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A balanced account of Chinese women. Short and spot on.

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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A balanced account of Chinese women. Short and spot on.

Post by cdnFA » April 24th, 2016, 2:37 am

The rest can be found in the link. I quote the interesting bits.

As long as you’re working to save for your future together by striving for a better job with more income and generally trying to improve yourself in every way; as long as you’re a well rounded person with no serious hang-ups and a healthy social life, she’ll most likely be willing to work with, and support you. However, going into the relationship with a ‘take me as I am or not at all’ approach may end with her choosing the latter option and walking away.

She may expect a lot from you and expect to be taken care of but will also be generous to a fault. She’ll be loyal, teach you how to save money, buy you clothes and may give you gifts every now and again. On the flip side, you may find her a bit immature and prone to angry outbursts and so, learning how to handle these will be one of the biggest challenges in the relationship.

Ignoring the Green Card hunters and the Chinese style English Weeabos, just as there are white people who want to marry Japanese and nothing else matters, I am sure there are Chinese who just want a white guy or an English speaker. Those are doomed to failure, especially the Green Card hunters.

I think the bold part will predict very well what will happen to a CF AM marriage. If you got those things on the go in the bold part, you will get the girl mentioned in the second paragraph and probably have a good life.
If you fall short on the first bit, she will either make your life a living hell or dump your ass.

I am sure there are many exceptions, problem with Chinese is that even if you are a 1 in a million, there are over a thousand just like you but still.

Sadly I am happy with my modest income level and have no wish to enter the 9 to 5 grind for more as I push 50 so that would be one more barrier to trying to find happiness with a Chinese girl [as well as finding someone who is only dating you for English lessons or as a fashion accessory or whose parents will never accept you etc potentially wasting years of your life].

I'd hazard a guess that the same would apply to Koreans and Japanese. Granted you would have problems everywhere if you don't fit the bold description but in China it would go from difficult to near impossible. I also suspect as they [all three] are good at hiding their natures I get the feeling that as a Westerner, you could find your odds of getting a girl that turns on you higher than elsewhere.

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