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Pity-Evoking Scams in the Philippines

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Pity-Evoking Scams in the Philippines

Post by ladislav » July 9th, 2013, 3:29 pm

Some slick Filipina scammers be it online or in real life ( but over distance) have discovered that getting money out of a Kano is easiest if you come up with a sob story and ask him for help. The Kano are mabait ( buutan)- kind that is-- and are always willing to help. If you get many Kano to help you, you will have a steady stream of money. Money seems to appear as if by magic if you do the following:

1) Pretend that you go to school but you have no money to pay tuition- ask him for help. Tell him that you will have to quit and only he can save your future. All you need is some P8000 and that will pay for next semester. There are variations such as you need money for an OJT session, an exam, you need extra money for projects, uniforms, etc.

2) Pretend that you are looking for work, but you need money for "requirements"- the various clearances that you will need to be able to apply for a job. If only he could help you with some 3000 or so, you would be able to apply for work and support yourself.

3) Pretend that you are sick or that someone in your family is sick-- tell him that you are not able to pay hospital costs and are even held hostage at the hospital. You just need P 7000 to pay to be released or to have your little brother released.

4) Pretend that one of your parents ( or both of them) has just died. Ask for money for burial. You will be surprised how quickly big amounts will come your way.

5) Tell him that you have no money to pay rent and that you have been asked by a local pimp to go and work as a prostitute in a bar- a sweet girl like you will become a hooker unless the White Knight with thick wads of dollars comes to your rescue. If only he could save you from that fate, you would be forever grateful.

The above scams are practiced mainly on foreigners, but also on OFWs. These do not have to be girls whom you met in a chatroom. It may be a sales girl but when you go to another city, she and her boyfriend or even their whole family will start scheming how to get money from you. "Hospital" is the most popular way by far.

6) When the unsuspecting foreigner sends money, immediately there is a police emergency and the money has been stolen. Please send again!

In many cases, fake police reports as well as fake hospital bills are produced to convince you. It's just amazing how skilled and professional they are.

7) Pretend that your friend or relative is in a hospital with a trauma of some kind or even in coma. You need to send money urgently for an operation. Sometimes an email will arrive that will look like an email coming from your friend ( with one letter wrong or something minor that would be different hoping you would not notice)

These scams are so common that one wonders if there's a school where people go to take courses because I've seen totally seemingly normal people who practiced them with a practiced hand.

8) This one is classic and is common in both Thailand and the Philippines ( as well as in Ukraine) as it never seems to fail to bring money-- a girl asks a foreign guy to buy a condo and she will be living there with her brother-- ( read husband) waiting for the foreigner to come back ( while the husband will be guarding her virginity for you). It's just unreal how many guys have fallen for it and keep falling for it daily in both countries.

9) Have a baby by a boyfriend, but tell the foreigner that it's his baby. By the time he realizes that the baby is not his, he's already spent two years supporting it. Brilliant! And if the foreigner is an Oriental looking person, he may never realize it.

10) A tranny puts a picture online of some model and then when someone takes the baitl. the tranny says that he has no money to get a webcam so you cannot see her when you chat. Then requests for tuition and medical help start pouring in. Sometimes the tranny will even request your help in accepting a payment from "an aunt" into your Paypal account so that you could send it to him by Xoom. This payment came from other men whom he'd been cheating. Not only he cheats you, but he cheats other people and uses you to forward payments to him. Brilliant!

Does anyone know of any other scams?
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Post by jboy » July 10th, 2013, 5:50 pm

IMHO, anyone stupid enough to fall for these scams deserve what they're getting.

Scams works because the 'victim's' greed for eventual payback down the road exceeds their common sense to see the deceitful act right now. Why do betas whiteknight? Because they believe by doing so, they'd get some p***y, and scammers use that fact to work on their 'victims'.

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