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Lithuania/Finland/Estonia Trip Report by Asian PUA

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the European Countries.

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Lithuania/Finland/Estonia Trip Report by Asian PUA

Post by Winston » February 23rd, 2010, 4:05 pm

Here is an interesting trip report of Lithuania, Finland and Estonia that I found on an Asian PUA site. Some of it sounds contrived though, especially the part about Finnish girls physically dragging you with them if they want you. Finnish girls are very reserved and I can't imagine them doing that. It sounds exaggerated, so I wonder if this is another case of a guy bragging and exaggerating his trip report.

What do you think? ... =22&t=4219

So I am on the last night of my 10 day trip to Lithuania, Finland, and Estonia (in that order). Overall I would strongly suggest that you guys do this trip, except not during the time I did. I went during the Christmas and New Year's holidays, which was bad for several reasons: first, all the young poon is either traveling or doing family shit, so your talent pool is limited (except in Helsinki).

Either way it was good. Unfortunately I got sick halfway into my trip (Helsinki) because of nonstop binge drinking during Christmas time. Naturally this messed up my trip. During the rest of the time I was traveling I was getting tons of club makeouts but didn't manage to pull to the hotel.

Four times I was actively bringing a chick home when something got messed up somehow. You will definitely not have difficulties - all these girls speak English and are looking for it. The thing is, you need a legitimate reason to be in the country besides "I am looking for eastern euro poonski."

I told everyone that my school paid for me to come and do research on energy management in the Baltics, which went over really well. I felt like a rockstar.


Cheapest by far of the three - if you're going to the Baltics, definitely hit this place up. You can really see the entire city in a day, so dont come here if you're just doing tourism. Good spot for poon though. Logistics are easy because everything is a walk away from the old town and the guy-girl ratio is fantastic. If you are not white, watch out for Russians, they will occasionally attack you.


Expensive as shit. Try to crash at someone's crib if you can. Girls here are extremely aggressive if they like you -I had girls grabbing my hand and dragging my across the room - like nothing I'd even seen before. Unfortunately, due to the holidays, things were not as bumping as they should have been. The girls are mostly blond and very pretty, but you will definitely see more fatties here.


The girls here are omg hot. Every girl and her mother is bangable. However, they are getting used to foreigners coming to bang chicks so the foreign novelty factor goes down. Regardless, girls are in high supply and looking for it, so you shoudlnt have a problem as long as you dont have a fever or aren't getting attacked by neo nazis.

Seriously, hottest girls I've seen in my life (I have never been to Argentina to Brazil). I was hitting on a hottie in my hostel, then realized she was the cleaning lady. Then thought about it, kept hitting on her, but then stopped lol.

All three were solid. Helsinki is good if you have extreme approach anxiety and want an aggressive woman to tell you what to do. I'm not really into that, but to each his own.



Here's a post I wrote on my blog comparing French, Finnish, and Lithuanian women. Enjoy.


FRENCH - Peacoat, skinny black jeans, scarf, matching winter cap. Smokes a lot.

FINNISH - Big parka over a graphic tee or tube top. Tight dark jeans and heels, hoop earrings and funky nail polish.

LITHUANIAN - Like Finnish except more jewelry and less makeup.



FRENCH - Sips on a glass of wine for two hours

FINNISH - Does a jagerbomb and then forces feeds you a jagerbomb

LITHUANIAN - Waits to see if you are going to buy her a drink, then orders a vodka tonic.



FRENCH - Sways and hops a bit to house music. Squeals and goes nuts when she hears David Guetta. No grinding.

FINNISH - Grinds you harder than an American girl and nearly gives you a hernia. Unpleasant, probably what it is like to dance with a drunk rugby player.

LITHUANIAN - Graceful and not trashy. No hernias. Can dance to a wider variety of music and look good doing so.



FRENCH: "Je ne parle pas l'anglais. Ou viens vous?"

FINNISH: "Do you have a girlfriend?"

LITHUANIAN: Stares at you because she has never seen an Asian person before.

WINNER: LITHUANIAN (because it's just so entertaining)


FRENCH: Don't speak English, don't want to speak English, and will get frustrated trying.

FINNISH: Flawless English.

LITHUANIAN: Most speak English.



FRENCH: Always pick up calls, sometimes texts

FINNISH: Always answer texts, sometimes calls

LITHUANIAN: Sometimes answer calls, usually answer texts



FRENCH: "Wow, this girl is really stylish."

FINNISH: "Wow, this girl is drunk."

LITHUANIAN: "Wow, she is beautiful. I wonder if she is dating a Russian skinhead."



FRENCH: Too diverse to generalize. Overall shorter and skinnier than other European women.

FINNISH: Medium height and curvy.

LITHUANIAN: Tall, lean, modelesque



FRENCH: Don't wear as much makeup, much more natural. Messy hair but unbeatable style.

FINNISH: Cute round faces and ultra blond hair.

LITHUANIAN: Almost every girl I saw could be a model.



Before I explain why the French won, I have to assert that while I was in Finland and Lithuania, I have never seen so many beautiful women in such a short period of time in my life. Almost every woman was a stunner.

French women have the class, the style, the beauty, the wit, the charm, and the very low possibility that I have to brawl with a neo-nazi. In addition to this, France is so diverse that you can really find any kind of girl you want and it would count as French. Like being in some sort of sexy buffet.
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