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Indian men very jealous and sexist?

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Indian men very jealous and sexist?

Post by Traveler » October 18th, 2016, 11:36 pm

"Indian men are an extremely jealous bunch of guys and seem to have a serious inferiority complex towards White men. A few years ago Richard Gere was in India for some AIDS awareness charity event, and he kissed an Indian movie actress named Shilpa Shetty on stage. There was a huge outcry, the police put out an arrest warrant on him, and there was huge protests where Indians were burning Richard Gere’s pictures.

"Indian men and Indian women kiss all the time in Indian movies, but God forbid if a White man does the same, all of these Beta male Indian guys will freak the hell out. Never mind that Indian men go to the West and try to hit on White women. So Indian men are the biggest bunch of hypocrites you will find in the world. They want to treat their own women like they are pure and then treat White women like they are a bunch of whores.

"Basically the only way Indian men can get sex is by controlling their women. Otherwise if Indian women were given freedom and choice, they would choose White men any day of the week over an Indian man. And this is exactly what is happening with Indian women in the West. Most Indian women living in the West are choosing to marry White men nowadays.

"And even in India, in the big cities, a lot of Indian girls are starting to want to marry a White guy. I talked to some of them and asked them, 'Why do you want to marry a White guy?' and the typical reply was, 'Because Indian men are liars and have a very bad nature. They just want to cheat you into having sex with them, and then they will run off'. So if you’re a White guy, it’s actually not that hard to get Indian girls to have one- night stands or casual sex with you. You just can’t be super open about it like you would in the West."

I think some people think this is true for all Asian men- they are very controlling and hate it when "their" women choose to date white guys.

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Re: Indian men very jealous and sexist?

Post by Citizen » October 19th, 2016, 12:40 am

If by white you are speaking of genetics then 30-50% of Indian men are "white" (depends on which part of the subcontinent you look at). Same genetic line as most Russian men (yDNA haplogroup R1a) ancestor of R1b which is what most "Western Europeans" are. "Still the only place the simple R has been found is in Pakistan and the area around there"
"It is clear that the R-M207* has only been found in Pakistan and the area surrounding Pakistan, and so these results do indicate an initial appearance for the R haplogroup there. And unless the results should change significantly with time, this means that if we assume that the oldest versions of the haplogroup are still living in the same area as they were living when they first came into existance, then the haplogroup originated in Pakistan/India." ... ge-of.html
http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.anc ... Y-DNA).pdf

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Re: Indian men very jealous and sexist?

Post by starchild5 » October 19th, 2016, 12:56 am

I'm Indian and you are been generous. Indian men are lowest degenerates like the country India itself. We have already lost the touch with god and basic human nature.

Indian men are jealous, credit grabbers, ugly, filthy, smelly, disrespect women, opportunistic, malnourished...They are hated Universally...Its some achievement ..even Filipinas hate them...that would take some level of low lifeness to be hated by Filipinas.

However, it is not that simple like everything in life. Indian men are very sexually frustrated...In movies, you are allowed to kiss & hug and do all nasty sh*t but Indian men cannot do it..Its impossible for 99% of Indians to get laid before marriage.

Its the Crypto Jews....Like how Porn is allowed in America but if you engage with hookers they run sting operation on white men. India had the biggest hooker place in the entire world called Kamathipura but it too was shut down, all bars, gogo's were closed down as well...The Arab's have money, they can get sex in dubai or anywhere...Africans issues...In India...sexually frustration leads to more rape and disharmony. We are sex starved.

The problem with Indian men is lack of good sex. We loose our virginity by 26 years, the highest in the world. Fake backdated religion called Hinduism has destroyed India. Healthy Sex Life is very important for men to function properly in a normal society.

Jealously, sexist, bad attitude comes from lack of Good sex. You only hear about the end results but you do not know what leads men to become jealous, sexist. If we could only get laid when we were 12,13 years old like in the west, we wouldn't be complaining with richard gere kissed shilpa shetty.

India is totally controlled like America from behind. GoGo Bars, Strip Clubs, prostitution is completely banned.

You want to become like Indian. Stop having sex for One Year and then you will understand how degenerate you become :)


Coming to White Men..You kidding right...White Men are utter failure when it comes to relationships...All White Countries have more than 50% divorce rate. White Men cannot get things right when it comes to love and marriage...Even when they get married to Asian women, many get divorced.

We know the score. White men use "freedom, democracy" :) ..there charm to get laid...Indian women are crazy about white guys..Its true but only for one night stands.

They respect women only to get laid..If women says No..The first word they utter is "F**ck you B**tch" :lol:

White Men are not even close to the Ideal men on Earth...They are just an alternative to Indian women, they are good looking too compared to Indian men and provide that exotic factor to Indian women.

White Men are notorious playboys and butterfly's, hyper sexual...they use their "respect" "charm" to get laid...Notch Count... :lol:

Common Man...We know how White Men are...Indian women go to White Men, due to Indians being even lower but White Men is just another Demon waiting to deflower them :lol: ..

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