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me Kuwaiti girl chatting with an iraqi butterfly girl

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me Kuwaiti girl chatting with an iraqi butterfly girl

Post by Storm11_girl » March 25th, 2012, 11:43 am

kuwaiti_girl: have you thought of writing a book?

iraqibutterfly: i hope u would change my idea about kuwait

iraqibutterfly: no

kuwaiti_girl: ?

kuwaiti_girl: what do u mean?

iraqibutterfly: u want the truth sister?

kuwaiti_girl: i know about the dirty politcs abou the 80's and 90s

iraqibutterfly: i don't like kuwait

kuwaiti_girl: nobody likes any country lol

iraqibutterfly: kuwait is the main cause of all that is happened to us

kuwaiti_girl: how?

iraqibutterfly: it was your leaders who asked for help from america

kuwaiti_girl: why?

iraqibutterfly: they brought occupation to us and cause killing to their brothers in iraq

kuwaiti_girl: why did we ask helpfrom america?

kuwaiti_girl: that must be a hard question ?

iraqibutterfly: cause our troops ocupied ur country

iraqibutterfly: i know

iraqibutterfly: but is it true to ask america ?

iraqibutterfly: u gave them the chance to controll the erea

iraqibutterfly: area*

iraqibutterfly: we were brothers ,right ?

iraqibutterfly: we can solve our problems togather

kuwaiti_girl: ofcourse we are brothers , we dont fight

iraqibutterfly: لماذا نتخذ الكافرين اولياء من دون المسلمين؟

kuwaiti_girl: a muslim brother never harms his muslim brother

kuwaiti_girl: right?

iraqibutterfly: yes right

iraqibutterfly: but ask me why iraq fight u

iraqibutterfly: may be coz u r young ,don't know the truth

kuwaiti_girl: i know the truth by studying and deep thinking

kuwaiti_girl: he wanted the oil

kuwaiti_girl: and more land

kuwaiti_girl: he ent his troops to occupy ours and kill people

kuwaiti_girl: so u think its ok to kill other people but ur people is not ok?

kuwaiti_girl: kama to deen to dan

iraqibutterfly: no dear ,i don't like anyone who kill

kuwaiti_girl: then why kill our people?

iraqibutterfly: do u know that ur leaders make the price of oil equalls the price of torab

iraqibutterfly: we were just coming out of a destructive war with iran and inneed of rebuilding our country and improve the economic

kuwaiti_girl: the weapons are brought from america and the weapons are expensive

kuwaiti_girl: so u had to burrow money from not only kuwait also saudi arabia

kuwaiti_girl: u paid debt to saudi and now us which is left , but instead of paying u attacked

kuwaiti_girl: not only america defended us also saudi arabia and othe arab countries even asia and west europe

iraqibutterfly: u r convinced in what ur leaders told u

kuwaiti_girl: then what is it u want to say?iraqibutterfly: i mean ur leaders were not fair in dealing with us

kuwaiti_girl: u paid debt to saudi and now us which is left , but instead of paying u attacked

kuwaiti_girl: not only america defended us also saudi arabia and othe arab countries even asia and west europe

iraqibutterfly: u r convinced in what ur leaders told u

kuwaiti_girl: then what is it u want to say?

iraqibutterfly: i mean ur leaders were not fair in dealing with us

kuwaiti_girl: how?

iraqibutterfly: our war with iran was to defend all gulf countries not only iraq

kuwaiti_girl: i know that iran causes alot of trouble

kuwaiti_girl: but that does'nt give iraq an excuse to harm kuwait

iraqibutterfly: what if kuwait challange and want to destroy our economic

kuwaiti_girl: how do we challange?

kuwaiti_girl: how do we destroy ur economic?


kuwaiti_girl: how can u tell if its cheap ?

kuwaiti_girl: so if i sell cheap rice . does this give u excuse to attack my shop?

iraqibutterfly: when it is meant to be after war ,then it is meant to harm us

kuwaiti_girl: i c , how come u don't tell that to saudi arabia to increase the prices?

iraqibutterfly: can i ask u a question plz?

kuwaiti_girl: sure

iraqibutterfly: can u defend ur country now if iran attack u ?

