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German Teacher Love (Issues)

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the European Countries.

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German Teacher Love (Issues)

Post by Master » November 23rd, 2017, 7:09 pm

Okay Ive been wanting to post this for these so called experts. But I thought about not posting it. Now thought otherwise. Its probably too late but still want some feedback. OKay here it is.

Ive been going to learn german to this class. Just to see what hot asses where there, bust I wouldve been gone, Got lucky and found this model looking babe. She is smooking hot on my book. Of course for all y'all high raters she'd probably be a 7. Tons of ugly girls heres so I must give her higher rating. The first day I went gruby. I wasnt expecting much. Then after that I went well dressed. The second day I went up to her and got a good chit-chat but ended it on a professional note thinking others might sense me macking and didnt want to her to know I was coming on so soon. I stopped the next day. The next following days. I went hard consistently going up to her after class and asking her common open question. To which she responded very openly and friendly and personal each time. I noticed nobody ever went up to her in class except me and she didnt seek friendship from none of the students except collegues. I noticed she is extremely open and friendly with the collegues and always seeking them. Since they are all probably gay they dont really care about her and only respond to her after she seeks them. They almost never seek her and never seem to care or be as open as she is with them. I had given up I think because I noticed she never seeked me though she seeks her collegues and because I noticed that she never seemed to look at me in class except when I approached her( in the early days). So I had decided I had no chance. One last time all of a sudden I was feeling good about myself and since I had approached her many times in class before I dont know what got into me and I approached her one last time going all out hoping she would ended it by cutting me off or being expelled. I went up to her to which she responded very friendly. She acted as if she was expecting and accepted me with a beautiful open smile. Everyone was sort of expecting it and I dont know what happened but I went all out. I asked her to got out and she said yes. She asked to learn german almost like to hide to the class I was hitting on her but I hated that idea and I wanted to make it clear that I was interested in her. I said no. To take you out to relax. I'd like to take out to dinner. She said okay. Gave me her facebook. I couldnt believe it and I pushed the idea. I gave her some candy, one that said I loved you and I said it was just candy though I was hoping she got the hint and I hinted to take her home but she said she leaves with her collegues. Okay, so I created a fb since i dont use that fagshit. A nice one just for her and sent her a very cute letter. Stating I created the fb for her. I never have time in class to talk to her and that I know she must be a wonderful person that I would like to get to listen to her delicate thoughts and sensitive feelings. That I would love to listen to her by her side. To name the time and place and I'll be waiting there for her. Then I put in german roses are red, violets are blue, honey is sweet just like you at the end( funny thing is that I wanted to send a lot stronger shit but couldnt find any good ones so i decided to create that one.)

She didnt get the message or responded for like about 4 days. Fb deactivited my account temporary the after i sent it and i sent her a message with another temp account explaining. i got my acount back 3 days after. after the 4th she hadnt responded. since i dont use that dumb shit i thought she had read it and just didnt feel like responding. I cut my internet off for about 10 days. In those 10 days i skipped the next class pissed she didnt respond. i finally went and i noticed she was acting freaked out. like she was pissed and was going to tell me off and didnt know how to. i knew it was cause of me. i figured that honey crap offended her. germans are a different culture and anything freaks them out. I didnt care. I decided not to talk to her that day and waited the next day. the next day she was looking at me more than usual and was kinda friendly from apperance. i went after to her in class and some classmates were talking to her. i waited for them to leave and she gave me a strange look but i wasnt going to leave without talking to her. i starteed talking to her about nonsense stuff we had talked about before to which she seemed she was willing to, and even paused to talk after class but her stupid friends were calling her to leave she cut the convesation and ended it. I was annoyed. The next class I had made it a point to bring up the facebook thing. I approached her after class and asked her how she was feeling. i noticed she was more closed minded than usual. i brought up that i had sent her a message on fb to which she said i had responded. I was surprised, genuinely. She then went on a text book rehearshed speech, I would like to keep the relationship to a student-teacher, I was ready for it but not prepared. I had already made up my mind that if she had said some shit like that was bs and I was going to insist and continue to do so. She said then said I am sorry if i hurt your feelings( she wasnt). I said I needed to see her and she said I already have a boyfriend. To which I weakly said I would like to continue to message you to see how you are doing. she said send the message and i'll respond.

a couple of days later i finally got internet and fb. I noticed the first message she sent was that I was very kind for my message but that she had thought about it would rather keep the relationship student-teacher. but for some stupid reason she said we will go out with the course in the future( i hated that line, its confusing).

