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Lot's of Asia bashers on this forum...

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Re: Lot's of Asia bashers on this forum...

Post by Tapatio89 » October 17th, 2015, 7:30 am

Yohan wrote:
zboy1 wrote: ..... lots of people who I call 'Asia bashers' that like to slam Asian countries and Asian people all the time here. Why is that?

I don't see people bashing Europe or Latin America as much.....

..... you have people such as Yohan, AmericanInBangkok, Taco and others, who are totally happy here, and the angry expat stereotype doesn't apply to them. I know some expats who absolutely love it in Asia, so I guess I want to find out why they do well, while many don't?
I think, your comment is somewhat too wide in definition.

I would not call them all to be 'Asia Bashers' - You have to ask about to which Asian countries they refer and what are their complaints in detail.
I do not think most of them are slamming ALL Asian countries and ALL Asian men or ALL ASIAN women.

I cannot complain about Latin America, as it is far away from Europe and Japan, I was never there.

I cannot complain about EU and its social system, but I complain about Western women, about rampant feminism and about the Catholic Church in that region. My life in Europe as a child and young man up to my 20s was not nice at all.

About Asian countries - they are very different from each other, ASEAN is not like USA and its federal states or EU with its member-countries.

It took me some years to regulate my way of life in Asia and to find the best solution for myself.

I am now on an European working contract, live in Japan, with Japanese wife and 2 adult daughters, with second home in Thailand and with Philippine foster daughter - all is OK, nothing to complain anymore. The last 25 years or so of my life were really good.

Very nice your comment. To some degree I can relate to you. I also have a Japanese wife and we live here in Mexico, and for me and based on my personality, they are FAR better than Mexican and Latin women generally. I had bad experience with Latin women not because of my physical appearance (in fact, many consider me good looking guy) but rather for my personality as I am more introverted, serious, realistinc and money oriented. Maybe you also feel different and European women did not understand you.

Japanese women are more reliable, honest, goal oriented, and definitely more intelligent when choosing a man as a husband (Latin women choose often the most loser, unambitious type of men despite that these fools are womanizers, unreliable, and liars). As you probably know this, I have notice Japanese women care a lot how ambitious a man is as well as his character. Latin women care more about superficial, trifle things that do not really matter, at least for me.

I find both Japanese women and Latin women quite gorgeous, but personality wise,mentality, and ethics I prefer more Japanese women than Latin women. It fits more with my personality

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Re: Lot's of Asia bashers on this forum...

Post by Eightfold Path » October 17th, 2015, 9:22 pm

I can't speak for anyone else, but Asia is actually one of two regions I see myself spending a good amount of time. I haven't been there, but from what I see and my own research tells me, I'd be likelier to jive with Asian culture more than I would Latin culture (the other region I'd be looking at relocating to). Obvious you have to aim before you fire with things like this, so I'd visit and travel a bit before making a move, but I don't really see Asia as this oh-so-dark place of misery and woe. The people who say that without having given Asia a fair shake likely aren't in good spirits to begin with. That said, I have a philosophy of wanting to know the negatives first, that way I can make sure I can put up with the worst something has to offer before I get tunnel-vision about the best it has to offer. Food for thought.

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Re: Lot's of Asia bashers on this forum...

Post by xiongmao » October 20th, 2015, 10:47 pm

South Korea has bad weather, that's what puts me off. Japan gets cold sometimes, but their winter is really short.

If you're young it's easy to get long term visas for Japan, less so if you're past 30. I'd love to hang out there for a while.

China was OK but there are huge safety issues like with food quality and the fact that a restaurant I ate at in 2011 was closed down in 2012 because a waitress died after being electrocuted by the drinks fridge. And while I was living in Guangzhou I was about 20 minutes from missing a car that ran into a wall killing and maiming an unknown number of pedestrians. It's so hard for foreigners (or even locals) to find out about this stuff.

Plus mosquitos were a nightmare and some of those suckers carry dengue and other nasty illnesses.

Next time I go to China I'll bring my gas chromatography machine to find out what makes the vegetables grow so big compared to nearby Thailand...
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Re: Lot's of Asia bashers on this forum...

Post by Eightfold Path » October 21st, 2015, 1:06 am

Xiongmao, two questions . . .

1) Define "bad weather" in terms of South Korea, would you? It's on my list.

2) What do you know of Tibet? I'm assuming you haven't been because of obvious reasons, but if someone wanted to spend any amount of time there for non-sexual/non-political/non-trouble-making reasons, what would you say?

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Re: Lot's of Asia bashers on this forum...

Post by Jester » October 25th, 2015, 4:36 am

Contrarian Expatriate wrote:
The Anglosphere is out, Latin America is out, Caribbean is out, Western and Northern Europe are out, and Africa is out. That leaves Eastern Europe and Asia left for me to consider only.
We need a thread from you, to expound/expand on this.
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