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How do Filipina cam girls get so much free money?! Unfair?

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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How do Filipina cam girls get so much free money?! Unfair?

Postby Winston » December 28th, 2007, 1:23 pm

How do Filipina cam girls get so much free money?! It doesn’t seem fair

Dear all,
An interesting story. A few weeks ago, I met this girl who is a friend of a girl that my landlady’s brother is dating. When we visited her home, I was amazed at how clean and comfortable it was. She and her roommates had a TV, computer, wireless internet, nice kitchen/living room, and two bedrooms, all at a price far less than what I would have had to pay for the same.

When I went in her room, she had a nice laptop with wireless internet and quality bed. So then I asked her, “I thought you told me during karaoke that you were so poor that you had no money to spend.â€￾ She replied, “I am poor. I’m not rich.â€￾ So I eloquently said:

“Look. If you are poor then how did you get a high end laptop like that? I can tell from the sound speakers that it’s a high end laptop, better than mine even. It must have cost at least 35,000 pesos. It’s NOT FREE you know. Someone had to pay for it. Either you bought it, or some guy bought it for you. I’m not stupid you know. And look at that painting of “The Last Supperâ€￾ above on the wall. I know that’s not cheap.â€￾

She replied, “I paid 2800 pesos for that painting.â€￾

So I said, “See what I mean? You can afford luxuries that me and other poor people can’t. ALL Filipinas say they are poor and not rich, even the richest ones say that. So the words don’t mean anything, it’s the actions and evidence that count. And in this case, the items you have in your home prove that you do have a lot of extra spending money for luxury items. It’s obvious. Plus you maintain your home in a middle class fashion. Even if you aren’t super rich, at least you aren’t one of those poor Filipinas that always ask to borrow money and others to pass them a cell phone load.â€￾

She grinned, and confessed finally that the laptop was bought for her by her ex-boyfriend who was 57 years old (she is 23), but they recently broke up. She also said that she prefers older guys over 50 rather than younger guys cause they tend to more faithful and don’t have the energy to be playboys like younger guys do. And that that is more important to her than physical attraction. Yeah right. I think that older guys have more money and are more generous with it, cause they are no longer in a “saving money for the futureâ€￾ mode like younger guys are, and maybe that’s why she prefers them?

Then she revealed that she had been making good money lately as a web cam chat girl. Ah so now the truth came out. (I had remarked earlier that she could become one since she had a laptop with wireless internet and a webcam, so she was all set for it, and she then replied that she already was one.)

She proceeded to show me the sites she worked on, which included 5 to 7 of them, such as (maybe babes with an s),,,, etc. and she showed her daily account balance sheet, which showed that last week, she made a killing – some days she made $60, other days she made $40 or $30. (In the Philippines, that’s making a killing) It adds up quick cause the guys pay $1.99 or $2.99 per minute to talk to them in private chat, and the girl gets half of that money spent. Apparently, there are a lot of guys willing to pay for private chat, during which they can ask the girl to strip, do erotic things, or just talk in private.

It seems like a waste of money and time for a guy to do that. But if that isn’t strange enough, then get this.

In addition to the income from paid private chats, a lot of guys that she met on there send her $200 or $300 to help her out, just cause they feel sorry for her!!!!!! Can you believe that?!

My girlfriend Dianne told me the same thing before too. When she worked as a cam girl, guys would send her $200 or $300 on a regular basis, just to “help outâ€￾. I told her that obviously they were hoping for a relationship, and using the money to try to “buy her heartâ€￾ but she denied it and said that they were just good people wanting to help her out.

But maybe she could be right. Though, I would never send that much money to a girl I never met, just to help her out, even if I was rich, I can’t speak for other guys. Some guys who have a ton of money and high income can afford it, and they may be the super generous and giving type. Like I said before, some guys make a lot and spend a lot, while others like me make a little but spend very little too. And also, some guys believe that money = love, and that love can be bought with money, even though it conflicts with the values of their country. My former friend that turned villain, Stefan, who brought me to the Philippines with him last year, was one of those guys. He too met his fiancée Rosa on one of those web cam chat sites that me and my consultant recommended to him (never thanking me or my consultant or delivering on the prize money he promised). And before they met, he was sending her $200 or $300 to help with her expenses. It wasn’t a lot of money to him of course.

But the reason I wouldn’t do that even if I were rich is because if you do that, then you will never know if the girl truly loves you for you or your money. It will always be an unknown. Of course, they will always SAY that they love you for you, since it’s what you want to hear. I guess some guys just don’t care.

