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Primary Sources of Indoctrination in America

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Primary Sources of Indoctrination in America

Post by Aron » July 5th, 2018, 1:57 am

This is going to be a bit of a long rant but I will do my best to include informative links where possible and get through all the important points to how the average American's getting indoctrinated and what they could know to free themselves from this.

Indoctrination Layer 1: Religion
Religious indoctrination is a huge issue in America and elsewhere in the world. It's often a weekly issue where people go to hear how they should obey a totalitarian God at church. Since logical thinking leads people to discover that they are in cognitive dissonance and are ignoring obvious huge problems in Christianity, religion is essentially a significant IQ nerf to the populace that's not only lowering their overall thinking ability but easily making them accept indoctrination in other areas of society. After all, if a totalitarian God is good, you can't immediately then reject authoritarian control in other areas of your life without leading yourself to the realization of how flawed your religion is. Or if people do get out of it, they fall into the issues associated with atheism, mainly massive ignorance of the abundance of verified evidence proving the paranormal to be actually true. IMO this leads them to just like the Christians and others try to escape their cognitive dissonance of their beliefs through distractions since as far as they can tell further pursuit of truth would just lead them into further unhappiness.

Indoctrination Layer 2: Education

The average American is also going to get pressured into being an obedient slave via his or her lovely experience in the education system. As everyone learns in school the main value of school work is obedience not creativity or actually accomplishing anything actually important. Due to the school system's need to keep students constantly busy the quality of work created inevitably becomes low as it exists just to occupy time not to actually inform, while the student's actual learning is mostly hindered. If they liked the subject in the first place, they soon won't as they are continuously forced to do it in an un-applied way with no connection to the world or anything important. As education researcher Alfie Kohn goes over in an informative video on youtube:

A more famous example discussing how schools kill the creativity of students is Ken Robinson in his famous TED talk, "Do Schools Kill Creativity?"
Intrinsic motivation runs counter to the totalitarian control enforced by schooling and is mostly undermined by it.
For more information on the many ways in which students are indoctrinated in school you may want to see some more work by Alfie Kohn on issues including the way schools handle standardized testing, manipulate students via grades, and occupy even out of school time via usually pointless homework. And it's not like these are unfixable issues, there are several steps possible to take to fix them such as transitioning over to eliminating grades and test as well as instead providing far more detailed evaluations of students rather than grades, detailing their full progress in learning so far, the actual skills they acquired from their classes, etc.
Here are the videos:

However issues in education can't be fully understood without the full context of core structural problems in the modern economy which ultimately create and reinforce these problems in the first place. Which leads to the most important layer IMO, work and the economy in general.

Indoctrination Layer 3: Work+Capitalism Overall

Obviously with work people are very much pushed into an obedient role and have no choice but to do so for the most part. Exceptions like generating passive online or trying to start your own business exist but the bottom line is most people are stuck into a job and are often just living paycheck to paycheck as debt-slaves. To really explain the issue of debt-slavery overall I'd recommend anyone who hasn't seen them yet to watch these two extremely informative documentaries on the nature of the economic system, Zeitgeist:Addendum and Zeitgeist:Moving Forward.

In a nutshell, modern capitalism is mostly concerned with churning out new products on a regular basis regardless of social and environmental cost so the companies manufacturing them keep a steady profit margin, regardless of how structurally incompetent it is at fulfilling any human needs. Profit absolutely mandates continuous cyclical consumption, this is why you see a new line up of phones cars and etc every year rather than any companies trying to make one that will satisfy needs for decades. This is even a big reason for war as war generates profit in the arms industry and the construction industry as the devastated countries now need to pay for someone to rebuild their destroyed infrastructure.

I'll include an important disclaimer since some people would jump to an accusation of this being Communism. Communism historically was basically just a movement to get the populace in an area to give up their power to a group which would promise to bring some free anarchist society of abundance after taking over all their infrastructure and factories in a communist 'worker's state'. Obviously communists did not give a shit about the people in reality, and just used the ideology to delude people into giving up their power. I don't agree with that and neither does TZM, it's an open source movement designed to build essentially an 'anarcho-technocracy' prioritizing individual well being where the society does not have some top down structure and instead all production, farming, etc is localized as much as possible so people have as much independence as possible. This is also extremely efficient compared to the modern world where we transport the average piece of food across ludicrous numbers of miles before it reaches a consumer, wasting huge amounts of oil and energy. A good example of open source would be how LInux is an open source operating system where anyone can freely share the code and their developments with no copyright.

For those who wish to read more about TZM as well as some of its proposed ideas for transitioning to a more sensible resource based economy I'd recommend you read the completely free online PDF, The Zeitgeist Movement Defined. ... _Final.pdf

Also Peter Joseph produced a very informative new book, "The New Human Rights Movement: Reinventing the Economy to End Oppression" although unlike TZM defined it does actually cost money to get a copy.

TLDR, we have more than enough resources and tech to transition to a steady state civilization and effectively create an abundance to satisfy human needs. Transition is not so impossible as you might think and is getting easier as technology improves. The internet is an obvious example where communication is essentially free and no longer has cost, the same goes with reproducing any online information including software if not for the capitalist-imposed copyright laws that restrain efficiency in science.

Innovations in indoor aeroponic and hydroponic farming are pretty critical here. Both are soil-less and only require having enough energy to run the artificial lighting for the most part as the main cost, most especially with vertical farms. Vertical farming is one way a city could be entirely self-sufficient for its own food not dependent on issues with big land space requirements or environmental conditions affecting the crops or pesticides being necessary as with standard farms.
Here's an article about vertical farming: ... revolution
Notable statistic in the article, it's 70 times more efficient in overall land space usage required, although there are limits within the current economic system in its possible viability economically. Regardless, it's a clear vast improvement in technical efficiency compared to land farming.

Also lab-grown meat is a science that has already produced some results and when fully refined could even solve the issue of the vast land space required for getting meat, it's more efficient too in resource cost. If you want to see a company that is innovating this look up Memphis Meats.

Indoctrination Layer 4: Mass Media
After everyone returns from work or school and their daily dose of authoritarian indoctrination therein they sit down for some TV or a movie at home. Through the media, most especially the news, they get brainwashed into believing it's good for them to not control anything important in their lives, or for them to work a meaningless job for shit pay as many Americans do. They learn that inefficient competition is good to promote economic growth(read:maintaining cyclical consumption of whatever product the corporations can think up to keep capitalism going a little longer) and that the public must submit to government authority no matter what. If you don't want to force your kids to get vaccines against their will you're a child abuser and want a plague, and if you don't want any kids to get brutally circumcised against their will then you're an Anti-Semite. If you don't support gun control you obviously support mass shootings.

Meanwhile the conservatives play into the indoctrination of a false dichotomy as well where both sides are just part of the same coin, being told to submit to God under their religious beliefs or support the dictatorial model of the Corporation at work.

And when people watch this news or some badly made cartoon/reality TV show/etc designed to dumb them down or indoctrinate them, every so often they get to see an advertisement designed to create many artificial wants in them by manipulatory strategies like making them feel inadequate or promising how much their neighbors/friends will be jealous of them if they buy X good and so on. None of it is really about serving people's needs.

Note:Thanks to Contrarian Expatriate for giving the idea to mention this layer of indoctrination.


Much of the current economic and social paradigm is obsolete and very harmful. There are a great number of steps towards fixing this, one of the most important being getting people out of their indoctrination with religion and authoritarian indoctrination in general including in education and the economic system's general foundation in top-down systems. This site already covers a lot of these issues so I doubt this is all new, but I hope my general summary was informative in some way.
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