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Befriending the better FW on Facebook or Friendster

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Befriending the better FW on Facebook or Friendster

Post by publicduende » April 13th, 2012, 1:32 am

Hi guys,

Apologies if this has already been discussed in the forum before. I was just going through my Facebook friend list, which includes 5 or 6 Filipino girls, and even a couple of Filipino men (well, one of whom being one of the girls' big brother).
Some of you have been complaining about your average Filipino (online or offline) date being average looking and/or not-so-smart, perhaps lacking a good command of English and/or decent school qualifications. Well, it just struck me that despite pouring exactly zero effort in looking for Filipino female friends on Facebook, or any other social networks for that matter, I currently have the following:

- 22 years old from Manila, last year of nursing school is what I believe is a good university, almost definitely middle class judging from her photos and comments;
- 27 years from Davao, a real cutie, another qualified nurse, who has worked as a nurse in the Philippines and as a kindergarden teacher in Jakarta and Singapore, as well as the Philippines, so relatively well-traveled (and I assume it quite rare for Filipino women to obtain a work Visa, even for SEA countries); I often exchange a few lines with this young lady, and she's absolutely lovely...and single :) ;
- a 26 years old, I think originally from Northern Samar, and owner of absolutely one of the most beautiful Asian faces I have ever seen in my life: perfectly round face, Western nose, slightly tanned, smooth skin and the deepest green eyes ever to grace a Pinay. Unfortunately this one is married, with a young Dutch businessman with a Harvard MBA. I think she did a private college too...and with that kind of husband I don't believe she will ever need to work. In fact some of her FB photos show her strolling along catwalk at some modeling events or contests. I also talk to this lovely couple. I actually got in touch with the lady's husband out of cusiosity, as he is co-CEO of an outsourced services company in Manila and I was then toying with the idea of setting up an outsourced software company somewhere in SEA or Colombia. I obviously could not resist chatting to his fiance/wife and adding her to my network;
- 3 random girls whose looks must have struck me at some point; each of them is a FB friend of one of the three above; given I never talked to either of them, I find it quite nice that they added me to their network just because we had a friend in common.

I think it's enough information to get me to the point: considering that most lower-class Filipinas won't have much time to spend in front of Facebook or Friendster, perhaps because they're working most of the day and/or don't have a personal PC connected to the Internet, am I safe to assume it's easier to find middle class, better-educated, smarter and overall better all-round Filipino potential partners on social networks?

Perhaps a good approach could be to find one intelligent, cute and well-educated middle class Filipino girl, maybe even one who's already engaged or not interested in you, and then scan her network for any of their female friends who might be of interest. I was just randomly clicking around to check and it seems most of them tend to have their photo albums public. Judging from what happened to me, I would assume very few would say no to adding you to their networks. When that happens, I guess one could tap a potential large network of "better" Filipinas, many of whom aren't even registered on dating sites...

And that's precisely the second point: since the friendship will be developing in a non-dating context, it would be probably easier to assume the woman won't have an urge to look for foreign romance out of financial need. In such context, it would be probably easier to tell whether the young woman has a genuine interest in a relationship that is based on a more traditional, thus more believable progression: curiosity, friendship, affinity, emotional proximity, and then possibly more.

All in all, I have always thought it to be more exciting to get to know somebody without the "spoiler" of either or both parties being there for romance. It doesn't assume any other need than that of being curious about each other and then see how it can go.

Last point popping to mind: I was just looking through these girls' profiles right now, and it kind of intrigues me to be browsing through their photos and public information. One can see where they live, what kind of friends and family they visit, their favourite hobbies, places of vacation, schools and workplace etc. With the wide range of information available, it seems to me so much easier to build a credible profile of the person in question, while of course they will be able to do the same with you (provided none of you has anything to hide :) )

I am happily married and have no interest in pursuing this further, yet thought it could share this passing thought with you guys. What do you think?

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Post by Raja » April 13th, 2012, 3:24 am

On the pro side you are more likely to find a real person.

The con is that she is not interested in chatting with you, accepting you as a friend just makes her look popular because she has so many friends. Any chatting will be on the public board for all to see

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Post by xiongmao » April 15th, 2012, 8:49 pm

Single Filipinas have one purpose on Facebook - to find rich husbands! I've seen them work my friends lists - they're very good at finding eligible bachelors...
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