I would imagine that the guys who send hundreds of dollars to web cam chat girls are desperate, old and fat. But Stefan was skinny and didn’t look old. And Dianne told me that the guys who sent her money before were young looking working guys, not old fat retired guys. I can’t understand why these guys do that though.

But whatever the case, Jesus! I can’t even get most guys on my list to send me $12 for a highly deep intellectual 400 page ebook that I worked hard on for years, but these girls get guys to send them $200 or $300 by sitting and acting pretty and innocent, just cause they feel sorry for them and want to “help outâ€￾? Doesn’t seem fair …….

Plus, there are many people here who work long hard hours and only make $2 a day if lucky. Doesn’t seem right does it?

To those of you who are secretly sending hundreds of dollars to web cam girls, I ask you, if you can afford to throw away $200 or $300 like that on a girl you might never even meet, then can’t you even take $12 of it, a measly amount, and spend it on my ebook, to get two brilliant masterpieces of writing (two because you get a free bonus ebook) that will enrich your mind and soul? I mean, come on now…… for God’s sake.

Needless to say, it obviously pays better to be a web cam chat girl than a bar girl. However, you need a computer and internet access to be one, or else you go to the owner’s house and use their computers, but you run the risk of being caught during a police bust or police raid, since the whole business is technically illegal and kept alive through bribes. Another advantage, according to this girl I met, is that when you work on a web cam, the customers can’t touch you like they can in the bar, and so it’s good for shy conservative type girls.

By the way, the girl who is making all this money with her laptop that I met, ain’t even that attractive! Sheesh. Now, she says she already put a down payment on a house for her parents out in the poor province of Bacolod, probably a cheap house, but better than living in a hut or shack.

Anyway, Dianne has said that after she delivers our baby, she might consider going back to being a web cam chat girl again, where she made some good money in the past, in order to help support our baby. Or she might go work as a stage model in Japan or a club here. We might not have a choice, since our income opportunities are limited. And none of my online efforts have paid off yet.

I’ve tried using 5 or 6 pay per click programs, but they all either pay less than 5 cent per click (which would take years to reach the $100 payout line) or they cap off and stop rising, or they ripped me off in some way.

And my online catalogue and hasn’t paid off either, as far fewer people have ordered from it than I projected. Less than 90 percent of my projections came to fruition.

Some people are just unlucky in money. Others are unlucky in love. I find that when I am lucky in love or dating, my money luck goes down. But when my money is doing well, then my love/dating luck goes down. That’s always been the case. Hence the tradeoff. It seems my karma isn’t good enough for both. I also find that when I play cards for fun, I’m extremely lucky and win a lot, even when I try to lose. But when money is being gambled on cards, I start to have bad luck.

And yes I have been more lucky in love here more than you can imagine. Make no mistake, I can and have gotten NON-working girls to sleep with me on a regular basis. Unlike in Russia, after dinner, they want to go home WITH me, rather than without me. And these are not whores who ask for money either.

Perhaps I’m just not the entrepreneurial type. Rather, I’m more of an artist, writer, actor, philosopher type.

I might have to go work in the call center then. But if I did, my salary would be that of a Filipino employee, because some law was recently passed in this country that forbid companies from paying foreign employees more than Filipinos. Weird.

What’s stupid is that while the dollar continually falls, all we can do is just sit there and take it like a sitting duck. I mean, what if the dollar/peso rate became one to one? Then all us Americans would be broke and powerless to buy anything. We would have to steal a plane to even flee the country!

So, it looks like everything is against me financially at this point, and out of my control too.

Other options I’m looking into are to work as an English teacher, but I was told it is a very measly salary here. Or I can try being a journalist with the Manila Times, which would allow me to do something I love. Some say it’s possible, others say it’s unlikely I can get a job with them as they don’t need foreign writers. But both say that even if I did work for them, they wouldn’t pay much. Trying to work as a papasan manager in the bars is another option. However, Dianne would not like that at all, and plus, I think the bar owners prefer dominating types of guys for that kind of job, not sweet nice ones like me (though I’d definitely be liked by the girls there). The best solutions are either to work for an American firm here, or start your own business in a high traffic area, which would require a hefty investment, entail some risk, etc.

