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2 years in Thailand

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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2 years in Thailand

Post by tamdrin12 » July 20th, 2016, 5:51 am

Winston has asked me to update everyone about my experience as an expat in Thailand. I have been largely inactive due to me being content with my life I haven't felt the need to come to the Happier abroad website.

I've reached just about the two year mark of being in Thailand. Thailand has been described as an onion. There are many levels to it and as you peel of each one you reveal new things that you were previously unaware of. This has been my experience. I started out just as a normal expat, flew into Bangkok after getting severe food poisoning in Nepal. I went to Pattaya for 2 nights and had a fun time going to go go bars and partying with some hooker one of those nights. I quickly moved up to Chiang Mai and started working teaching English part time at a local school. Shortly thereafter I got a full time position teaching English, Math, and Science for 1st and 2nd graders at a government school in Chiang Mai. So gradually, I started integrating more with the local scene, in my own way. The experience as a teacher definitely got me feeling comfortable here, I met some new friends, and experienced things you wouldn't as a tourist.

Thailand has proved a relatively easy place to get laid, and I'm not talking bar girls. That is because there are a lot of very decent Thai women in my opinion. I feel fortunate to have met quite a few very kind and good looking Thai women. The satisfaction comes not because I have had sex with them, but just to know there are still decent, reasonable, and humble people in the world still.

I recently met a girl on a Thai language facebook group. I was impressed with her ability to analyze Thai society objectively and thus started up a conversation with her. Not only did she end up being absolutely beautiful, but she also is highly highly intelligent. She once asked me "What is your favorite dystopian literature?". Lol, what kind of girl asks questions like that. Anyway I've met her in BKK a couple times and had a good time, although we remain friends there will probably be no relationship developing out of it. Which is ok by me because I'm actually happy single for now. I'm sure some foreigner will be scooping her up in the near future, her only downside I imagine would be she would be a little expensive to keep around :)

In Thailand you can always get what you need if you need it, so there is no pressure and no need to get all excited or too worked up about one beautiful girl.

Part of my positive experience has to do with my interest in Buddhism and my recent stay at a local temple. I have been at a temple in the mountain near Chiang Mai for the last two weeks. It has been really fantastic because it has given me a chance to get away from the constant stimulus of the world and all it entails. I have been staying in a small "kuti" and joining the monks in their daily alms round, as well as evening chanting. In the day I am free to do what I want, and have been pursuing my own meditation practice. It's actually really amazing to be celibate and not obsessing about girls all the time. When you are in the Thai cities you are always getting excited because there are so many damn beautiful girls here. It's really hard to control yourself. So the time at the temple has been very beneficial, not only for that but because I am actually learning Thai at a rapid pace living there as no one speaks English. I didn't actually study or learn that much Thai in my first two years here.

Once I know Thai the country is my oyster, also getting the insight and connection with the good Thai's and knowledgeable monks who patronize the temple is invaluable.

I am currently on a multiple entry tourist visa, that I picked up on a recent two months trip back to the States. After this, who knows where things will take me. I will be running low on funds soon but staying at the temple is saving money and I have faith everything will work out as long as I keep my mind clear and everything simple.

Hope everyone is well.
Been living abroad for 4 years now. India, Nepal, Taiwan, and Thailand. Currently in Thailand teaching English as my bread and butter.

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Jonny Law
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Re: 2 years in Thailand

Post by Jonny Law » July 20th, 2016, 3:31 pm

I have been in Thailand for 2 months.

I just got back from Mae Sot and Mae La refugee Camp. The ladies at the camp are very nice and treat you good. The only problem is Thai military and police patrol the camp and do not allow you to visit. You have to have balls to get into the refugee camp.

Regular girls in Isaan (Northeast Thailand) and Bangkok are all money loving parasites. The women here love you as much as you pay them. Money and Love mean the same as far as I can tell.

I recommend staying with refugee chicks only.

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