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Meeting Thai Women

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Meeting Thai Women

Post by Winston » November 12th, 2008, 4:23 pm

Here's an article from the blog of one of our posters, James Grey. ... Women.html

Meeting Thai Women
November 12, 2008
Written By: Nick Gatsby


Thai women are renowned the world over for their beauty, grace, femininity, and sexuality. They have that certain something that makes them alluring to men and their diminutive stature makes them doll like, while at the same time, womanly.

If you are interested in meeting regular Thai women though, where and how do you go about it? When I say regular Thai women, I am referring to those who have a profession outside of the tourist entertainment industry. This means office worker, nurse, grocery clerk, doctor, lawyer, etc.

There is a degree of difficulty in getting a “nice� Thai woman to go out with you. For most Thai women, dating a foreigner comes attached with the stigma of other Thais believing your date is a prostitute. This alone is enough to put some women off the task.

Culture also dictates their actions and if you are successful in getting them to go with you, at first, you may end taking them out, along with one or more of their friends. To play your cards right, abstain from physical contact and any kind or sexual talk – at least until the signs are all there. Refrain from touching her; do not attempt to hold her hand, put your arm around her, or kiss her. If she likes you, she will almost certainly touch you – nonetheless, do not touch her. Thais are not much for public affection and your restraint will likely go a long way.

Family is extremely important in Thai culture and for some Thai women, bringing home a foreigner is unthinkable. Unlike in the Philippines where Filipino women are more likely to date foreigners, Thai women, especially those with older, more traditional parents, prefer to stick with their own kind. This has begun to change but there are still Thais who believe foreigners are “the devil.�

This brings us to the final hurdle, perhaps the greatest of all, the language barrier. A large portion of the Thai population is unable to speak more than the most basic of English; “Hello, how are you?� “I’m fine thank you.� A good way to figure out how well a girl speaks English is to ask her in English, “Do you speak in English.� If she responds with, “Nit Noi,� the probability is great she doesn’t speak more than a few words of English. If she answers, “A little,� chances go up.

If you are unable to speak at least a modicum of Thai, she had better speak English, or you are going to spend much of your time trying to understand one another. When you are incapable of communicating proficiently, small misunderstanding can quickly become big misunderstandings, and getting to know one another is next to impossible.

Despite the above difficulties, if you have a fair amount of game, and some basic knowledge of the Thai culture and language, it is still entirely possible, of course, to meet a cool Thai woman. You will need patience though – and plenty of it – unless you are lucky or extremely adept.

So where do you find regular Thai women?

You meet them in your day-to-day life, at the mall, a coffee shop, a restaurant, 7’11, grocery shopping, at the office supply store, or through a friend. A simple smile or “Sawasdee khup,� is normally enough to gain a moment of her time and this should be all it takes to set up a future encounter.

If there is a cute girl working at Starbucks or The Office Depot, go there a couple times a week or whenever you need to, and get to know her. Eventually, she will ask about you and inquire about your marital status. In this time she will also reveal enough for you to decide if you are interested. If patience is a virtue you lack, hit the massage parlor!

Be wary, in a Thai woman’s mind, she is single as long as she is unmarried, even if she has a boyfriend. For whatever reason, many Thai women will lie and tell you they have no boyfriend when the truth is they do. Just like anywhere in the world, male-female relationships are often a game. Be prepared to play it and you may come out a winner.

Nick Gatsby has lived in Bangkok for nearly a dozen years. He has done everything from teaching English to exporting Thai goods to his current love, photographing and writing about Southeast Asia . He is now married with children (2).
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Post by ladislav » November 12th, 2008, 6:52 pm

Most good Thai women will not be seen dead walking with a white man down the street. Except of course he has a salary of $6000 a month and up and a Mercedez Benz the size of battle star Galactica. I have no idea what kind of women he has met and how the Thai soceity reacted to him and the women. I would not go there looking for a GF/wife. The majority of those who look for Western BFs are the cast offs and rejects of the Thai society ( too igly, too poor, not a virgin, too old, divorced, with kids, etc) Unless of course, you are a CEO at some big multi-national and you have enough green to cover your white.

Do yourself a favor - unless you are of Oriental appearance ( or super rich), do not bother with the country
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James G
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Post by James G » November 12th, 2008, 7:09 pm

Thanks for the link Woo

That gal if a friend of the author, she is pretty cool. This article is the frost of a regular series on meeting women overseas so enjoy!

If you all liked the article please make a comment on the site

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