kuwaiti_girl: yes we can , we are members of the GCC

kuwaiti_girl: when all arab countries unite and fight against the enemy

iraqibutterfly: well we wish that dear ,u r our brothers

kuwaiti_girl: yes , and a muslim brother does not harm his muslim brother

iraqibutterfly: but kuwait hurted us and we r muslims ,american troops killed civilians not politicians

kuwaiti_girl: iraq killed our civilians too

kuwaiti_girl: even stole alot of personal belongs from civilians too

iraqibutterfly: to tell u from my point of view ,iam not with the harm of anybody ,i hate wars and killing .it destroyed our lives and took our dearest people

kuwaiti_girl: thats what we felt this way first when a giant attacked us

kuwaiti_girl: but the lesson will stop when a person learns from the mistake


kuwaiti_girl: so.... did u change ur mind about kuwait then?

iraqibutterfly: WALLAH ya okhtee ahna aslan kolnadahaia lil hokam alfasdon

kuwaiti_girl: u dont know anything about shiekhs , only the elected leaders are the problem

iraqibutterfly: iran would not leave u safe ,believe me .and u will remember me later

kuwaiti_girl: i know iran is having spies and causing futna

kuwaiti_girl: people have to thinking on planing on what to do for protection

iraqibutterfly: i hope u would be able to protect yourself when iraq is so weak

kuwaiti_girl: ........ the GCC countries will be there , and lets not forget asia

iraqibutterfly: how did u feel when u saw iraqis die everyday in hundereds ,did u feel sorry?

kuwaiti_girl: we are kuwaitis , we may feel angry about what happened to us but we still have a big heart , we gave donations though

kuwaiti_girl: but how do u fee when u saw kuwaitis die from iraqi soldiers shooting at children also?

kuwaiti_girl: feel*

iraqibutterfly: wallah u might not believe me ,but wallah we don't know that

iraqibutterfly: again i want to clarify iam against the harm to anybody and even to animals

kuwaiti_girl: ur telling me that iraq did'nt know they went to war with kuwait?

kuwaiti_girl: even though i saw picture and iraqi people saying kuwait is ours

iraqibutterfly: in history yes

iraqibutterfly: history said that kuwait is part from iraq

kuwaiti_girl: thats why the attack happened then ?

kuwaiti_girl: do we have the same lahjah

iraqibutterfly: no , we were very close countries to each other ,remember?

kuwaiti_girl: i know lol

iraqibutterfly: yes we do

kuwaiti_girl: even the egyptian , lebanese and syrian lahjah?

iraqibutterfly: yes we r all arabs ,so we have the same dialect

iraqibutterfly: but in lahja we r very close to kuwait

kuwaiti_girl: not really

kuwaiti_girl: all arabs can tell by the lahjah

kuwaiti_girl: we speak arabic but its the accents which are different

iraqibutterfly: i think iraqi lahja is very close to kuwait

kuwaiti_girl: if u talk to a kuwaiti in arabic there will be a big differencekuwaiti_girl: and we can spot that

iraqibutterfly: may be ,but i can't see any differences

kuwaiti_girl: then thats not my problem if u speak and they spot it

iraqibutterfly: now how do u feel to me hatred ,liking or what? honestly

kuwaiti_girl: no not really i don't hate u , i read alot about history and politics and i can tell who is lying or telling the truth

kuwaiti_girl: its just that u need to learn from alot of people then use ur own judgement

kuwaiti_girl: for example u said u hate kuwait because they asked help from america

kuwaiti_girl: but when i asked why u said that iraq occupied

kuwaiti_girl: to me you sounded more selfish

iraqibutterfly: hahahah i have never been selfish ,but it is natural for anybody to defend their countries

kuwaiti_girl: i know its naturally like that hahaha , but i do notice

iraqibutterfly: really?

iraqibutterfly: well i like iraq more than my soul

kuwaiti_girl: i c

iraqibutterfly: sorry connecton failed

kuwaiti_girl: ok

kuwaiti_girl: wat u wanted to say?

iraqibutterfly: that is all i wanted to say sister

talking to her made me think about them no longer changing , because i thought the lower educated will say this way but the thing is she told me she's a teacher , so this to me will be a problem to have a conversation with anybody who will think logicly and clearer.

i just hope things for the best for everybody in a good way.

i showed this to my sister lol and she read only the half of it and said do'nt talk about politics anymore cause of third party might be watching , lol

note": i was in a hurry to go bye

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