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Rants About China (ebook)

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Rants About China (ebook)

Post by NorthAmericanguy » December 22nd, 2012, 10:52 pm

Found this on the net, its a short ebook about China through a westerners eyes, and apparently this website is banned in China due to the harsh criticism that the author directs toward China and Chinese people.

Btw, this book is hardcore, and I want to state publicly that I'm only posting this as general information and that the contents of this ebook don't necessarily reflect on my personal views of China, or Chinese people.

Rants about China by Morris Royce

The unsavory side of China that is hardly ever mentioned

Essential reading if you're planning on working in China, doing business in with the Chinese, or getting married to a Chinese person etc.


This book is dedicated to two devils who masquerade as police officers and work in Changchun’s main police station. Their badge numbers are 100695 and 100606. Without them, there would have been no impetus for this book. Without them, the world would also have been a better place.

This book also would not have been possible without many of the Chinese people and Chinese culture.

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Dirty, dirty, dirty

Chapter 3 - Even dirtier: Chinese toilet habits

Chapter 4 - To be or not to be impolite? Of course, not to be: this is China.

Chapter 5: A culture of dishonesty: Lying, cheating and stealing

Chapter 6: In-laws from HELL

Chapter 7: My brother-in-law: the most worthless parasite on Earth

Chapter 8: Even getting out is a nightmare

Chapter 9: Afterword

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Post by celery2010 » December 24th, 2012, 6:10 am

Without a doubt, China has many issues. They are undeniable.

It's definitely a different world to the rest of the world and to note in contrast, Taiwan has almost none of these issues.

However, I note a few things with this information.

1. It's a bit older (2005-2006), China changes every year these days.
2. The guy was in a more underdeveloped area of China, in a small city (Changchun).
3. It's obviously a rant from someone who has just had too much.
4. it also sound like the guy has never been to a third world country where you will see some of this stuff in every country.
5. Some of the stuff is somewhat exaggerated:
A. "Meat is thrown out after 15 min at room temp in the UK" (It takes longer than 15 minutes just during your grocery shopping while you are AT THE SUPERMARKET, then add the time it takes to get home)

Realistically, if you take 1 hr to shop at the supermarket and select your chicken first, and 45 minutes to one hour to drive home, then 20 minutes to put stuff away, that alone is 2-2 1/2 hours) In the US the rule is 4 hours. Even in NYC and London, they keep stuff out at room temp and often for hours.

B. I was in China in 2011 (about 1 yr ago) for 2 months and only got sick once, although it was pretty bad-- but it was in SW China, the most tropical-like, underdeveloped and close to SE Asia region of China. No issues anywhere else.
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Post by celery2010 » December 24th, 2012, 6:20 am

The bad things in China:

1. The spitting (yes, it's horrid and yes, it's everywhere)
2. The toilets can suck, but there are plenty of nice modern ones (in larger cities too)

Stuff related to overpopulation, the controlling government system and the lack of morals due to the banning of religion during the Cultural Rev:

1. It's overpopulated-- long lines, too many people, rude people
2. The government
3. People have a lack of morals-- don't do business in China without being extremely careful
4. There are news and scandals that really couldn't happen elsewhere-- see Chinasmack
5. It's a 3rd world country

You know it's funny, but why does it sound like something i see Winston writing in a few years!

The good:

The infrastructure is great. Modern newly built roads. Well planned cities with nice transport systems. Great shopping malls that are nicer than the ones ine the U.S.

The people are genuinely interested in meeting a foreigner. Women can be great.

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Post by momopi » December 26th, 2012, 11:29 pm

A few stats:

In 2006, 9.45 million couples registered to marry in China. [1]
In 2011, 12.5 million couples registered to marry, and 1.96 million registered for divorce in China. [2] (how does that compare to divorce rate in your country?)

Recently there has been many discussions about Chinese women marrying foreigners. Depending on which statistic you read, the percentage of mixed-nationality marriages range from 0.7% to 3.3%, including "bride exports". However, for whatever the reason, some members of this forum automatically assume such couples must look like this:


and not this:


Let me make this very clear, "foreign" in China means anyone who is not a PRC national. That means, Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, etc. It does not mean "only Anglo looking white people". I read that there are over a quarter million single and marriage age Chinese women residing in Japan today (as students or whatever), some will decide to stay and marry a Japanese national. Every year Japan imports over 10,000 mail-order brides from China. In the mid 2000's, over 70% of South Korea's import brides are from China, partly because China has a large ethnic Korean population (but they are counted in the statistics regardless as PRC nationals).

One might point to articles reporting that ~3,000 Shanghainese women marry foreigners annually. Well! How does 3,000 compare to say, >330,000 cross-strait marriages to Taiwanese men? [3] (incidentally, since PRC consider TW to be a province of China, they don't count this as foreign marriage despite ROC being a de facto independent country). This doesn't even include the hundreds of thousands of unregistered "second wives" and live-in GF's to the 1-2 million Taiwanese residing in China today.

In TW there are over 80,000-100,000+ Vietnamese mail order brides. I can't speak for China, but IMO for Taiwanese men to complain about the comparably tiny numbers of Taiwanese women marrying western husbands, is like a stock-sized pot calling a small tea kettle black.


[2] ... last-year/
[3] ... 429333.htm

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Post by xiongmao » December 29th, 2012, 8:45 pm

Yeah that eBook is pretty old. China's also so big that it's a continent more than one country.

Anyway, I've seen very little spitting in either Shanghai or Guangzhou, there was a lot more going on in Wuhan though.

I've had funny tummies in China, but then so have my various Chinese gf's at the time. If anything they had more problems than I did. In most cases the problem was street food. I've actually never been as sick in Asia as I was when we used to go on family holidays to Spain/Portugal/Greece in the 1980's :shock: .

Toilets, well squat toilets aren't always clean. But the worst one I ever saw was in Shinagawa station in central Tokyo.

At the end of the day other countries are different - that's what so interesting about them.
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