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The Last Temptation in Thailand

Discuss culture, living, traveling, relocating, dating or anything related to the Asian countries - China, The Philippines, Thailand, etc.

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The Last Temptation in Thailand

Post by outcastsuperstar » March 28th, 2010, 8:31 pm

Last night I watched “The Last Temptation in Thailand� for the second time this past week.

After viewing this video I can definitely say Thailand is a place I hope to visit soon once I get financially established and would give heavy consideration to expating to Thailand as well.

It started out with a Buddhist tone which the man uses throughout the film.

Then he interviewed a couple of Israeli women who might as well been considered feminist American Women. This is because they over valued their vagina (one of them you would have to put a bag on her head if you wanted to sleep with her) and they were complaining about how easy it was for men to have no strings attached sex with Thai Women in their physical prime.

Then the man in his late 40’s went to Bangkok and experienced ladies in their early 20’s are who were very good looking except for one. For $25 you get an all-nighter. One night even had three attractive Thai ladies staying over the night for just slightly over $100.

The man interviews some of the Thai Bar Working Girls

Here are a few main reasons why they do what they do.

The first reason is easy money
The second reason is they like foreigners more than Thai men, they often say Thai Men no good.
The third reason is many just flat out love sex and want a good wild time
The fourth reason is they enjoy dancing with their girl friends

The whole notion that these women are sexually oppressed and forced into the sex industry is complete bullshit. In fact these women have the right to reject potential clients if they don’t like them. These women are there because they chose to be their NOT because they were forced to be at working night clubs.

Many of these ladies still had dream of a family once they are in their 30’s but want to use their prime years for wild fun instead and worry about family when they are no longer at their peak.

The man showed how easy it is to pick up a girlfriend as well. This man was in his late 40’s and was dating an attractive Thai Woman who was in her early 20’s. For many Thai women in their early 20’s they have no problems dating foreigners who are in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Then the man went up to North Thailand which was a working poor part of the country. It helps to show it’s not worth traveling to northern Thailand (North of Bangkok)

Then the documentary showed Pattaya, Thailand (2 to 3 hours south of Bangkok). What it looks like is Pattaya has a better scene than Bangkok. An Average Frustrated Male here in the United States will suddenly become the big rock star in Pattaya. In Pattaya you can expect to be swarmed by multitudes of ladies in their prime hoping you pick them for a one night stand. At the Bars there are often Nine Ladies in their Physical Prime to one Man and they are screaming for you to come into the club. One caution is you have to watch out for ladymen and should do some research of how you can identify a lady man from a regular Thai Woman. Some signs would be height, size of hands, and Adams Apple. Some of the ladymen look like real women on surface that if you don’t pay close enough attention you may end up with a dude instead of a lady. None the less Pattaya looks like a great place to check out. Many of the Expats shown in this documentary appear to be having the time of their life.

The last city shown is Phuket. Phuket looks like a very beautiful vacation resort. Phuket is the unknown place where middle age men and Thai Women in their prime go wild but hardly anyone outside of Phuket is going to know about it. In other words Thai Women travel from other parts of the country and are far enough away, so should these Thai Women can get a bit slutty with the middle aged foreigners, and the people back home won’t find out about it.

Also, the guy doing the documentary provided some other good insights as well.

You will never be able to take the bar out of the girl so don’t bother with long term relationships hoping that you can change them. If you want a long term relationship just pick a girl who has very worked at a bar! Bar Girls are great for wild one night stands!

The guy saw no difference between directly paying money to women for sex and indirectly spending money on dates with women in hopes to get laid. You will pay for it in one way or another.

The definition between a whore and a good girl are that a whore will give it up while a good girl will give you a smile and if you got extremely lucky she just might give it up.

Don’t send them money either! Then you become the sucker with the cow while someone else gets to enjoy the milk at your expense.

I highly recommend ordering this documentary and I guarantee you will want to go to Thailand after watching it!

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