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Filipina FAQ, Ebook worth it?

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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Filipina FAQ, Ebook worth it?

Post by Winston » May 22nd, 2009, 11:04 pm


Here's a FAQ about Filipinas. Do you think the Ebook advertised is worth it?

Q1. How easy is it to meet nice girls in the Philippines?

A1. As easy as you want it to be. Meeting a Filipina is a contact sport. It’s a numbers game, you simply get out there and make contact and ask for their number! I tell you all about the “Text Buddy� technique in the book.

Q2. How safe is it to travel to the Philippines?

Q2. It is no more dangerous here than anywhere in the USA, in fact I would say it is safer! Especially Cebu, I never carry a weapon and have never needed one here and nor will you. Your biggest threat will be falling in love with a gold digger!

Q3. What about meeting a Filipina via a chat room first?

A3. OK, but make sure she is a real woman! A lot of Bakla and Bayut (Tagalog and Visayan words for transsexuals) work the chat rooms. If they use a web cam, have them hold out their arms, palms up. Men’s arms are straight; women’s arms bend outwards noticeably. Try this with a female at home first, see the arm structure. You can hide the Adam’s apple and the large hands, but not the arm bones!

Q4. Well, I know my chat room Filipina is a real woman, how do I know if she is genuine or scamming me?

A4. I cover this in more detail in my book and newsletter, however, the easy answer is “has she asked you for money yet?� If the answer is no and you have been writing for some weeks or months, then she is genuine. If she asks for even small amounts of money (say for internet access) then she will keep on asking her “Walking ATM�. Find another one!

Q5. How much money do Filipinas make every month?

A5. Domestic helpers can make as little as US$20, plus food and board but usually they would make double that. Nurses in their first year often make as little as US$100 a month, less for sales clerks. If she is in a real well paying job, she might make as much as US$300 a month, but not too many of those around! Bar girls, prostitutes and GRO’s etc can make that much and more so don’t go feeling sorry for them, they are at the top of the food chain! (A Major General in the Philippine Army officially makes only US$685 a month and the President less than US$1000!)

Q6. How much does it cost her to email me?

A6. In places like Angeles where there are a lot of girls and a lot of internet cafes, the price can be as low as P9.95 an hour for “club members�. (about a quarter, 25 cents!) Even more upmarket places charge less than a dollar an hour and these girls would find the most affordable café around, so expect them to pay fifty cents or so every visit. US$10 a month would cover pretty much all their internet expenses.

Q7. Are these girls corresponding with more than one guy at a time?

A7. Aren’t you corresponding with more than one Filipina? Of course they are. Until they promise you are the only one, why shouldn’t they cover the angles? I tell you exactly how and what to write in one of my newsletter articles, as well as how to close down an unwanted relationship the right way.

Q8. I met a girl working in a bar in Angeles. She was not a GRO or dancer but a waitress. Does that mean she isn’t a prostitute?

A8. Wake up and smell the coffee. There is no prostitution in the Philippines, however…… You pay a “barfine� or “early work release� fee to allow your “companion� to leave the premises with you. After that it is up to her and you what transpires. If you can “barfine� her then the odds are you can have sex with her. Of course she may not want to and so you had better get it clear before leaving the bar what is and isn’t included. Most girls take turns working as waitresses (usually during their menstruation), dancers and Guest Relations Officers (sit and talk).

Q9. In Angeles I wanted to barfine a girl but was told she was a “cherrygirl�. What does this mean?

A9. Either she was menstruating, didn’t like you or doesn’t want to include sex in her income earning activities. I doubt many of them are true “cherry� girls as we know the term. Their uncles may have raped them, or they have Filipino boyfriends so they are cherry only with foreigners. Usually the cutest, sexiest little thing there is “cherry�, which might also mean she is under 18 and working illegally and the Mamasan doesn’t want to risk trouble with the authorities more than necessary.

Q10. I fell in love with a bar girl and I was going to marry her. I sent her money for months until I could get more vacation time and return. When I did I came a day early to surprise her and found she was still working in the bar and going barfine when she promised me she had stopped.

A10. Grow up. These girls are trying to survive. They are working the angles to keep themselves and their families alive. Many of them are genuine girls and would make wonderful wives, but just as many enjoy the lifestyle, the attention, the money and the fact they are ripping off poor suckers like you! This country has so many women who aren’t hooking or scamming, make the effort to meet them, they are everywhere but you won’t find them in bars and brothels!

Q11. How do I deal with her requests for money? How much should I send?

A11. Read the book and the newsletters, it is a recurring theme and one I deal with in detail. Basically you would not send money to an American girlfriend, so why send any to a Filipina unless you are engaged. US$100 a month will keep her alive and healthy, any more and you are supporting her family. Why? This is a major issue that can make or break your relationship that is why I cover it in detail.
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