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Only interested in Pinays who at least 8 out of 10 in looks

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Post by Rock » September 26th, 2012, 3:20 am

celery2010 wrote:
Rock wrote:
celery2010 wrote:Hi. I was travelling in Asia on a big long trip earlier this year. I was in Taiwan in April and was in the Phil in April and May. I think that there is a lot of misinformation here.

1. Phil is not full of 8+ girls like in the OP's pic. However, they can be found, and i agree that they are most prevalent in Manila and to a lesser degree, Cebu.
2. A high number of people of Chinese descent and/or (mostly) mixed chinese descent reside in the Phil.
3. Girls of pure Malay descent are not necessarily unattractive. In fact, in the Phils, i prefer girls who are mostly Malay. I do not seek out the more east asian looking types. If you are seeking east asians types, why go to the Phils?
4. Although some of the gf's of older white gentlemen i saw were not that attractive, some of them were quite pretty, although many were quite dark.
5. I don't see Taiwan as the "end all be all" when it comes to women in Asia. Are there attractive women in Taiwan? Sure. Is it the best place in Asia. Nope. I don't understand why the Rock is compared Pinays with the Taiwanese and Koreans.
6. I don't really understand why you keep bringing up the Koreans in the Phils. They are most prevalent in Cebu and perhaps in Boracay, although i'd say Boracay is now more mainland Chinese. If you are looking for curvier, taller women, i recommend you either go north to NE China/Korea or west to Indonesia/Malaysia.

Generally speaking, if you have never been to the Phils, The Rock and Winston are right. It's a pretty dumpy country and quite dirty in many places. HOWEVER, similar to many Latin countries, the wealthy live very well, and the nice areas in the Phils are VERY NICE. Go to the Fort (Fort Bonifacio) in Manila. It's REALLY nice there, even nicer than areas in many Western countries!!

The Phils is also very westernized and very influenced by America and also by Latin culture. You can find Costco pizza, latin type festivals, even Taco Bell (only in Manila)!!

As far as the women, it's also true, most women in the Phils don't look that great. However, there ARE nice looking women in the Phils, even in the provinces. Yet sometimes, it IS like looking for a needle in a haystack. But not to worry, in the Phils, women are on the easy side. So once you find a nice Pinay girl, it will be easier to win her over than in other countries.
Thanks for the mini trip report!

1. I refer to Koreans a lot cus the girls who usually turn my head there (Cebu and certain other areas) happen to be Koreans. Moreover, I'm not a big fan of the food choices in most of Phils. (similar to Winston) so Korean restaurants stand-out like a mini oasis. So, next question, why don't I go to Korea? Well, believe it or not, I find it to be a rather depressing country to visit. I don't like the weather most of the year, Seoul is way too big and spread out, and the people are just not very friendly or easy to meet or talk with, at least for the likes of me, a white guy who doesn't speak Korean. Prices are kind of expensive there too.

2. The Fort or say Rockwell are impressive enclaves. Power Plant Mall is a showy boutique style shopping center. But those areas are pretty tiny, full of gated compounds or restricted access condos, and not cheap to live in, even by western standards. I believe condo rents for 1 beds in those areas start at 60,000-80,000 Pesos a month for the better developments. Hotels in the immediate vicinity are going to be pretty pricey too. And in those areas, don't expect the same Filipino friendliness and hospitality you might get elsewhere.

3. I have compared Pinays to Taiwanese and Korans in the past because that's my reference point and I think it's a more reasonable basis for comparison. Using western girls from the States is too low a bar, at least on this forum, lol. In the eyes of most here, America is the land of beached whales and feminazi bitches who rank no better than a 2 or 3.

4. Where did you go in Taiwan? You should have PMed me. I would have given you some places to check-out.

5. For taller women NE China is a good rec. If you wanna add curvy to the mix, throw-in parts of Taiwan and Korea. Maybe Malaysia (KL and Johor Bahru) as well. But not Indonesia. The Chinese minority there is a very small percentage and tends to be small size wise too. And native Javanese are just as small if not smaller than pure Malay Filipinos/Filipinas.

Sorry, but wrong again. Many girls in Indonesia can be tall and quite curvy. In fact, i would compare them as being similar to latinas; much more genuinely curvier than NE Chinese/Koreans.

Another thing is that the most attractive women in Indonesia are full Indonesian or mixed, definitely not the ethnic Chinese women.

If you like curvy women, you are MUCH better off looking at ethnic Malays-- Filipinas, Malays and Indonesians, even southern Thais (again not the mixed ones), than say Taiwanese.

I'll have to hit you guys up next time I'm in Asia and show you how it's done.

