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North Korean Students in the South Dish about Gender Differe

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North Korean Students in the South Dish about Gender Differe

Post by momopi » August 22nd, 2008, 2:53 am ... 01503.html

North Korean Students in the South Dish about Gender Differences
August 21, 2008 11:13 am

The Southern man, Northern woman trope gets a reworking in a discussion with a small group of former North Korean refugees, now university students aged 21-33, on their perceptions of differences in attitudes and behaviors between men and women in the North and the South.

While living in China, the men became accustomed to seeing scantily-clad women, but since their resettlement in the South, they feel awkward and find it difficult to accept the assertiveness and independence of women here. Below are few direct quotes from the students:

North Korean women are circumspect while South Korean women tell everything and act like men and North Korean women care about men, but South Korean women dont were some of the responses.
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According to the North Korean women, Southern male students are attentive.
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According to one female student, North Korean male students dampen the spirits of women, following the precept Men are exalted and women are abased.
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One male in his twenties reported about North Korean wives, Before coming to the South, they accommodated the family and followed their husbands. Here they are free and do not endure any more. When North Korean women go back home, their husbands browbeat them while South Koreans show concern.
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Northern man bad, Northern woman good. Southern woman bad, Southern man good. No surprise to see the name of a male reporter, Im Ju-young, in the Yonhap byline.

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Re: North Korean Students in the South Dish about Gender Differe

Post by Yohan » January 5th, 2018, 6:11 am

The original link is not working, very old.

Only about 30000 North Koreans made it into South Korea - the majority are women who made it via China/Vietnam/Laos/Thailand (almost 2000 during the last 3 years)

North Koreans are a tiny minority among South Koreans, who are 52 million people. Same also in Japan, the South Korean community is much larger than the North Korean community.

North Koreans, both men and women, are not so welcome in South Korea, they cannot change so easily their life-style, causing a lot of problems.
They are brainwashed people, who have severe problems to integrate in the South. Many also show up in very bad health.

Some left their families behind, some are discovered by North Korean spies and are willing to give them information about other North Koreans they know living in the South, others are rather lazy as they never did anything productive in their entire life or behave in a criminal way, some had political functions and are now telling stories about their former life in the North which are totally untrue...

To meet North Korean women in South Korea is not easy, this is for sure.
After clearance they have South Korean documents with a new name and they disappear among those millions of South Koreans.

You have to go to China to cities near the North Korean border if you want to meet original North Korean women, but they are illegals there and you cannot take them out easily.

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