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2 Asian guys say they didn't need 'game' in Europe!

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2 Asian guys say they didn't need 'game' in Europe!

Post by Winston » October 11th, 2009, 9:55 am

Here are two Asian guys who say that they did not need "game" in Europe!

Unfortunately though, since this is on AsianPlayBoy's blog, he dismissed this and said that you did need game in Europe, cause of course, he sells PUA seminars and bootcamps teaching Asian guys how to get "game" and PUA techniques. Thus he has a vested interest in promoting the idea that you need "game" wherever you go in the world to get chicks. Is that messed up or what?

Here are the testimonies. ... ayboy.html
Asian Playboy, I was reading your blog and had a question. Would you agree that it is not even worth trying pick up white girls in California?

What I mean is that the effort is not even worth the benefit.When I was in Europe, I had sex with a girl in Berlin and kissed several other girls in some hostels I stayed it.

It was not easy but it was not hard either. It just felt natural because the girls liked me, and I could tell they liked me. Here in California, I just think the overall environment is very negative for Asian guys.

I don't think it's even worth going through all the effort just to get a kiss here, or sex there. I think it's better to just leave California altogether where Asian guys are more respected. That to me means Europe!
One question I had while researching it was the lack of information on the subtleties regarding being an Asian man. Well, damn good to find it here. I do have to say that while in California I had next to nil luck, but was able to score SO MUCH better(tho unfortunately I ain't headed back to CA with a hot euro babe in tow) while on my 8 month stint here in Europe. While in London I've seen a handful of AM/HotWF couples, which made me think the game's much more favorable here. Sure, you still have to have game, but why bother with playing it on dirt when you can have a plush astroturf? If relocating is an option, go ahead!
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