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Eloquent quotes about the Philippines from my advisor

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Eloquent quotes about the Philippines from my advisor

Post by Winston » October 26th, 2007, 8:32 am

Here are some eloquent and insightful quotes that were sent periodically to my cell phone by my cultural consultant who is the “Socrates� of international culture, an expert on Filipino culture, and speaks ten languages including two Filipino dialects (abbreviations spelled out):

- “Happy New Year to you too.

I hear about the US and anyway, now you are far away from it and you can see that when they say that people are all the same, they have not traveled enough.

Just keep in mind that the US is a land of practical opportunities whereas the Philippines is a land of romantic/social opportunities- tons of them. By combining a practical and a romantic country, each one at different ends of the globe, you live a perfect life.

This is my concept of "quilting your world" from many different countries each one providing you with what it does best. Just as long as you do not make demands on stones and turnips to give blood, and instead go to blood banks, you will be OK. You asked america to provide what it does not have- i.e, you were looking for water in the sahara. you need to go to the nile for water.


- "Your experiences in this miraculous nation of redemption will need to be high in intensity so that they would be equivalent in value to decades of neglect back home. The new memories will, in due time neutralize the bad ones; and the bad ones, if they remain, will only serve as stern reminders of where not to be and what not to expect."

- "..... yes the Philippines liberates my soul- I can fully be myself here. This place is the capital of romance- it has a certain cord (musical that is) that hangs in the air and my soul chimes with it- so does yours, I guess."

- "The Philippine society puts primary emphasis on family, human relations and the development thereof- which includes sex, friendship, love, etc. Socially, it seems to be one of the most advanced societies on earth. Of course, these developments are not mentioned in the western press which only measures progress in political, technological and financial areas. If it started measuring societies by the healthfulness of social life, the place you are at would win hands down. Cheerz."

- "Do keep in mind that while we enjoy ourselves in the Philippines, there are oodles of lonely Asian-American men jacking off in the toilet with no hope in sight. It is all right for us to be hedonists, and to live abundant romantic lives, but we need to keep in mind other guys who are still encased in the lonely social prison in America. Our spirit is that of altruism and leading others and liberating them, too. There are huddled Asian American masses in the US yearning to breathe free as you are now. Do not forget them. Spread your message to them, but keep info. decent and not raunchy- confine it to romance and social life. Maybe you can start posting on various Asian American message boards or newsgroups. Many Asian American guys need it. There is a lot of frustration and hatred in the Asian American community. By establishing a rapport between them and the friendly Filipino people you will be helping both groups. It will help to bring more investors into the country as many Asian American men are seen as good people there and who will become good and responsible residents helping the economy and improving the international ties between the US and the Philippines."

- “Have you noticed another thing? In bars in the US you have 40 sweaty, yelling working men and maybe two ugly girls on stage and you can’t even touch them- you will be bounced out. And it’s supposed to be “The Land of The Free�. In the Philippines- 2-3 ugly old guys in the bar and 40 sweaty working girls and there is no jealousy among the guys for bar girls. Now you know where the land of the free is.�

- “Winston, got your email. Advice: every country you go to will have great benefits and gross and awkward inconveniences. You alone may try to change them but you won’t succeed- they take centuries to change. Better adapt to work within the systems that they have and try to see benefits in their inconveniences, as well. Try to be a bit more opportunistic- see opportunities where others see problems. Do not look for water in deserts- e.g. efficiency in the Philippines, friendliness in the US, but combine several countries- that is PT (Perpetual Traveler) way. Stop asking why things are the way they are. Why is the sun hot? Why is there a radiation belt outside the Earth? They just ARE. Ask “how can I deal with the situation and see the benefit in it?� Do not complain to the natives- they may not understand.�

- “As you have observed in Russia, it was the opposite of the US, in that it was skewed in a different direction but still unbalanced. The Philippines is again unbalanced and is again an opposite of the US. Its social system is based on love, romance, family and friendship. In that respect, they have one of the most socially advanced societies on Earth. Many people have called it the best place in the world. But they are not advanced in practicalities and have not developed an organization/logic in practical things. But you can train them in that. On the other hand, it is very hard to train people in the US in the art of being friendly, respectful and loving. The US is a place where assholism in human relationships rules supreme and selfishness is not even contested. So, that brings us again to the realization that one never, ever can have it all in one country- it seems that the world is simply not designed that way and that every country is inherently and grossly incomplete.�

(Comment: ‘assholism’ in human relationships- I love that, so true!)

- “Do you remember these pop song lyrics: "If I fail, if I succeed, at least I'll live like I believe......." also "I did it my way....." and ".... then the hero comes along, with the strength to carry on....." All the above things represent the American spirit of individual achievement and, ironically, you are using it, and following it while looking for collectivist cultures. In other words, you are looking for the balance between the two and, possibly, finding it.�

- "One thing about the Philippines is that if you are a foreign, people will always want to befriend you. Thus, you will never be without friends there. That is guaranteed. Different countries guarantee different things. America guarantees political and religious freedom. Italy guarantees employment for artists. Saudi Arabia guarantees Islam. And the Philippines guarantees friends."

(Comment: I would definitely add above that the Philippines also guarantees men, both foreign and local, a GREAT love life!)

- “One more thing about Philippines- if you’re a comedian type with a sense of humour, a joker and a clown, Filipino people love you for that. If you are a live wire and talk a lot, they also like that. The more you talk, the more they like you. They will sit and listen to you for hours. Not so with their neighboring countries. To them, a man should be a sullen, formal, morose, discreet and tense robot to be respected. Neither a comedian, nor a chatterbox (like me) gets any respect, least so from women.�
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Great post!

Post by jamesbond » November 21st, 2007, 8:08 am

This makes me want to visit the Philippines! I have heard so many good things about it. It seems as if a mans love life will sky rocket in the Philippines. The girls really seem to be open to meeting new people and are approachable and friendly (unlike American women). Hopefully some day I will be able to visit that country. I know the cost of living there is very low compared to the US. I wonder how much money you would need to visit it for a month or two.

- Paul

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Re: Great post!

Post by ladislav » November 22nd, 2007, 8:47 pm

jamesbond wrote:This makes me want to visit the Philippines! I wonder how much money you would need to visit it for a month or two.

- Paul
Outside of an airfare, I would say $1500 a month would be enough. Just get a cheap hotel. There are some for $10 a night even. Stick with those.
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