In this world, there are many starving artists, some of them highly talented and gifted, who do what they love but aren’t making any money at it. They included highly talented artists, painters, musicians, singers, actors, writers, etc. People who watch their work or performance may marvel at their talent and brilliance. But for some reason, they haven’t found the right niche or connection in society that allows them to be paid decent money for it.

What I don’t get it why there are so many stories, screenplays, books, ideas, etc. out there that are brilliant, very original, or works of genius-ness that are never published, yet there are so many trashy movies and books that are published and produced. You would think that if something were good, it would have a good chance of being published or produced. So why are there so many exceptions to the rule? Why are so many high quality works of geniusness and originality unpublished and unsold, while so much trash is sold? It doesn’t make sense. Likewise, there are also many brilliant inventions that have been patented, yet never sold or mass produced.

Some artists only become recognized as great and famous AFTER they die, not while they lived. Beethoven, Mozart, Vincent van Gogh are just some examples of starving suffering poor artists who never got recognition, fame, or fortune for their efforts during their lifetime. But afterwards, they were finally recognized and their works became worth millions. Such is the irony. Even Bruce Lee and JFK became far more legendary and worshipped AFTER their death than during their life.

That might be the case with me too. Or my reputation may vanish into oblivion, as many have throughout history. Only time will tell. All we can do is live for today.

Anyway, thanks for listening to my stories and rants.

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Postby Winston » December 30th, 2007, 5:48 am

An interesting response from the CebuCityToday Yahoo Group:

"How do these girls get so much money, you ask? It's simple, there are lonely men all over the world who are willing to spend money on phone sex or just a woman to speak to and play out their fantasy's. I don't make moral judgements on the cam girls or the men they service. No, I've never done it, but, have spoken to a woman who does. They make a very good, tax free living. They make many times more than they can in regular "respectable" work and don't have to leave home. They work as many hours a day as they want and nobody touches them. They can cut a pig off any time they choose, which they can't do in a club and, they are totally safe. A phone cam girl has never been slapped around by a customer, like bar girls occasionally do. In such a poor country, I can't blame these women for finding a way out of poverty and into a comfortable lifestyle, if that's what they can emotionally and morally deal with. To compare this to trying to sell your book is ridiculous and, also the only reason you posted it. The only reason you ever post is to promote yourself.
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Postby Winston » December 30th, 2007, 5:53 am

A great response from one of my advisors:

"Hi Winston,

Don't feel too bad. Women have a relatively short period of time when their sexual market value is highest. While men can count on age and experience to make themselves more attractive, women can only watch their value decrease over time. Consider, in our society it's more acceptable for a 50 year old man to be with a 25 year old women, than the reverse. So in some ways, it all balances out.

However, I'd also note that the decisions that you make today, will greatly affect your market value as a man by age 50. So think carefully about your health, finances, etc.

I've known a few well to do people, and I can't imagine that any of them would bother sending $ to a cam girl. The kind of guys who do that aren't rich, they just want to feel wealthy by sending a few hundred bucks to a girl in poorer countries. Stefan was quite the exception, possibly do to his antisocial behavior. The few well to do (but not really rich like Bill Gates) folks I know wouldn't need any help in their social life, they're already "plugged in" their circles.

As for dead artists being more famous, the fact that they're dead limits the supply of their art work, and therefore it's an incentive for the owner to promote its value. Most artists don't make a lot from their work or fame, it's the resellers and auction houses that make out like a bandit. The few that understood the game play it well to get wealthy -- see the rock band KISS as example. Their goal was to put on a great show and make a lot of money, and the music itself is actually only a part of the whole package."
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Postby Winston » December 30th, 2007, 9:44 am

This guy on piatnight forum says that he knows a Filipina who is making $3000 a month from web cam chats! ... opic=15652

"There is a new industry that is not unique to the Phils but flourishes in the PI like nowhere else because many of them speak passable English.

It's called CYBERBEGGING. Phils girls are masters at it and camgirls are on the net more than bargirls and earn a lot more money if they are smart and hot.

I know a couple girls that have found ways to be independant and not pay a cut other than a monthly fee when working on ACM and ABC and I know one of them makes aroun $3,000.00US a week. No bullshit. I have seen her bank account and it makes me pissed to see these third world brainless Samar girls make more money than some physicians in the USA. She paid for a trip to Bali just to meet me for two days and paid for all of our meals even though I asked her not to. She immediately placed about $3,000US cash in my safe when she arrived for shopping. Sounds crazy but a true story.

Would you dipshits quit making decisions with your money with your pants around your ankles."
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