Then after that day I had approached her in class where she talked friendly and we were cut off. She again had sent me a message on fb though i hadnt received stating you probably havent gotten my message but again sorry, i'd like to keep the relationship student-teacher, and I have a boyfriend. Again with the stupid line in the future we will go out with the course.

I responded with a long letter. ignoring most of all the crap she said. one i was on vacation and didnt even remember about the messsages. till now. i was hoping she enjoyed her weekend and what places had she likes going to and what places had she gone to.

she didnt respond. i was eager for the next class ready to maul her again!
What happened???? I was surprised. She didnt show up with the excuse that she was sick. Now this is a girl that loves her class and puts the most effort to it more than any student or teacher. I almost can tell she sort of lives for it and dedicates lots of time out of class. I no doubt thought she didnt show up because of me.

I wasnt going to but I felt an obligation to continue to pressure her. I sent more messages. Concerning her health, hoping she got better, if i knew where she lived i'd take her medicine or an apple( in german), i even got the bright idea to sent her a very nice beautiful image of an angel with a get well(in german), i said i hoped to see her in the next class. what happened?? Banned! Hahahhahahhaaa. I couldnt believe it. No response or anything. I was geared to see her again next class though i probably wasnt going to say much or pretended i didnt know she banned me. every time i go to class i expect to get expelled and to be told off. what happened? she didnt show up AGAIN! I dont buy the sick bullshit. she had been sick before and went to class. nothing in this world could stop this girl from attending that class nothing except me.

she proved how strong her feelings were went i saw her that day were i thought she wanted to tell me off. she was shaking, looked like she was ready to toss insults at me, couldnt focus, her eyes all over the place, and she was dropping stuff by accident. the dropping also happeend ironically when she told me in person the text book teacher- student she had rehearsed.

now here is where im at in all of this and certain prespectives.

i of course wouldnt have gotten after her if I had gotten the no interest vibe. she had her chance by turning me down on the fb thing. once she accepted that she was in for it. im the best looking guy in the class by far. the only guys who could be consider good looking or better are probably gay. she doesnt respond to any of the students like she does me. ive noticed she mostly doesnt even look at them or acknowledge them but for some reason whenever we make eye contact there is a story, game going on, there is tension, and there is something behind that look and eyes. i noticed it when i first walked into that class. though she is nice she is not actually personal especially as she was with me when she opened up. everything she does appears like she doesnt care or nonchalant though in reality she does but hides it well. I also never asked her to be my girlfriend though she brought that up. i never specially said i liked her though she knows obvviously. i had wanted to take it to much higher levels, actually telling her how beautiful she was and how much i admired her but i could never do it. i sensed she got the idea though i never actually told her. i specifically dont know what made her change her mind. now ive thought maybe i came way too strong and it created a cultural clash for her but i dont care. im fine with that. im not going to back down or off. ive decided im going to go after her till the end though right now i dont know how to. ive come to several conclusions. shes dead poor and is from a very conservative part of germany. she has never had a strong come on to her let alone hit on her especially in the aggressive way i have. shes very immature. shes cold, boring, and fearful. probably nonromantic. I also have thought about that shes never had a boyfriend and its a virgen. Now as for me, I am very attracted towards her, she is very pretty, the type of girl that would be good for a girlfriend. Ive made my point across already. I just need to know how to get to her.

As long as this story is I wanted to keep it much shorter but as I started writing it i kept going. There is plenty of details i left out to keep it short. If anybody has any questions I would be more than happy to provide. All advices are welcomed.
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