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Which Asian country is the Right One for me? (Thai vs Phils)

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Which Asian country is the Right One for me? (Thai vs Phils)

Post by rhr » July 23rd, 2012, 1:45 am

Hi, this is my first post here on happierabroad, I hope this thread is not too redundant and I would appreciate if you could take the time to answer some of my questions!

A little bit about myself: I'm German, ~5'10", in my early 20s, and speak German & English fluently and a little bit of Spanish (for all that matters), but I am very open to the idea of learning any new language, so this shouldn't be an obstacle. I leaned some "Game", and I am aware that some of you might be opposed to this concept, but I would still like to point this out for honesty's sake.

I did a lot of research over the past few months and managed to reduce my travel options to Thailand or the Philippines. Although I'm not completely against visiting any SEA country, if you believe it to be better suited for me.
I admit I am a complete travel novice, and since this is the fist time I travel so far completely on my own, and since I'm also somewhat financially restricted, I want to make the most out of every minute i get over there.
Unfortunately I'm quite poor, but through a lot of work and sacrifices, I managed to collect about 2500€ and I absolutely do NOT want to go back home without at least one notch!
Yes, I know this might sound "shallow", but easiness right now is my primary concern. "Looks", "culture", etc. are, although I enjoy them greatly, at this point - secondary.

I have a lot of n00b questions and I, of course, realize that the answers might depend on the recommended country. That's why I'm asking for your personal opinion on the following:
...for the land you recommend,
  • What is the best approach to pipelining/online-approach?
  • Best places to go as a "first-timer"?
  • Which hostels would you recommend? (assuming I will stay in one b/c of my smallish budget)
  • Best city/location for a first-timer? (again, within my budget)?
  • Which phone/plan to get?
  • How to answer the "Are you on Facebook?" question?
  • Security concerns?
  • Important: How to handle monetary transactions? Cash? Credit Card? Other? What is the best approach here?
  • Anything Visa-related I need to know?
  • I want to be flexible with my time. How do I handle the "return-ticket" issue?
  • Anything you can recommend me to do during daytime?
The good news is that with zero debt or commitments, I have an indefinite amount of time available. However, I would like to go late this year until maybe somewhere early 2013, but not later.

I would GREATLY appreciate your finding a little time to help a fellow aspiring world-traveller out!

Thanks in advance!
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Post by Jacaré » July 23rd, 2012, 5:39 am

Welcome to the forum man!
Now, to answer your question, since you have no commitments or debts, I woudl suggest you to stay in Germany a little bit longer till you save some more. Once you reach about 4-5k Euros, then you can come to Asia and see for yourself. I have lived in BKK for a few months which I loved every single minute of it and I have also spent 3 weeks in the Phils (Cebu to be more precise) so here's my take:

if ease of hooking up if your # 1 objective, then nothing comes close let alone beats the Philippines. Thailand is fun, specially BKK but with that kind of budget, you wouldn't last long if you really want to get the most out of your trip. Sure you could live like a local but it wouldn't be much fun. For Thailand, as long as you have about 1500$/month, you'd be good to go. You could rent an apartment for 3 months minimume for as low as 150$/month in BKK (mind you it would be a little bit away from the fun places but still not bad).

Now, as I said above, the best bang for your buck will be the Philippines. It's really cheap, the girls are very friendly, approachable and cute and sexy. In terms of pipeling if you want to do that, get an account on Cherry Blossoms for 3 months, start chatting girls and line them up. One advice, I'd suggest you to avoid Manila as there are much better and cleaner places in the Phils like for example Cebu and Davao City.

Stay away from Angeles and other areas wh-ere prostitutes are in the Phils as you really won't need them, specially if you are a young guy in his 20's, fit, and decent looking. Dress nicely, nice pants and shirt and then just hit the malls. The sales girls are beautiful and bored out of their mind. Start approaching them, best opener is "hi" with a smile and you're in in 90% of the cases.

Some negative aspects of the Philippines:
- food is not good at all, as it's mostly consists of oily, fried and other unhealthy foods.
- lots of beggars and poverty is very in your face kind of thing, when you will see entire families living and sleeping on cardboards on the street and going through the garbage to look for anything to eat. It is very sad indeed.
- beware of scammers, ladyboys and above like the plague the Nigerians and any black guys from Africa that approaches you or tries to become friends with you. I befriended a guy from Nigeria that I thought was cool in Cebu and he set me up with his partner/girlfriend and I got scammed for 1500 pesoes. Not a biggie but a lesson well learned to avoid those guys like the plague. As a matter of fact, avoid all the African and Nigerian guys anywhere in Asia, specially in Tokyo if ever go there. They will befriend you on the street and will be very persistent in getting you to go to the bars they are working for, which will be charging you extortionate amount of money for drinks.
- don't get too drunk, keep an eye on your stuff, on yourself and never ever leave your drinks unattended. When you go to the washroom, take your drink with you. Never accept a drink that a girl gives you. Always get an unopened bottle. Call me paranoid but I've heard enough horror stories of guys getting drunked by girls and then, cleaned out of everything once in their rooms.

In the 3d world countries, always carry 2 wallets; one cheap ones with used cards and enough cash for the day that you carry with you when you go out and the good one, with your credit cards and ids, in your hotel's safe.

Before your trip, make sure you notify your bank and your credit card company that you will be going to the Phils or Thailand with the dates of your trips so that when they see a transaction coming from there, they won't stop your card. This is for your own protection against fraud.

Follow these basic common sense things and you will have a blast and once you've had a taste of the good life in Asia, you will never want to go back to the western world. Trust me on this.

Enjoy your trip man and make sure to report your adventures here, Any other questions, just ask here. :)



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Post by rhr » July 23rd, 2012, 8:56 am

Jacaré wrote: Enjoy your trip man and make sure to report your adventures here, Any other questions, just ask here. :)


WOW! That's a fantastic post, thank you very much!!
Jacaré wrote: For Thailand, as long as you have about 1500$/month, you'd be good to go.
Yes, the financing while on the trip is really the biggest problem. You'll need a western-style income, while staying in a 3rd world country. Unfortunately not all of us can call themselves Tim Ferris :(
Jacaré wrote: your credit cards and ids, in your hotel's safe.
So you would recommend staying in a hotel rather than a hostel?

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Post by xiongmao » July 23rd, 2012, 9:01 am

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I've heard some good things about Chiang Mai being a cheap place for Westerners to hang out.

Since you're so young why not try and get a job in China or something? I know another German guy who did this. Chinese girls are very easy to meet.
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Post by Taco » July 23rd, 2012, 10:36 am

I can safely say that as a group, Filipinas are by far the best women I've ever dated. I give them high marks in every category that really matters. Since you already speak English, coming to the Philippines would make the most sense. If you can't get a date(or girlfriend) in Cebu there is something seriously wrong with you. I live here and I have women staring at me, smiling at me, giggling when I walk by or yelling they want me everyday. Just make sure the Filipina you choose is 18.

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