Netherlands may be one the best places in Europe for high quality air and water.

If anyone on this board had any experience with the Netherlands and living there, please let me know.

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