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Countries to Find Asians Outside of Asia

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Countries to Find Asians Outside of Asia

Postby GooMacgle » Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:23 am

I know there is a big difference between Asian women found in Asia and Asian women after they move to a new country, particularly a country in the Anglosphere. All the same, I still find this list of places to find Asians outside of Asia an interesting list. Perhaps some of these places offer guys a way to find Asian women a little closer to home.


1. US 15.3M with 3.8M Chinese, 3.2M Indians, and 3.2M Filipinos

2. Saudia Arabia 4.8M with 1.8M Indians, 1.5M Filipinos, and 1.5M Indonesians

3. Canada 3.8M with 1.5M Chinese, 1.2M Indians, and 670K Filipinos

4. UAE 2.7M with 1.8M Indians, 640K Filipinos, and 180K Chinese

5. UK 2.4M with 1.5M Indians, 500K Chinese, and 200K Filipinos

6. Australia 2.2M with 870K Chinese, 450K Indians, and 350K Filipinos

7. Brazil 1.7M with 1.5M Japanese and 150K Chinese

8. South Africa 1.6M with 1.2M Indians and 350K Chinese

9. France 1.5M with 700K Chinese, 450K Indians, and 300K Vietnamese

10. Peru 1.4M with 1.3M Chinese

Chinese outside of Asia are most often found in
1. US 3.8M
2. Canada 1.5M
3. Peru 1.3M
4. Australia 870K
5. France 700K

Indians outside of Asia are most often found in
1. US 3.2M
2. Saudia Arabia 1.8M
3. UAE 1.8M
4. UK 1.5M
5. South Africa 1.2M

Filipinos outside of Asia are most often found in
1. US 3.2M
2. Saudia Arabia 1.5M
3. Canada 670K
4. Australia 350K
5. Qatar 310K

Koreans outside of Asia are most often found in
1. US 2.1M
2. Canada 210K
3. Russia 180K
4. Uzbekistan 170K
5. Australia 160K

Vietnamese outside of Asia are most often found in
1. US 1.8M
2. France 300K
3. Australia 210K
4. Canada 160K
5. Russia 150K

Japanese outside of Asia are most often found in
1. Brazil 1.5M (São Paulo has the largest concentration of Japanese outside of Japan)
2. US 1.2M
3. Canada 110K
4. UK 100K
5. Peru 90K

Finally by region of the world,

In the Middle East, Asians are most often found in:
1. Saudia Arabia 4.8M
2. UAE 2.7M
3. Qatar 850K
4. Oman 720K
5. Kuwait 580K

In Europe, Asians are most often found in:
1. UK 2.4M
2. France 1.5M
3. Russia 730K
4. Netherlands 650K
5. Italy 560K

In Latin America, Asians are most often found in:
1. Brazil 1.7M
2. Peru 1.4M
3. Trinidad & Tobago 550K
4. Venezuela 400K
5. Guyana 320K

In the Pacific, Asians are most often found in:
1. Australia 2.2M
2. Fiji 310K
3. New Zealand 300K
4. Micronesia 20K
5. New Caledonia 15K

In Africa, Asians are most often found in:
1. South Africa 1.6M
2. Mauritius 880K
3. Angola 260K
4. Kenya 100K
5. Tanzania 90K

Source: ... tside-asia
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Postby Bao3niang » Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:34 am

For the Anglo countries, only as a very very last resort. I don't like being single, but I'd rather be single than put up with a bitchy, Westernized, feministed woman by my side all day.
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Postby xiongmao » Wed Feb 12, 2014 9:26 am

Lots of Asians in the UK. There are many young Chinese students here - my brother in law got married to one he met at Uni.

There are loads of Filipinas in the Middle East - here's the ones on my dating site. The only problem is the Middle East - it's not a good place to be caught with a woman who isn't your wife.
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