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No Doubt About It...

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Mr S
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No Doubt About It...

Post by Mr S » December 1st, 2007, 2:04 pm

I've been living in Asia for over four years now, a majority of those years in the Philippines.

Yes, Philippines and a high percentage of Asia in general is a western mans wet dream come true.

I've seen guys in guys well past their prime, in wheel chairs, canes, etc get decent looking younger local chicks to be their GF or whatever they want them for...

If you are younger (under 50) and keep yourself in decent shape you can probably get physical specimens that would, on a scale of 1-10, be anywhere from a 7 and above, quite easily in-fact!

On the other hand, the major question is how educated is she and can she do anything other then provide companionship, clean, cook and make babies? Most of the girls fall into that category. If you don't mind being the the main breadwinner and all that's involved with that then a Philippine GF is perfect for you. You can also find educated girls as well but it's much harder to get with them since they typically come from well-off families and have a bit of a mixed local/westernized attitude. So your relationship would probably be closer to how it would be in the states except there would be less BS then normal. A couple of my professional friends have married or are in a relationship with a "good, educated girl" and they seem to be p***y-whipped to some degree. but i guess that comes with the territory with educated woman in most cases that are hot looking and have other options in men if they choose.

Personally Filipinas are not for me in regards to marriage or long-term relationships; but I can appreciate why western men would be attracted to them and want to have a long term relationship with them. They can be fun and very loyal if you find the right one.

Just remember like all woman they look hot under 30 or if they have not had a kid. But once they hit their expiration date or have children you need to really think can this woman keep my interest in the long run after her looks go? I think most guys only think of the short term beauty of getting a hot girl who is under 25 but don't think of the long term consequences of the relationship. That's why most of the guys stay in the Philippines (or Thailand) cause they get bored with the "hot" girl they once married but now looks less than desirable. They can't carry a normal conversation with them cause of their limited English and education so they stay in the "bar" culture with all the other whoremongers who are addicted to cheap beer and young girls. This way they can make friends with other westerners and not feel so lost from their cultural origins. Also they can find ways to have guilt-less sex without having to worry about the consequences of a western style divorce and what comes with all that headache.

Basically the Philippines and it's woman are what you make of it. If you like Asian looking woman, Filipinas generally have better attitudes and looks when compared to the average western woman. There are not all positives about them, but their characteristics probably far-outweigh the negatives of being with a western woman for the most part.

If you want to find an educated, hot woman who could be successful in the right circumstances that would have a mixed SE Asia and Chinese look I would try Vietnam. Most of the population is educated, woman are just as hot as the Philippines and they are more motivated in life to succeed then Filipinos. Vietnamese are more serious about things, Filipinos generally only live in the present and have little concept of future ramifications of poor life planning.

I was planning on moving there before being offered a working position in the Philippines, as I thought this would be the most advantageous place to live and work in relation to economics and available woman. I had visited and done a lot of research about the country before getting detoured unexpectedly. :wink:
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