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Reasons to not date or marry an vietnamese woman in america

Discuss what's wrong with American women. Share problems, experiences and stories about them and why they suck so bad that you've had to resort to dating abroad and foreign women.

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Re: Reasons to not date or marry an vietnamese woman in america

Post by Adama » March 27th, 2018, 5:51 am

The problem is that in Anglo countries women's status is exalted far above men. They've set women way up, so far above men on pedestals that most women cannot be reached. In other words, their status and their heads are in the clouds (the heavens), so far above men. In other words, in Anglo countries, women are regarded as gods. They are set on high, like God is above man.

If the woman is not grounded in reality, or if she is greedy for self glorification or if she loves herself way too much, then she is or may become one of these evil, lying, corrupt women who are hard to deal with in every way. They are stuck up, conceited, and arrogant, and they only live to please their egos; to feed their self-love. They seek out opportunities to inflate (to the heavens) their egos because of their overwhelming self love. In other words, their every action is meant to extract worship from men. In return, they will either give nothing, or they will give a form cruelty.

And the amount of worship they desire is unending like a black hole. They will always be on the quest for self glory, and there will never be enough.

That's what American and Anglo culture and to a lesser extent, Western culture is for women, and that's how it ruins them.

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Re: Reasons to not date or marry an vietnamese woman in america

Post by JesseL26 » March 27th, 2018, 6:07 am

Indeed my friend.

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Re: Reasons to not date or marry an vietnamese woman in america

Post by Mercury » March 29th, 2018, 5:28 pm

jacobnguyensanjose wrote:
September 4th, 2015, 7:52 am
I just want to share with you all of my experiences in the past with vietnamese women in america. I am a vietnamese american man and I am just tired and fed up with both vietnamese american women and american women. All of them rejected me and called me all sorts of names and say that I am too ugly. One vietnamese american girl named nina actually was brutal to me and told me that she didn't like guys like me who work a minimum wage job and failed college due to a learning disability and says that she prefers some guy with a college degree. I believe that it is feminism that is ruining women in america and many of my friends don't agree with me. They all think that the dating life in america is so great when it is not. American women seem to be so stuck up and snobby. All of my friends criticize me because I am going off to vietnam to meet a couple of ladies who I am being introduced to and I am going to end up marrying one of them. One of my friends is mad at me and prefers me to marry an american Caucasian woman instead. I only have one supportive friend who is supportive of me going to vietnam to find someone. I am tired of it and I gave up on women in america. Seems like all women in america are too shallow and wants someone with a college degree rather than a nice and sweet and caring guy who works at mcdonalds and would seriously do anything for love.
Welcome to the devil's dungeon.

Women in America are not really shallow, they are materialistic. And they themselves are toxic. And in America, even foreign born women are brainwashed and trained to be strictly materialistic and only want someone with a big, expensive, loud, souped up luxury sports car and a massive luxury McMansion complete with a heated indoor swimming pool, several hot tubs, movie theater, bowling alley, and a perimeter wall with a gated entrance and also located in a gated community.

Loving a guy strictly for his physical appearance is being shallow. Loving a guy for what he has is being materialistic.

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