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The Philippines for a tall, lean white guy in his late 20's?

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Re: The Philippines for a tall, lean white guy in his late 2

Post by Johnny1975 » March 24th, 2016, 10:43 am

hammanta wrote:
MrMan wrote:I've never been to the Philippines, and I'm looking through the thread. I lived in Indonesia for many years and met my wife there.

I'm thinking the posts in this thread make Filippina city girls seem really slutty, and it's rather sad to think about. Are there also a lot of city girls who try to keep their virginity until marriage who'd turn down these posters who want to sleep with them? Do those kind of girls not frequent the clubs and other places where these men pick up women.

Virginity before marriage sure seemed to be the norm and expectation in Jakarta where I lived before, the capital city. I'm sure there were plenty of prostitutes and loose women. I heard stories of certain bars where expat men went to get laid. I suspect there was a pool of men drawing from a relatively small pool of local girls, sharing biological material and diseases.
Its a different kind of slutty in my opinion. I've slept with several girls on the first night meeting them but throughout the whole night I could of sworn they didn't like me and were bored. Most never showed any signs of being DTF and were by no means slutty. If I like the chick I'll be a "gentlemen" and ask if they want a cab home. If they seem hesitant or don't say anything then I ask them back to my hotel. Honestly even then getting them back they are usually shy and not physcal. I've found out that they truly just don't want to be alone or don't plan on sex at all. But generally if you make a move they are gonna give in. Once you close the deal you usually have them whenever you want. Single Filipinas usually just want a man and will generally do whatever if they like a guy and think it will go beyond just one night. I'd say they are generally more naïve than slutty.

Of course there are slutty party girls there but there are still plenty of conservative virgin girls as well. Philippines is an easy place to get laid for a lot of foreigners mainly because your level is higher here, there are much more single bangable girls, and most of the females there are friendly and open to foreigners causing your confidence to soar, improving your game.
I agree. I think it's a combination of impulsiveness and the desire for a boyfriend and being naive enough to think that sex is the way to get one.
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