In Taiwan, did a circle of the entire island. I started in Taipei, went east to Hualien and Taroko Gorge, drove down the east coast of Taiwan along the beach and went to Taitung and Dulan. Which reminds me that i should mention that here. Then i went to Kaohsiung, spent a lot of time there and went to Tainan. Then from there i went back to Taipei.

It's a shame i never went to Kenting or Taichung, and never got to see the interior mountains or a place like Alishan. I did see some of the mountains near Taitung though.

BTW, i really recommend the east coast-- it's totally pristine, it's clean and the people are a LOT FRIENDLIER.

And here about Dulan:

Dulan is very close to Taitung, on the SE coast. It is a town on the beach full of Taiwanese artists, dropouts, musicians, "hippies"- you name it. It is very beautiful there and i met a ton of people there. It is also very friendly there and the people are very laid-back-- the complete opposite of what Winston calls "cold, unfeeling, stressful, etc". However it is really small and not that huge a scene.

But Taiwan is a very small place. Easily a good place to visit for the weekend.

BTW- i recommend the east coast of Taiwan over the west coast. It is far more pristine AND the people are MUCH friendlier. On the east coast, the bus driver would start conversations with me.

1. Dulan, hmmm. Sounds like a place where Winston might even fit in and be happier. I've never been so I really need to check it out. Thanks for the tip and Winston, take note too.

I've been to the east coast only a few times - Yilan, Hualian, Taitung, plus outlying islands (Green Island and Orchid Island). It is pristine and world different from the developed east coast. I've also been to Kenting once for a few days.

Personally, I am more interested in Taipei and perhaps Kaoshiung or Tainan for longer term exploration and interactions. East coast is a lot more aboriginal but one of my special area of interest, in contrast to many, are the Han Chinese, not Taiwan aboriginal cultures. I think the same applies to my current tenant as well.

For me, developed Taiwan is a place where you can find relatively westernized Chinese but still a much milder version (bad traits much less pronounced) than LT overseas Chinese in the States and other Anglo or perhaps western locals. They have the look, which I like, but not the attitude so much.

BTW, for pure eye candy in terms of quality and quantity, nothing I've seen in Taiwan beats certain areas of Taipei.

2. Let me clarify something. For my personal spec, tall is a lot more important than curvy. And by curvy, I am focused particularly on lower body thickness (hips, thighs, and butt) which is emphasized when upper body is slim and shoulders relatively narrow (see avatar for example). I've seen a lot more of this body type in Taiwan, S. Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia than in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, or even the Phils. And while China has got a good percentage of tall women in first tier cities and in the north to north east, tall and chubby Han women are a lot rarer there except in certain enclaves of Shanghai or Beijing. I think there are over 1 mn Taiwanese residing in certain areas of China, over 4% of Taiwan's population.

So please tell me, where exactly did you see tall Indonesians. I've only been to Jakarta and Bali and my last trip was years ago. But we also have a lot of Indo's here in Taiwan on contract work. I don't recall ever seeing a tall Indonesian anywhere. If you look at most recent height stats generally available, Indonesia is at the bottom of Asia:

Average female height in cm
S. Korea: 161.1
Singapore: 160.0
Taiwan: 159.7
Japan: 158.8
Hong Kong: 158.8
China: 158.6
Thailand: 157.3
Vietnam: 155.2
Malaysia (Malays and Chinese combined): 153.3
Cambodia: 152.4
Philippines: 151.7
Indonesia (East Bali): 151.3
Indonesia (whole): 147.0

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Post by Winston » September 30th, 2012, 4:57 pm

To the OP:

Are these Pinays at least 8's to you? lol

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Post by OutWest » October 6th, 2012, 5:26 am

Winston wrote:To the OP:

Are these Pinays at least 8's to you? lol


Winston- They are certainly not bad, but they don't have huge asses so Rock will say they are all butt ugly! LOL


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Post by Rock » October 6th, 2012, 7:59 am

OutWest wrote:
Winston wrote:To the OP:

Are these Pinays at least 8's to you? lol


Winston- They are certainly not bad, but they don't have huge asses so Rock will say they are all butt ugly! LOL

No I'm not gonna say they are butt ugly. But, IMO, they are over dolled-up and don't look natural. In fact, they look quite similar to a certain type of Thai ladyboy you can see in certain Bangkok venues - the smaller ones who often cater to Japanese.

Also, I don't know how tall they are which is an important consideration for me when factoring in attractiveness. If they are 5'7" without heels, I would find that a lot more alluring than if they are just 5'1".

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Post by Mr S » October 6th, 2012, 1:16 pm

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