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British Academia -- Homosexual/Feminist Propaganda Machine

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British Academia -- Homosexual/Feminist Propaganda Machine

Post by PeterAndrewNolan » May 11th, 2012, 1:30 pm

This looks like it belongs here. It is from Henrys site but I cant find a direct link.

May 5, 2012

British Academia -- Feminist/Homosexual Propaganda Machine by Alan

At some point in my life, when accomplished most of what I wanted to and done more than the majority of men would do in a life time, I decided to go for another ride, this time following a different path. I enrolled as a mature student at one of the UK's "best" (as far as their PRs want us to believe) and modern University in the country. The course chosen is a 3-year combined degree in Archaeology and Anthropology, which I wanted to undertake at a undergraduate level in order to receive a proper "imprinting", ... at least that is what I thought.

Well, after attending few lectures I soon realized that Archaeology had been replaced by Anthropology and that Anthropology was just another name for Sociology there. Every single module carried an embedded minimum of 70% syllabus of sex and gender topics, and the all joint degree seems now clear to me to be a mere propaganda of the very Feminist party that I later discovered to be "running" the academic institution.

85% of my lecturers and professors are females and openly feminist (most of which homosexual), and quite frankly highly unprofessional, inexperienced and, I regret to say, incompetent. 70% to 80% of the male lecturers are homosexual.

I honestly do not believe in assessing a professional performance by the sexual orientation of the performer, and I want to make clear here that I have never discriminated anyone for their sexual or gender preference.
I have to admit though that there is an ongoing discrimination at my current university when selecting and promoting personnel (I have applied for many positions and never got a single interview or call back.. and and believe to hold and incredible resume..

(left, Male or female? Neither. British professor.)

I worked for the last 15 years in four different continents and 10 different countries..I speak 5 languages besides my own.. I am Italian btw..), giving grades and scholarships, towards non-feminists, heterosexuals, and non-British students.

The modules of Social Anthropology and Biological Anthropology appear now to me to have been blatantly structured for the purpose of a massive brainwashing that has, still is, and will continue to target young students, the very new generation of citizens in the country.

It doesn't come with a surprise the fact that this institution openly promotes itself to overseas and European students, and has developed many partnerships with other universities worldwide (it has even nicknamed itself "the European University").

When I confronted faculty, I only succeeded in having them blatantly admit the fact that the university was run by feminists and ( I am not making this up) in making them laugh.

Bottom line, I lately developed a strange alienation towards people and especially women (which I previously never had..) at a point were I now feel less involved in socializing with the other sex and frankly even less attracted by them. Furthermore, I observed amongst my younger male colleagues on campus (where I decided to live for the semesters) a similar attitude.


Not so much after reading what you write on the subject, what I like to define as the "social behavior modification in the relationship between man and women" operated and orchestrated by the central power, the so called "elite".

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