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The biggest piece of AW shit ever (online profile)

Discuss what's wrong with American women. Share problems, experiences and stories about them and why they suck so bad that you've had to resort to dating abroad and foreign women.

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Post by green1976 » January 16th, 2012, 12:06 pm

Her market value is OVERPRICED for what she offers. There's definitely something wrong with that. To put it analogously: no guy in their right mind would overpay on a piece of overrated, million dollar real estate like her when you can get better in every respect across the board for $250k. There is a difference between self-confidence that is attractive, and self-confidence that is a TURN OFF. It comes down to individual perception here, yes. You may find it attractive. I don't. Loud, boisterous, self-entitled and over the top "the world owes me everything" arrogance (like her) is not attractive. Inner strength and peace with who you are as you walk through this world IS. I have a right to my own perceptions as I see them based on how the reality sets up.

The tragedy of the story,the sickness of our society is that this trash get away with her disgusting behavior and have a free pass because she is a female with a p***y.

We could say everything,talking shit about her but she has a lot more value socially especially in the dating scene and can be whatever she want, giving the fact she shows her body and this make her already high on the market.

She plays with that and get a boost of confidence each time a man spit to her and say"you're a whore,you deserve shit,you are a stupid egocentric person overrated..."

This type or personality live like a vampire and love to provoke males knowing she has the upper hand showing off provoking the testosterone crowd.

Our societies give to these character a free pass,she is modern,empowering,"free woman"and her profile is totally inundated by males who want to f**k with here,love her,hate her,despise her,wank on her and so on..

She knows she have the spotlight and males cannot do anything.

She have a cohort of dick and moron dickhead when she want compared to a regular intelligent ethical guy who can put a profile on the internet and he will be all his life alone for sure, having a boring and sad life as a result.

For the minority who won't touch her,the vast majority given the occasion would f**k her and play the lackey in a second.

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